Reviews for The Gilded Cage
SarikaS chapter 31 . 5/14
Well, you did brush over some of the major religions, but what of Hinduism or Buddhism ? They both give you multiple lives in various forms to atone for your sins. And the concept of heaven and hell does not really exist in either, nor does the day of reckoning. You simply jump from life to life and form to form depending on the actions of your previous birth, until yiu have accumulated enough knowledge to attain nirvana. Severus might find some peace there.
Guest chapter 5 . 5/11
I adore how many fic writer enjoy harassing, degrading, demeaning, jerking around, using, abusing Hermione. Do you guys get off on treating Hermione like shit for some reason?
Guest chapter 1 . 5/11
I wanted to read this - I really did, but I find the concept of forced marriage equal to sanctified rape. I just can't stomach even the thoughts of it.
chicaalterego chapter 62 . 5/7
I like Snape being a pasionate husband. It suits him. Any man who can carry a torch for over two decsdes can only be devoted. Loved the fic. Truky romantic and touching :)
krissd6 chapter 62 . 4/29
What a wonderful story. It is everything a novel should be
chicaalterego chapter 37 . 4/29
Awww. So cute. This fic is great. I l8ve Snape x Hermione.
Guest chapter 38 . 4/24
Loving this story, so glad it's complete and I'm not on edge waiting for an update. I'm particularly fond of your portrayal of Snape, it's very... Realistic, I can imagine him keeping himself locked up like that out of guilt. Just wanted to share that before I continue reading and add that I hope he realizes soon that he is wasting his chance at life! Also just had a nice laugh at your authors note, almost finished on chapter 38! There are clearly more than 60 chapters, you're barely over halfway through! Haha!
Simona Polle chapter 62 . 4/22
One and a half day reading! My eyes are bleeding, but I am really happy about your story. Thanks for an incredible time :)
Huggs from Chile
Guest chapter 62 . 4/12
I was wary to read this at first as it seemed like Hermione was gonna do something that would hurt her and I love her character too much for her to be wronged. However I am so glad I gave it a go! It was a truly amazing story and I loved it all the way. Even sobbed for poor Hermione's heart when Snape saw how she'd transformed the homestead. Thanks so much for sharing this piece of art!
Vinaplains chapter 62 . 4/10
I so loved this fic.
145796213 chapter 62 . 4/8
This story was emotional and thought provoking. I loved the theme of penance vs self destruction. Thank you. :)
keraaverill chapter 62 . 4/3
Thank you so much for this fan fic, it is one of the best I've read in a long while. You've managed to craft a story that carries plot points across multiple chapters and is full fleshed out which is not always the case here! I enjoyed the character interplay as well as the fact that you took the cannon characters and built upon them.
crazykrew chapter 62 . 3/10
Awesome!... love it!...
meg527 chapter 62 . 2/20
I thoroughly enjoyed this story! Hermione and Severus' actions and reactions were so true to how you portrayed them. At no point did I think, 'Whoa, where did that come from!' and wonder when the lobotomy had occurred that made the character behave in such a bizarre way.

Thank you!
Barton81 chapter 15 . 2/18
Good dialogue for the whole story. Snape's sangfroid is delightful, as is the sparring between the couple.
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