Reviews for Naruto's True Nindo
Tired Shinobi chapter 1 . 6/13
Your use of caps lock when Naruto was yelling physically hurt me. I hate when people use caps lock like it's cruise control for emotions. Just write out how angry he is, don't resort to caps lock, it just looks bad.

Other than that, good start.
Michael Bourne chapter 21 . 6/10
smooth naru-chan smooth 'reffering to the chakra flash attack he used'
Guest chapter 20 . 6/7
You're forcing every single thing to happen. There's no flow at all.
djextinct13 chapter 11 . 5/30
shino getting a harem?
djextinct13 chapter 2 . 5/29
im calling it now thats naruto from the future hes tooooooooo childish
RatherFabulous chapter 34 . 5/11
The only reason on planet earth that I can conceive of for Emi and Ami's cartoonish behavior is that they ARE cartoons, and that they have a Cunning Plan. (Plans that ninjas, who have been presumably taught to "look underneath the underneath" for wheels within wheels, ie; ulterior motives, should be able to see through a mile away.)

I never got mad at my then-boyfriend for another girl's behavior. I trusted him implicitly, and over the years, I've never been disappointed yet. (Who gets mad at the victim for a perpetrator's actions? How preposterously unjust is THAT?)

I have seen unreasonably jealous people before, of course... They usually end up being the cause for the failure of the relationship, rather than anything their partner or anyone else has done.

I have a hard time imagining Haku or Hinata being so childish as that.
Even if they're not adults in years, their life experiences have given them a fairly pragmatic and realistic understanding of human nature, despite not liking the reality of it. They've had to grow up fast.
Guest chapter 57 . 4/29
More pages
LaStAnOnYmOuSpRiNcE3XD chapter 2 . 4/18
I feel like the mysterious man is kakashi
nickclause chapter 1 . 3/28
Nice chapter
SnakeMistress chapter 2 . 3/21
I’m on my phone so I can’t see if it’s complete but why is there a whole year wait in between the academy closing and opening semesters. That seems excessive. I know you might want to give him time to train but he could also train while attending. Other than that, so far it’s been good.
Andorxor chapter 39 . 3/4
Is Danzo mad?Kidnapping a diplomatic envoy ,which could start a war while the village is still weakened
ChimamireNoBara22 chapter 20 . 2/5
Normally I don't comment in the middle of a fanfic, but I have to say that Naruto's last statement was pure genius! I had chills!
PimpOfTheDead chapter 31 . 11/19/2017
I have found a massive glaring hole in your plot so far and an very disappointed. How is it that even when orochimaru is handicapped he can use mud clone JUTSU and he is still stronger than Jirayai who is not being affected by that drug in the manga or anime. Please respond by emailing me at
Shury-ken chapter 52 . 11/5/2017
Using Japanese words frequently in the English text doesn't look too good. Would prefer if that was not there.
jmccalmont11 chapter 54 . 9/21/2017
Gentle giants have the toughest lifes
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