Reviews for What Remains
bbqberticus chapter 1 . 12/8/2015
I really like this story. I can't help but feel awful for Asch... because like... POOR KID. But the emotions here are real. And I LOVE the ending. Hahaha... Very nice work on this~~! (Sorry, VERY late to the party.)
Velveteenrabbit chapter 1 . 1/12/2009
so sad. I love the way you show Jade (he was my favorite, besides Guy) but seriously, the last lines were just so moving
AkaiXTsubasa chapter 1 . 11/23/2008
Oh geez, that was so depressing... T_T I really like Jade's point of view though, it makes sense, and it stays completely in character for him...
Rago Dragovian chapter 1 . 11/22/2008
It's Luke, why? Prepare for long ass paragraphs.

Because the Big bang effect didn't take Hyperresonance into account. Yes, it is created by the same fonon frequency but Luke and Asch had the same frequency as Lorelei and can do it by themselves for that reason which is different from a replica and original using it together, and the big bang effect presumes that the original is the only one who has it's fonons being separated, which wasn't the case, hell Luke's fonons were being seperated so much faster than Asch's that his hand almost gave out on him when they began to separate in the Tower of Rem.

Also, the most glaring reason it's Luke is because Asch's conscious and hyperresonance "fell into" Luke and not the other way around (Luke is suppose to "fall into" Asch like when Star the cheagle explained that he felt his replica "fall into" him in the contamination side quest). The big bang effect also never took second-order hyperresonance into account, which Luke could control. The reason for this, Asch "falling into" Luke and not the other way around, would possibly be because Asch died first, while it didn't matter initially under the big bang, that was only when one person was going through fonon separation, not both the original and replica.

Another reason, although a separate reason,( it still helps the argument and is only here to provide more reasoning on why Asch "fell into" Luke aside from what was already established about Luke undergoing fonon separation while Asch underwent the big bang,) was because Asch kept giving Luke hyperresonance which could have lead to Asch's own death (The anime cut scene after beating Van the first time when Luke is using his hyperresonance on the Absorption gate and during the Tower of Rem where Asch specifically states he's giving Luke a hyperresonance to finish collecting enough 7th fonons before the Second-Order Hyperresonance cut scene that wipes out the miasma happens).

As for the cut scene after you beat Van twice and see Asch's arm twitch? Notice it's after Luke's hyperresonance envelopes Asch's body. They big banged at the same time and Luke had already become the dominant one because he could control Second-order hyperresonance and, more importantly, Asch's consciousness "fell into" Luke when it's suppose to be the other way around. (Yes the original is to wake in the replica body but that is only after they "die" and the replicas consciousness falls into them under normal big bang circumstances).

Also, some minor points to bring up, Asch did undergo the big bang, notice in the cut scene with Asch and Luke in Keterburg before the party goes to fight Van the first time, Luke noticed that Asch's wound from Van's attack back at Ortion Cavern still hadn't healed, again the big bang effect separates the originals fonons until the disappear and they are then brought back in the replica's body with the replica's memories. Asch's big bang didn't happen naturally, however, due to Luke going through his own fonon separation. Asch "falling into" Luke only confirmed that Luke would be dominant.

In the ending, when Luke comes back, it isn't in just Asch's body, as one may assume that since Luke had gone through the big bang, he would logically be in Asch's body. The clothing, however, points out this isn't the case. While it is Luke with Asch's memories, the clothing, if one takes time to notice it, is a fusion of Asch's and Luke's clothes. A literal combination formed into one type of clothing. Therefore, due to this evidence, it is far more plausible that Luke and Asch's bodies combined.