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An Angel Flying with broken wings chapter 19 . 4/29/2010
Yay! Update on my birthday!
Starburstia chapter 19 . 4/23/2010
okay, okay, this is great but... WHERE THE SHENANIGANS IS ALLEN!

I wanna see him!
AnimeCrazed121 chapter 19 . 4/21/2010
Hazelle.X chapter 19 . 4/17/2010

great chapter! i can't wait for your next update!~where's Allen...?~i can't wait for him to appear too! thanks for this story!

digging4more chapter 19 . 4/13/2010
kya~! an update! exciting! Can't wait for the new chapie.
Mikani Arami chapter 18 . 4/13/2010
Hey! I forgot to ask in my last review, so instead of passing a PM I'm gonna just review again (hope that doesn't upset you too much)

Are you going to add the new information regarding Kanda's past with Alma? Even if it's just as background or maybe some kind of mention? Or, well, is there a way to add it to the story?

I just love Alma, he's so cute! (even if he goes a bit psycho at some point, he's still very adorable.)
Chocolate and caramel chapter 19 . 4/12/2010
O.o Don't tell me the nurse is... Miranda!

then Earl caught Krory?

O.o Percy and Kanda... sweet, now that Kanda's visible, it means Percy is going to get hackled by the twins? I mean, Kanda look like a frigging girl!

So... where's Allen? Tell me who's he's partner...

Elijah Colt chapter 13 . 4/12/2010
i know this is really out of context but... why do i get the feeling Draco doesnt have Allen... But instead the Earl?

i went back to reread a few chapters and well one of the comments caught my eye and how Draco responded to it had me rethink it...

but thats all i have to say...
Elijah Colt chapter 19 . 4/12/2010

That was very good and i was scared when Tyki mentioned harry and i was like 'oh..shit...harry is going to be caught again!' but then he wasn't captured only jumped by Snape but it still had me scared cus i thought he was going to do something to him...

I loved harrys reaction to finding out about who Kanda was in... that made me laugh. Wonder who Kanda is waiting for...*cough*moyashi*cough...

I still want to know where Miranda, Allen, and Krowley are...but i do believe that Allen-chan is in Draco and if he isn't i will cry very heavily specially if Allen is the one caught...

till you update again...

Ja ne!
disneydork chapter 19 . 4/12/2010
Y-Y-Y-Y-Yullen? -yes please-

I'm very curious about pairings you have in mind, if you're planning on having any other than the curte little implied. Keepin' it het? Jammin' with yuri? Groovin' with yaoi? Pairings or not, I love this fic.

Next chapter: Allen reveals he's been within Dumbledore, and Timcanpy escapes from Fox! Oh, if only. xD

LOVED the chapter. I'm getting really hyped up for whatever's next.

Thanks for posting.
Miss.Jessi-Pon chapter 19 . 4/12/2010
Lol You don't know how many times I've thought Ron had Allen in him and Nevielle Miranda

I hope u write more lol. I also hope Allen comes up real soon
addenza chapter 19 . 4/12/2010
Ooh. Long chapter. 3 It's nice to see that the wizards have come up with their own ways to deal with the akuma, though it seems to take a lot of energy out of them.

Anyway, about the latest chapter, it seems like Alma is more of a combination of Lavi and Allen. XD He's as talkative as Lavi and argues with Kanda just like Allen. :D
Ruki'sNo.1Fan chapter 19 . 4/12/2010

Few things I wanted to say:

1. Oh my god that nurse is so totally like Miranda, either she is Miranda or your trying to put us off Miranda's track by putting in a distraction

2. I dont know who you were talking about when you mentioned Alma then I realised you meant Kanda's... friend? dunno if Kanda would call him a friend XD but I didnt see Allen/Alma but now I thing about it...

3. One thing I love about this story is that you put more of the minor excorcists such as Lavi, Lenalee and Kanda instead of bring out Allen, the main character, straight away... but now it gets to the point of, where is Allen :( Cant wait to see him and who he's with, by the fact he wasnt in hogmead means he's with someone who went home, my moneys on Draco XD

4. I really wanna no who Jasdevi is with, I would have guess Fred and George but if Jasdevi are together as Jasdevi not Debitto and Jasdero then maybe their with just one person XD

Sorry for all the saying things, I've been going over Naruto theories with my friend on Msn so I'm in a... one of them... er... dont know what it is XD

Anyway, Love you story, Update soon XD

Miharu-Desu XD
Lt. Commander Richie chapter 19 . 4/11/2010
* 3* I love this story like you have no idea.
silent curiousityx chapter 19 . 4/11/2010
I have the review box window open as I am reading this chapter so it'll be a bunch of little comments and kind of disjointed.

"...more commonly the youngest ones – ones who wouldn't have learnt Protego." I like the little detail and the others you've slipped in in previous chapters.


"preparing to strike, and –

"YU!" a red blob collided with the stranger. The pair tumbled to the ground and Cho gaped while Lavi glomped the guy. "Yu, it's really you!"" Ha! Good characterization, I can see Lavi doing that. And of course Kanda-not-Yu's reaction was spot on.


"N-no, I didn't come here to do that," she took a step back and crossed her arms, "I came to warn everyone that they had to get back to the castle. The exorcists are holding it off for now, but if we don't hurry..."

"Any more than it already is?" George snorted, glancing back out, but Percy stiffened.

"Level... four?" *((he repeated,))* and she nodded. Since when did Percy know about the akuma?" Um, where does Cho mention a level four in front of Percy so he can, quote 'he repeated'?


"... but I guess he trusted in Kanda..."

*gigglesnort* aw I wish I could see Kanda's face when Harry said this. And I would like the AMV! 8D

Thanks for making my night by posting this chapter! ;)

PS ARRGH! I finally scanned the picture on my computer but my computer is being gay and shutting down every time I try and edit it! I plan to post in on my Deviantart account so I'll send you the like when I finally manage to do so.
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