Reviews for Mithrin III: I Drench My Blade In Blood
Grey Pigeon chapter 1 . 3/13/2009
Once, some time ago, I was on a meeting with and india poet. He said one very important thing I memorized: a poet's task, the task one who writes must have before his eyes is to give voice to things which usually don't speak.

You do it perfectly. You give voice to situations which could never occur in other stories, because they are serious. I will eat my notebook with unprepared chapters, if I find only ONE author who ever THOUGHT about how killing is frightening to a one forced to do it and WROTE A STORY about it!

You write about serious things. You think about them. You give your characters soul. You notice they feel, actually. And you describe these feelings perfectly.

You don't write PWP, I have to add. I'm not speaking about this certain fic right now, I just had observed that you don't write PWP, (which is the main purpose of hundreds of thousands people here and on other sites, to write one). I do admit it's funny, and possibly every writer had once comitted a fic like this, but it should not be the main purpose of writing. Because it should be writing a good story, focusing on the characters, like you do. Describing what they feel. What they do.

Dear Geale, you have knocked me out by this fic. *Headshot*
tmelange chapter 1 . 1/11/2009
Great interlude. Bravo!
PeppyPower chapter 1 . 12/7/2008
.Impressed. Most impressed, to be exact.

Aye, I really am. This is what I call strong writing. This is even more than a profound way of playing with words. Very emotive and emotional. Provocative, though. Mayhap.

But guess what? I like it a lot. I guess I really held my breath reading this tale. Which in itself is quite weird. Usually, I am so used to reading strongly written fanfics with loads of emotions in them that I forget there can always be better ones with even more feelings, with more suffering and never ending angst and sadness.

Absolutely and positively well done. I can't believe you're not a native speaker (or are you?). The way you use language as a tool is most delicate and promising. I look forward to all your other stories and will most likely end up reading them on mirrormere. Eru be my witness, but was I the one person never addicted to slash related ff before? Namó help me...
baby green eyes chapter 1 . 11/18/2008
AH! BOLTSHAPEDSCAR, person! YOU ARE AMAZING. SEE, Marshmallow! Even they want morree! So I am NOT the only one, lol. For a second I thought I was the only freak in the jungle..BUT NOW WE HAVE A WHOLE COLONY. Yeuh!

I am a bit put down that I wasnt the first reviewer (over achiever, I know) BUT, I read it in school so the review thing was BLOCKED so I couldnt review AND AHA! Mentally, I was the first reviewer. *smirk*

And I only want to be the first reviewer cus I love this series a lot. And maybe the author too, because she is kind to me and lets me be insane and tolerates it. And lets me into her flat at night to use her straws for evil purposes. *you back away, terrified* I'm slightly creepy, I know..

I LOVED IT! AMAZING! SPECTACULAR! I SENT YOU A PM BEFORE AND TOLD YOU HOW I LIKED IT, so you get the gist. Just wanted to drop a review. Cus reviews are like cookies. PEOPLE ARE HUNGRAY FOR EM!

TheBoltShapedScar chapter 1 . 11/18/2008
So sad :( I didn't think you were gonna write any more of this. Does that mean there'll be more 'sequels' to come? Maybe the boys will even get together?