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ChibiDawn23 chapter 10 . 11/18/2011
OK my favorite chapters were Pink and Brown, but Black...Black was really really good too. This is probably one of the best Fiesta stories I've ever read and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I can't believe it's taken me this long to find it. You nailed everyone's character. And I love the idea of Angell/Adam...nice job!
seeyoustandingthere chapter 7 . 6/19/2010
Have been reading from the beginning and liked it, but had to review now because I LOVE this chapter. This is very in character, very funny and very dark. Anticipating more like this..
Guest chapter 10 . 5/15/2010
Wow...I read all the ten chapters in one go and I really like your concept. It's different and works really well. I wasn't a big fan of Flack/Stella but i have to say they seem quite cute now!

Excellent Job!
minimorgan chapter 10 . 6/13/2009
I thoroughly enjoyed every chapter. Very well written with copious amounts of humour throughout. You've achieved a simple balance whilst still remaining true to the the way, simple is always more effective. Loved the popsicle scene!
cackled chapter 10 . 5/27/2009
squeesquee! happiness (I am content).

I love your writing style. It flows very nicely and intelligently and believably. I'm reading and thinking, now that's more like it!, because there was this wonderful balance of sexual tension and whats the word I'm looking for? characterization...personality.

did I mention the wonderful sexual tension? lovely bathroom scene. I'll say no more.

can't wait to see more of your stuff. thanks for the awesome read.
FoxPhile chapter 10 . 5/18/2009
Enjoyed this very much.

I loved how you switched from character to character in each chapter, and yet focused each on one central theme. I also like how you worked in the colors, although I admit there were one or two where I didn't quite get it.

And Orange was a total laugh riot!

Very nice ending, too. I loved Danny and Lindsay's conversation.

Favorite line: "He is impressed – understandably, since it is rare that Stella Bonasera hides from anything – and a little scared – also understandably" Yep, I'd be scared, too, of anyone who Stella Bonasera would hide from!

Thank you!
GoofyGal2008 chapter 9 . 5/17/2009
Okay, sweetie, I have to tell you how sorry I am that it's taken me months to review this chapter (and the next one, too) posted right at the time things all went crazy in my life and I just haven't had a spare second since then - but the update notifications have been sitting in my inbox, flagged for follow-up and waiting for me to get a little break. And boy am I sorry it took me so long to get to this, because wow, was that good! I just had this huge goofy grin on my face as I was reading it, especially in the second half. Could I just say how much I adore the fact that you had them in the men's bathroom? I don't know why that seems so appropriate for them, but it totally does.

This was just such a perfect mix of the introspective character analysis stuff and the sappy, make-me-squeal-like-a-little-girl love story bits. The beginning was almost heartbreaking, with both of them reflecting on their wrongdoing, and Stella replaying that weakness over and over in her head - poor Stella!

And then Flack taking charge, well, who doesn't love that? And the way she completely didn't believe him, it was just so in character for her to need that extra reassurance before she'd give in to him.

I have to say that my favorite part was quite likely the part near the end when Don slows things down...this line in particular: "This sounded reasonable to him, which was a sure sign they had to stop before his brain stopped working altogether." Love that!

Okay, I've got a bit of work to go do now, but I'll be back to read and review the next chapter soon!
lily moonlight chapter 10 . 2/25/2009
Stupid site, depriving me of my fix of fan fic for THREE WHOLE DAYS! Didn't know what to do with myself... oh wait, no, I did - I got stuff done that I'd keep putting off for reading instead. Like paying bills XD Sure you don't need to know all that though, however, I guess I have to live up to my rambling and detailed reputation though :D Wow, thanks, who'd have thought I'd ever get a chapter of a Flack/Stella story dedicated to me, that's more than a little ironic XD But thanks for the little scenes and sweetnesses of Mac and Stella that you put in, I did enjoy reading those most of all, it has to be said, and had my own little wishes for them, but it's your story, and you've ended it most satisfactorily in that way. not so sure about Adam and Angell, I have to be honest, but it was sweet nonetheless. Danny and Lindsay were very funny, Danny's Italian appetite XD And even Sid and his wife had a mention, yay for Sid! Really liked this line for my favourite couple, 'He knows something has changed between the two, even if he doesn’t know exactly how or what, and she knows that he knows, but they will not say anything. Not yet, anyway. They don’t need to. They know each other well enough to know that she is not hiding anything from him. She just wants to be sure what is happening herself, before she acknowledges it in a language the rest of the world can understand.' That's what I love about M and S; love too the descriptions of their clothes and stance and presence with each other, and Mac's protective ness. Okay, I loved them, but you also wrote Stella and Flack well, and the knowledge that Mac has gained. I thinkt he jump in time worked well too, from last chapter, things ahve obviously moved on emotionally and pjhysically for them. Hopping about a bit, but again with Adam, just by himself, I really liked how you wrote him with his curly hair and shyness, and being able to dance, I liked that touch and i can actually see him as a dancer.

Loved the conversation about family, and who makes up the family for Stella, and how she is affected byt he cabbie killer in that way. I like how you wrote their conversation, and how you ended it, something going on, but neither quite sure, which I think seemed an accurate way of how they would feel and act, and very clever slipping in of those three words :) Of course, I'd be not shy about telling that to Flack myself XD I'll be missing the updates for this! Maybe an AU story yourself next? Fantastic concepty and congratualtions on a very clever and superbly written story :D
lily moonlight chapter 9 . 2/12/2009
Oh I loved your poem! Hehe, I'm no longer a student, but still broke, so I empathise :D And your poor ego, I'm happy to send some thoughts to hopefully refresh it. And wow, best wishes for fil school! That sounds amazing! Thank you also for the thanks, you're very welcome :D I'm glad you've updated, and this was a very good chapter, great structure, the switching viewpoints (line breaks worked fine for me) with the slightly different take on events back and forth, kind of like switching from one camera to another, worked very well, excellently written. Nice use of the colour also, that's something you've kept going throughout with originality each time, so here red is passion and anger, but also tenderness. And sappy, angsty and long is fine! I like long chapters, more to read :D

Ah, poor Flack, looks and no sense, I'd have to diagree, purely on the sense thing, and very funny his thinking about how gorgeous STella looks when mad, but how sorry he is he's made her mad. I got a sense of his insecurity, which I think he has deep down. I liked the thinking of Stella too, that sometimes she wants it to be another's business when she says it's not. Great line here as well, 'She’d seen red when he’d thrown her disastrous love life in her face.' Very neatly referencing the colour. I think you hit exactly on the raw nerve for Stella, and probably those around her with her love life and particularly Frankie, and ho she must feel it was misjudgement, and then how Flack would not want her to feel upset by that and that others would think that of her. hope that made sense. Loved this description of his feelings, the red of rust, 'It was a rusty sword through the chest, slowly eating his flesh away with infection. Knowing how he felt about her only made it worse.'

I liiked the detail of Flack adding the 'a' on her name also, very good. Wow, Flack makes his confession! This was such a loving line, 'You have a beautiful heart, Stell; Frankie, Drew, they’re no part of you except what makes you stronger.' I really liked that. I loved how you wrote Stella's anger as well and all she says, about belonging to no one, and this was another really good description, '“What?” she cried, the tears daring to track down her cheeks only reddening her fury.' So the red of anger followed by the red of passion, very well written, and very funny, Flack 'rising to the occasion' :D I like the humour slipped in here. So I'm running slightly out of review space now, but I really enjoyed it, and am interested to see what happens next!
TheDistractedWriter chapter 9 . 2/11/2009

I loved this one, it was, by far, my favorite chapter!

Ohh my goodness it was so intense and raw at the begining...amazing.

then by the end they were back to being themselves.

you are a fantastic writer, keep up the great work :]]

mwaz I loved it :o]
GoofyGal2008 chapter 8 . 1/25/2009
Oh. My. God. How can I even put into words how much I loved this chapter? I'm not sure I can!

I wouldn't even know where to start quoting my favorite really seemed to get inside Flack's head here, and I am absolutely squeeling for joy over how good this was.

Great, great job!
GoofyGal2008 chapter 7 . 1/25/2009
Sorry I haven't reviewed sooner...I've hardly had any time to catch up on my reading (or writing, for that matter!) the past few weeks. I think this chapter was absolutely brilliant! It was a nice change of pace to switch POV to the perp, instead of it always being the CSIs. But man, Robert was a real...well, I guess I'm not supposed to use words like that in a public forum, right? ;)

I loved all the little subtle details in this when Roberts says that Flack let go of 'his hottie's chair'. I don't know why, but I really loved that detail...even the bad guys can see that they belong together!

Okay, off to read the next chapter now!
lily moonlight chapter 8 . 1/19/2009
Hey, I might ramble again as I've just been drinking coffee :) Which is a brown drink in fact! I've also jsut eaten some chocolate too, all in the cause of chapter reviewing XD Well, this was funny as just after replying to your review I got the notification in my inbox, and read it through, and had to stifle my laughter the whole way through! It was SO funny, and I love Flack's voice in this. Hilarious. That was a great episode, and I love the chase at the end and when Stella gets the guy, and Flack with all the leaping over things, lovely :D

So on with the review; I'm sorry you were disappointed with response last chapter, I loved it, and loved hating 'Bob' too. Ah, please don't cry, that was a heartbreaking image of you typing through tears - but please, type on :D

I love how this chapter is so different in style too, first person is always fun, and you got right inside Flack's head here. So, so funny as he's helpless to his mind going all kinds of places XD Wow, would not have expected Danny to have been making suggestions of that kind about Stella, but it was also very funny, and I could picture poor Lindsay's 'sour' look. I loved and was laughing at all Flack's musings on how most men, and lots of women too were a little bit in love with Stella, and then how that led himm to more places he didn't want to go XD Great couple of lines here, 'In all honesty, it’s hard for me to see how anyone could not be in love with her. But I digress. At least when I’m mentally extolling her virtues my thoughts are a little cleaner. Apart from that whole women in love with her thing. God, shut up, shut up.' Tht was so great, all his admonitions to himself XD

Oh the ending though, that was when I really had to put my hand over my mouth to stop from laughing out loud (it was after midnight, I'd have woken everyone up) I will not make comments on the line about him offering a certain part of himself wrapped in chocolate XD The last couple of lines were fantastic; loved your allusion to Mount Olympus and the rush of the fall, and it was sweet of Stella to give Flack chocolate :D Great chapter!
TheDistractedWriter chapter 8 . 1/18/2009
That was great! I cannot wait for moree!

Please update soon : ))
lily moonlight chapter 7 . 1/11/2009
Sorry I'm a little late, have been driving up and down the country, and that fact may also have scrambled my brain a little, so sorry if this is not so coherent. I love your author notes, they're very funny, and I'm happy to review, even without a sob story XD And no thanks, I'll leave Robert, very nasty character, but no less interesting and well created. You did a good job in making him so unpleasant that I would not want to encounter him, and disliked him for all his horrible thoughts. He kept up a consistent attitude of disrespect towards both Flack and Stella, and anyone else who gets in his way. I like how you wrote him betraying himself, and admired how you did that with having Stella outsmart him.

Loved the structure of this chapter and the narrative; it's always interesting seeing the regulars through the eyes of someone else, so Flack and Stella become Blues and Curly, great! And I love the blue and how it is Flack's eyes. his eyes are very beautiful and i could rhapsodise about them. i loved, and laughed appreciatively, at Robert calling him Baby Blues. And then the blue eyes and the looks that he witnesses between Flack and Stella.

Loved these lines, 'She raised hers too, but in a Dirty Harry ‘make my day’ sort of way, rather than any reciprocation of his charms. The guy leaned forward, and Robert nearly shivered, his baby blues were that icy.' The blue of cold and of ice, and of Robert trying to keep cool, very well done, i love the associations of colours you bring into each chapter. And in the quote I could definitely see Stella givng a suspect that look :) And wow, Flack's 'bedroom eyes' XD

Loved how you wrote, even though they were slimy and creepy, but they showed what an in depth character you've created. the dialogue for everyone was excellent too, Robert's was very distinctive, and I got a real sense of the kind of person he was, Flack and Stella I could hear exactly saying what they did. The tension and pace were also excellent as the interview progresses and they gradually melt his control and he gives himself away with anger. Loved the description of him fizzing like champagne. Loved Flack calling him 'Bob' and the bit about his tie and the ripped jacket, all so Flack :D

Excellent ending, and both poignant and telling that he does not know the name of the boy he killed. Excellent chapter.
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