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ZodiacMoonRae chapter 14 . 9/22
Please write more! This is an amazing story and it's very unique! Been looking for a good twilight fanfic for a long time but had trouble finding one then I stumbled across this treasure!
Debbie Hicks chapter 14 . 7/22/2016
Then ALIEN RATTLESNAKES WHO bitten me mauled transformed ME A half-blood iMMORTAL I was BURNING
sTILL blazing AND burning mORE A guard found a pupppdle of blood who ws screaming of MY GIFT exploding With The Best friends APITY mSTERS DEAD ONE bitten Screamed Finally it's Begun a Immortal is Changed illegally take her away with them they have died Msters CRUNCHED! Then became a sickly but stronger clor ten a Both Bites and onto my bneck and ankles screaming wha-what you I can't just can't recall my whole Name Scream of VENOM IT'S begun sHE'S dEAD bRING THEM TO MY PALACE SHE'S BEEN BRAINWASHED AS a princess gOOD dAWN rEAD sPIER bite her now BIT ME TOO HARDEST crunched ThEN With h best friends then my death was finally hear ten Suddenly screamed to the Rwah at once then kidnapped for real but full time te change came too soon the senses became very enhanced ten suddenly with more than kidnappees then it was too late was transformed into a creature of the night a Immortal Vampire then it shredded too far gone and suddenly my transformation was finallyfinished but over Welcome to your new coven Lady Bellona De Remus send a e-mail she joined our coven senior elite guard of slayers and hunters then it really tortured me the four part suddenly needed to fed now from Gianna herself screamed was a daugherous assassin reborn with combat skills and suddenl;y DRAINED Fully timeby killig her painfully THEN USED MY SRENGTH THEN crunching drained Her dry but suddenly too late had Venom to transform her as a Agent Aro what is she I am a Immortal and a Vampire fear me Bellona rises reborn I just need more blood if you please but I desire a battle to call my own then it was too late Dawn you numbskull you successfully turned her a Asassin wth planet powers yes with powwrs Isabella you can't leave you are my assassin train had but I accept the staying oh my god what is happened to me Gianna do not look at me do I commanded I used my Alien sailor powwrs to command my progeny via Mental shield was free but suddenly was a Sworilig I am not hman you think I am a Immortal but and a Vampire both traits split myself had very cold but watery but a Alien scent and a Strong Heartbeat of my own host beating for me But really did altered my behavior but my manners and my voice shattering but Crashing then I tried to speak I am Lady Isabella De Swan princess of The Vampire and Immortal world first I must slay Hackers but they will be destroyed far me Mortal I am much stronger as you think fast powerful but I am beautiful like a Majestic war goddess is Bellona then it really did happened Call me Bellona goddess of strife battle and fire and Destruction hand me my eye ring from the Beastmaster I placed it on then held it Eye she ye Maria hold on let me enter your soul but I entered a Native American trance then it was our carnivorious selves time split then it really happened Alice their seer found me mauled but suddering blood loss ten it really did happened my own sin was manga styled planetary graite transformed into a halfblood like a hybrid ten was without memires was gone with each five ten too late each five races ten found then the guard noticed my scen but found me a new born who creatd you tell us then I was screaming like mad then Felixdestroy her with them CRACKED! Bleeding but it was too late died there With them POPPED With as all of screaming suddenly struck down she's a hybrid thell our masters a mutant is reborn SNAPPED With them but Suddenly broken from te bodies from help but suddenly Vanished suddenly failing organs and host dying too soon Alice what is she ten suddenly te host shattering and all of the sudden was with as all of sivery lines as all of tem but it really did alter my bodysystems was conjoined but venom of both kept me alive then it was shifting gears and suddenly changing me too fast fa too strong ten my own host heart was periced with teirs crashing from the Dead but lifeless bodies suddenly a suddenly alien wind of energy prepared for godhood snapped open my own eyes could not breath then the sacs wre destroyed burnt out then was Scraming oh my god what is happening She burnt alone too late has no life source ten it came my truest heritage I am a Immoortal but I am a Vampire slayer it is a Immortal Vampire I can't remember who I am I am getting very hungry it's my stomach growling I need to hunt HALT Then EXECUTED For Crimes then Lost forer took te pieces ten suddenly resurrected different Alice she's been murded but is not human yes I am not mortal I am both I fainted like a lady but a primp countess CARLISLE! then reawakened differently who I am really Alice she what she's dead you ok I adapt oh mour heads look in te mirror it's a shocker of your new lives Cullens I am a member of te Giant Clan I am Immortal but someone bit me harder with her best friends why my troat is burning oh no but I have blood um B ella you died but you are badly scarred but are you ok ten I suddenly risen my mental shield mess with me and my newst race we are going to gather a Army you'r Sushi for killig me but I am not alone but I am going to battle here goes nothing BETAZED DIVINE POWER! MAKE-UP! My more loudest shout was a Roaring to he heavens suddenly my ow ails suddenly Exploding into truest energy of my planet powers and suddenly glowing in a more monstrous engry letting loose a big trilling War cry of all my voice sounded different Protected by Betazed the planet of soul and telepathy guardian of te grat fire ruler of the Fifth house of Betazed bed be by my guardian dity Rixx I am Super Sailor Betazed in te name of Betazed I will PUNISH YOU In te name of the most righteous but glorious moon kingdom is Here! my forehead glowing a most radiant light turning into a golden tiara shattering then it really happened crunching from here recalling from my preivous life a Extraterrestrial one Alice what is she she a Sailor Soldier reprogramed but died in the far fu ture but I am afraid you died here but reincarnated down here oh you poor cat Luna I remember her she was my teacher you too transformed gasp oh my god what we do find others of species to fight against tthem but my mate contacted tem by force groken are chosen warriors mess with us stand back you turkeys Miri Deathly ATOMIC SICKNESS! Then blacked out of as all of tem but with myself with more scattered popped freely lost our bodies but unable to die out but her gift was out so as all of them.
Debbie Hicks chapter 14 . 7/21/2016
then I saw then m t you there Take her BITTEN INbith ten NECK With Ankles With Venom tHEN wITH Bitten best friends were Immortal MAKE IT STOP BURNING NO DON'T make it stop burning! You are not mortal and Vampire then blacked out taken but Kdnapped but tortured and suddenly died of Alien Rattlesnake Venom she's reborn faster strong lethal but very dangerous train her now it really happened screaming a Vulcan cy urse then hpowled into the morning tell the Cullens they will be our new guads ten it really did change our appearances then I was far oo thin but and had Crystalized Borg white you summoed us ugh get these worthless animals I am going to murder tem once and for all I am Isabella Swan Immortal Vampir I will swear as your Overseer by law I am been Crown heed my harsh words I will make these humans suffer what they did to me I am promise you to destroy to be te most powwrful weapon that was it then I Snapped open the newest eyes a gratest change I had a longer memories of next udead life what is that retched scent I Ws Strong fast but beautiful but dangerous these were our time-split but Eplodig then they found as all mates all humans exploding and suddenly Destroying Tt CREATED children HAD AS ALL OF LOOKS BUT aLICE FOUND US WRE cHANGING THEN fOUND BY TE vOLTURI TEN IT WAS TOO LATE executed tORN But ripped wIT EACH Witnesses and a;l of te pieces torn away took the time-split caused me to die wit them but RESURRECTED Then blasted outside came you Isabella with your bitten best Immortal friends with others punished for your crimes by law these Newborns are not humans they are Immortal beings must suffer EXECUTE Her wITH THEM THEN THEN screamed But Terminated us with tem Bursrt freely ten became officially Immoertal bitten for real but was for good and for now Alice what is she a immortal she has stopped deat what happened you died but lost the blood supply you are a Full time Immortal being then POPPED Then it came te Annoying earth shaking cracking buzz it rang of war what in your hand this a Gealic sword I am descended from te line of warriors but I am now Immortal but as a Vampire slayer then POPED Then lost each both ten it came my real but rue death wit teir own suddenly with three and mates wit child and with pets with young then a strange alien thunderous force of pure nature BUT SUDENLY I Suddenly was a shaking but a roaring and burst of a wind shocking and all of the sudden CRACKED freely ten it was too late I suddenly was in a warrior's trance this is holy ground I am Immortal I wil have no rival I am of a Ancient Scottish decsent of my clan I swear it of House Swan of my ancestors I was now a Highlander immortal Vampire slayer so tey holding my own movie sword oh my god we have to leave then that was it had kids with young birthed raised I was speaking in Ancient Gaelic like Connor McCloud the Highlander then Burst freely ten ten taken from here ten it really happened to us/them but it came with hybrids who joined but taken but became Immortal but vanished then reappeared these ones are decead tell teir grieved families tey crossed over but unable to die Execute them but dispose their many pieces the skins as all of tem remoed ten it really happened buried in Italy ten sank as all of kills wit Didyme's corpses then it was too late te screams was heard ten markes of names reappeared then unable to be killed became the Kindrd others Galactic Lycans tey wanted Vengeance onto the Volturi Charlie I am afraid we have to reside but your daughter is now one of our kind officially but speak Father I am immortal but you will be dead by old age with famiies let siblings marry have families grow old then pass on with I must warn you I have not aged a day oh my god she's death yes a curse on her was fallen onto us/them then it really happened never returned in time my father die suffer our things wre deported ten te siblings as all of tem did had children grown old ten left estates en died teir then took them away with te famiies killed y Volturi but with Mother and Stepfather were destroyed of my heritage was Immortal Vampire slayer with tem suddenly exploding but came too late took as all of pieces ten ourselves never died out became officially full time Immortal Vampire slayers and hunters trained from fused cars with their stuff from home only books and clothes then it realy happened wit things forced to be wanderers and nomadic Waaah it was a sound a little girl hang on to your pants we are what in a RV Yes ten it shattered then snores of the Pack it was more larger with people oh crud we can't die that's right we never die yes we must be fiercer but they know who I am a mysterious immortal holding a sword crafted by Maggie I need a Watcher but I am trained in languages and fihting martial arts gasp Alice what is it they know who se is immortal she is young age aye I lived for 228 year lassie kids giggled of my accent sounded like Scottish oh my god you did but lived as lives oh dear god se's different now we are in Bozman, Montana time had been changed Again forced to attend a high school again holy cow newcomers uh oh, Bella I get his buzz it's a signal child embrace your immortality you sound old me old I been alive for centuries that was it my first new life.
TwilightSarahBella chapter 3 . 3/23/2012
You have to finish this story please I might die figurtively
TwilightSarahBella chapter 3 . 3/23/2012
You have to finish this story please I might die
cottoncandybl52 chapter 1 . 12/6/2011
i love this
cottoncandybl52 chapter 2 . 10/24/2011
cottoncandybl52 chapter 11 . 10/7/2011
kul. luv this
AwkwardIdeasLeadToThis chapter 14 . 2/2/2011
:D so you made bella stronger Ou right? able to handle more in other words w 3 keep writing :333
NoshTheFire chapter 14 . 8/3/2010
omg i really like this story and i wanna see where it goes. please continue writing plzzzzzz :D
Love Begets Love chapter 14 . 7/17/2010
That was amazing! I love it! Please update soon if you can.
SareRide9 chapter 14 . 7/7/2010
It sucks that this is discontinued, oh well, it was a very good read.
Shadowed Nightwings chapter 14 . 5/9/2010
great story! i like bella better as an immortal. she's more confident and funny.
Female chapter 2 . 2/25/2010
So Bella is an immortal? as in she shape-shifts, drinks blood, senses emotions, super strength, and super speed Am I right?
Taylor Harkness chapter 1 . 1/13/2010
Fantastic first chapter! I really enjoyed it. Your writing is a lot better than many of the other Twilight fanfic writers out there and this is a good idea. One I've not seen before. Will continue reading when I have the chance.

Keep on writing!
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