Reviews for Definition of a Monster
Sonia chapter 1 . 2/12/2009

Ok first of all English is not my lenguage so exuse me for my mistakes and second... this thing is wonderfull! I loved how you put thees two guys together because that's how I see them.

You write awfully well and I am very happy to have found your story.

Sorry but it's really difficult for me to express in (english) word how much i loved your story.

Hope to find more fic like this becaus if every fic in this world would be like this one Earth would be a better place.

Thank you.
Dancing Feather chapter 1 . 11/28/2008
Holy s**t, man. I knew we were talking about the frustrating lack of Hazel/Gat stuff, but wow. You really decided to do something about it. Unlike me who- well, you've read the results. No one eats right after reading my work.

This was fantastic, it will be irritating to people who clicked on this not expecting some fondling but screw them. This is a wonderful take on Hazel. Angst, but not too much in wanting me to strangle something. The only part of the story that bothers me is that there are a few words that are not capitalized or visa/versa scattered about. One being Gato's name in the last parenthesis box.

I love opposites colliding in attempt to function together, and who wrote just that in this fic. Hazel being the only one alive, but thought he felt colder than Gat. I love Gat, despite his personality being only slightly above a radish.

Anyways, thanks for this piece, STWW. I hope you will continue write more Saiyuki. You'll need to if you want to balance out the crap I toss in here.