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Allen's Matchmaker chapter 51 . 9/1/2013
Oh My God. I can't help it. I tried to save this for the last chapter, but you have to know that Ron and the Dark HYENAS are vile, despicable, slimy, worthless, ugly, unworthy, wretched evil little gnomes.
Ji chapter 54 . 7/9/2013
Words cannot express the anger I felt as I read this story. But, I'm very happy that you clearly pointed out the fact that the relationship between Lucius and Harry was indeed wrong. Under no circumstances should anyone EVER think that Lucius's treatment of Harry was proper or even slightly humane. His blatant disrespect for Harry as a human being was simply disgusting, and quite honestly, I was completely at a loss when I tried to think of how this story could possibly find a happy ending. Towards the middle, I was more optimistic; there was the opportunity for Lucius to change his ways, and for a moment, I considered the possibility of he and Harry finding a happy relationship together. Yet, as the story progressed, any hopes of that were simply destroyed. Despite what you wrote in the epilogue, it just didn't seem right to me that the two of them actually had a healthy relationship in that amount of time. However, I've never been in that situation, and that isn't to say that healing has to happen over a certain amount of time. Yet, for me, and for the emotions I felt while reading this, it somehow seemed very wrong that it ended up this way. Of course, I'm happy they could make things work; I sincerely hoped for that all along, but for me personally, I could never feel truly comfortable with such a person again.
I completely disagree with those who criticized your portrayal of Harry as he dealt with his experiences. Regardless of how brave someone is at heart, traumatizing experiences will wear you down. Rape is an unimaginably terrible thing, and I wouldn't wish abuse on anyone, so it's no wonder that Harry reacted in such a negative way throughout the story. That isn't to say that suicide should be endorsed, but it was admittedly expected under those terrible circumstances. Thus, I thought your portrayal of him was rather normal.
I also want to thank you for pointing out that those who attempt suicide truly should seek professional help. Though people may not know how to handle their loved ones in those situations, or even if they should face social stigma, they should still seek that sort of help for their special people. Even though this story was horrifically heartbreaking, you still did throw in many positive messages about these sorts of situations (like not endorsing abuse, being able to have equal control in a relationship, etc.). So, thank you very much.
However, I do agree with previous reviewers- if you ever write a story of this nature in the future, please put more warnings. Plenty of the things in this fic were very emotionally disturbing, and while you did initially address them, I feel as though your warnings were very much subdued. It's true that it's best to keep a degree of surprise for the sake of the plot, but I do think it would be better to include more warnings. This story covered many sensitive subjects, and really, it was extremely controversial. Some people may not see the same messages as others, so it's better to be safe by promoting safe messages in author's notes and so forth.
Steelo chapter 54 . 6/30/2013
I really loved the story. Thank you for sharing your work!
Steelo chapter 44 . 6/30/2013
I really am enjoying your story. It incites such righteous anger in me in Harry's behalf. But I love your writing style and the way you have developed your story. Don't let the opinions of others annoy you, it's your story and you take it anywhere you like.

Great work and I look forward to finishing it and seeing the conclusion.
Guest chapter 14 . 5/25/2013
This harry potter is a douche. If I were lucius I would want to slap him. Awful. I'm just going to skip ten chapters and hope he's gotten over the attitude problem.
Guest chapter 12 . 5/25/2013
This harry is an immature, asshole and the story is very very poorly written. Harry here acts like a spoiled brat, and the author writes like a twelve year old. -100 stars
Guest chapter 24 . 4/10/2013
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MinxyKatt chapter 54 . 4/3/2013
Back to to tell you your ending may have fallen VERY short but it was delightful to read of such pleasantries :)
Well done on completing this fic
MinxyKatt chapter 53 . 4/3/2013
This is my review before I read the last two chapters, so if anything I say here is cleared up those in two chapters (doubtful) I'll write another review.

First off. I just read Surrender by SnapeRulesMaraudersDrool and I find your stories and flows of your stories are VERY similar...almost exactly the same expect in Surrender everything is dealt with within 29 chapters. I don't know you're aware of this or if one of you used the other's plot or what - so many details are the same, even some of the mistakes like instead of 'and' its written 'ad' or instead of 'being' its written 'been'

Which bring me to point number 2. The reason I wish to no longer read any further is because your grammar and spelling are often time so unbearable I find it hard to see past it and read what the words are actually telling me. If I were you I would get a beta, edit this story and repost it cause its REALLY good - honestly I'm only giving my critique on this because I see the potential in this story and really want others to enjoy it - by the number of reviews that would be a problem I see but it would still be great if you'd the reading enjoyment of other future readers.

Now to comment on 3rd aspect: the pace (before I give you your justified praises.) In the beginning of the story you really did a good job in setting a steady flow of how things were moving along between Harry and Lucius but I feel after the second asylum visit after Harry was found cutting himself, you sped things up almost as if you wished to hurry the story along and just reach the end. Unfortunately this makes the story fall short and ruins the element of reality that you previously had going within the story. I understand that its fiction but with the darkness, trials and troubles Harry's undergone some aspect of reasonable time flow should be accounted for him to heal. I think the change between Harry being depressed and scared of Lucius to the time he was willing to sleep with him moved VERY quickly regardless of how his therapy sessions went.

And lastly, but definitely not least, your praises. I must commend you for sticking to such a tough theme to write and I understand it must have been hard to write such a dark fic (it makes the rushed end seem justified) Lucius was my best character is this because of his twisted logic and refusal to understand that his norms are not the norms of society - he made for an interesting plot-bunny and I think you executed him well. The only thing I wish we were able to see was how his therapy was handled and exactly what aspects of his life he fixed/altered to allow Harry to forgive him.

Severus also ended up being on of my favourite characters but on the opposite reason scale. I felt he was the perfect third father to Harry because he saw and understood reason and showed such a great caring streak for Harry. I felt bad for Harry throughout this fic, bust especially in the beginning because I too felt his father's had betrayed him in such a mortifying way. Thus having Severus there to help and guide and nurture Harry made me feel comforted and a little more at ease with the situation (not entirely but somewhat)

I truly appreciated the scenes where Harry and Lucius were becoming familiar with each other, especially during their trip to Thailand. Those scenes held such promise to a fluffy story - until things went horribly wrong of course. I like that you brought some semblance of a normal life in there for Harry, cause it kind of explained why he was becoming ok with things and that made me happy - if only briefly.

I wish things didn't have to take a turn for the worst but I'm also glad they did because I won't lie, even at those happy points, I felt that so much about Harry and his past had not been directly confronted and though it had to go through that route to get the point where it was, I'm glad that you did.

This story has the potential to be amazing and even if you don't use this information to fix this one up (because I understand that its long and that its finished) but hopefully it willl be useful for your future fics.

I'm gonna carry on reading this to the end.


PS. Excuse any spelling grammar mistakes, my phone is not in its bets working condition at the moment
The arithmancer chapter 54 . 3/31/2013
Omg that was a really hard story to read, I found it overwhelming emotionally and, whilst I'm glad I read it, it's impact on my emotional and mental health means I don't think I could ever read it again. Impressive writing, but I think it needs more warnings about rape and depression.
lunaz chapter 10 . 2/21/2013
Sorry I forgot to say though I did not like the story I thought you wrote very well.
lunaz chapter 10 . 2/19/2013
I am sorry this story is so idiotic. Harry was sold to this ped and now he is worried about his so called dads. Sorry all of the adults in this story should be charged with child abuse and slavery charges.
Kat chapter 54 . 12/12/2012
I have read your story and can't help but hate it. What parent sells their child, only to have another. They would never do that to their daughter. They made Harry a slave to a man who was a murder. Also Lucius is a ped. He's only 15. Sorry!
Nika Hino chapter 54 . 10/19/2012
Loved it; This was a hard story to read, but it had to be a hard story to write; such a hard topic to approach. As much as I would have liked a child abuse warning, I am glad you did not give it. I would not have read the story and I would have missed out on a great story.

I would have love to have gotten a chapter that actual showed the growth between the two and not just they had gotten close over the past months before they snogged and moved to the bedroom.

The baby's name, Jaclyn Iris Malfoy-the initials J.I.M. is an nick name for James. Don't know if you did it on purpose (I am sure you did).

Only bad critique, grammar/typos and syntax, but that was easily overlooked because of the actual story, overall flow, and descriptive writing. Total score 9.6/10. (I don't know why I want to give it a numeral score.)
gojyo-lover20 chapter 7 . 9/15/2012
you should put a warning at the beginning or in the summary about the sexual abuse. It is annoying to get caught up in the story just to stop.
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