Reviews for Hard Place Meets Rock
ringo ame chapter 1 . 11/20/2008
I'm growing fearful to watch this fight. ::takes a small peek from behind my palms:: Will there be an interruption? Will they hurt each other? Will Yamazaki act recklessly and do stupid things? Will the concert turn into a bloody battlefield? Did Bansai really come alone? So many questions and only *YOU* can answer them.

In other words, keep going, please? :3
Lumi75 chapter 1 . 11/19/2008
Oh poor Jimi! Not only is he torn he's also tormented by his insecurities. XD;

"But why would anyone want the Jimi? What right do I have to even think either of those two strong and handsome men would ever want me? Why did I end up gay? " The last line cracked me up, lol. i feel like saying to him "It's okay, Jimi, I understand your dilemma. Even if I were a guy, hot, gorgeous men in uniform like Hijikata and Bansai would certainly tempt me to "play for the other side"" XDXD

Gah! The real battle has begun. I bet both Hiji and Bansai really wanna find out who is the better swordsmen. lol I'm looking forward to the "swordfight" and I don't mean the "sword-fight" that we say when we go into a club which has a high male:male ratio. :P

I'm loving your fast updates!They're making me get into this love triangle and I even watched an episode of Gintama anime today just to refresh my mind as to how the seiyuus sound like. My eyes are starting to home in on Yamazaki everytime he appears. xD Uh-oh!

Keep writing and update soon 3