Reviews for The Gilded Cage
enchantedrain17 chapter 62 . 9/7
Not sure if you will get this review since you posted this story so long ago, but I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed it! Loved the wit, plot and romance!
sevswifey chapter 5 . 8/13
what i dont understand so far is why no one in wizarding world knowing about his secret with dumbledore? and where is harry? is he dead?
VeroniqueVe chapter 62 . 8/11
Wonderful story! 3
Crazydiamondsue chapter 14 . 6/11
This fic is super old, so this comment will never be read. I would have killed to have beta read this when it was written. Grammatical errors are rife, Hermione literally screams most of what she says, and the dialogue is very Muggle *and* American. I’ve never once heard a Brit say “bull crap,” much less a pureblood witch. The story idea is great, the execution quite rough, sadly. I don’t know if I can take 62 chapters of Ginny Weasley sounding like an American teenager from the 1980s.
Guest chapter 34 . 6/8
The best chapter ever so far! Oh my goodness I almost died laughing! hahahahhahahahaha
AbbyEvanesco chapter 1 . 6/8
Okay, the story’s idea so far is terrific, and everything is nice.
Except for one thing.
I’m sorry but I can’t stand grammatically incorrect works (I understand typos, but seriously, punctuational mistakes?)
And you have SO. MANY. GODDAMN. MISSING. COMMAS. It’s killing me. ;-;
But I hope the story overall would be worth it :)
mjato chapter 62 . 6/4
This was a terrific read. This story is well written, excellently paced, and simply delicious. The characters go though realistic and satisfying changes with interesting additions to canon backstories. There is angst and pain, and it is both thoughtful and satisfying in its build up and intensity, leading to all the sweeter pay off.

I do wish Harry was schooled (and strongly) for some of his faults here, and that we got a bit more closure details on other characters,- but these are minor details.,

Thanks to everyone who made this story come to life! I read it in less than 24 hours and it was the best of times.
mjato chapter 39 . 6/4
Impressively solid smut. Well done!
Guest chapter 62 . 3/29
Just found this and it's marvelous! Couldn't put it down!
crlscrla chapter 62 . 3/7
I just finished the whole thing in two days. I LOVED IT. I hope that you are doing well, all these years later. Thanks for the fic.
courtneyturner345 chapter 62 . 1/21
what a fantastic story! I couldn't put it down, and devoured the whole thing in a day even though I certainly had other things I should have been doing. I wanted to shake them both at times, but I'm so happy that things turned out well for them. This was a unique take on SSHG and I loved it!
DJArla chapter 62 . 1/19
Funny and well written. Thanks for sharing
DJArla chapter 5 . 1/18
Hahaha cracking up at Voldy being described as a “lizard-wizard”
CaramelMonkPA chapter 62 . 11/23/2021
It is always a pleasure to reread this story. Thank you!
lulu2613 chapter 7 . 11/1/2021
I can’t look away. And that was sexual harassment.
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