Reviews for Set On Fire, Shot, What Next?
Hazmatt chapter 4 . 2/10/2009
Amazing story! What a wonderful ending! I really enjoyed it! Adam's last name is Ross and Kendall's is Novak.
Hazmatt chapter 3 . 2/10/2009
Great chapter! I'm glad that she woke up and made it that far! I hope that she makes it through this! What Mac said to her was amazing!
Hazmatt chapter 2 . 2/10/2009
Great chapter! Very intense! Don and Jess were cute together! I really enjoyed it!
Hazmatt chapter 1 . 2/10/2009
Very intense! I hope she'll be okay!
BAUMember chapter 4 . 2/10/2009
loved the end fab story
Notreallyme2015 chapter 4 . 2/10/2009
Hey Woo! Great Chapter D

Em... Adam's last name is Ross... and Kendall... I've heard it is Novak but I could be wrong- don't quote me on it.

Adam's is definitely Ross

I hope I helped and please update soon D

Kirsty xoxo
Timeforachange chapter 4 . 2/10/2009
I think this is a really good story. great job. Write more of these... Please
BlueEyedAuthor chapter 4 . 2/9/2009
i loved the ending, not too fluffy at all lol. Adam's last name is Ross and Kendall's is Novak. i had a lot of fun reading this story and i hope to see more from you.
Mynerva24 chapter 4 . 2/9/2009
Thank God Stella's ok! I really really like the ending!

BTW, Adam's last name is Ross, and Kendall's is Novack, if i'm not mistken... (_)
SaradocCraver101 chapter 4 . 2/9/2009
I love it.
autumngold chapter 3 . 12/11/2008
Thank you so much for the wonderful update! I'm so glad that Stella is ok! Well, as ok as she can be after being shot and burned! I'm glad that she is going to be ok! Now, if only she and Mac can get on the same page! Post again soon please! I really like this story!
BlueEyedAuthor chapter 3 . 12/10/2008
poor Mac doesnt know what to do with his feelings for Stella so he just blurts it out - how romantic! update soon!
autumngold chapter 2 . 12/7/2008
Poor, poor Stella! I can't believe that David was dumb enough not only to shot her but to catch her on fire too! How mean can you be to the person who is only trying to help you? Great update! I can't wait until Mac gets to see Stella at the hospital! Please update soon!
BlueEyedAuthor chapter 2 . 12/7/2008
i like this story. poor flack, stella, jess, and mac! update soon!
mjels chapter 2 . 12/6/2008
pleasse let stella be ok
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