Reviews for The Harassment of Buchou: Second Match
Ryuichi chapter 33 . 5/7/2018
I still can't believe you actually made tezuka into uke T-T... *sweatdrop*.. I can't even imagine it X'D
zyra chapter 33 . 8/29/2017
Ne, I really loooove this. I'm super happy that you write this. Thanks! I love all of the chapters. More power and god bless. :-)
fuji's fan chapter 33 . 7/25/2016
this author really likes torturing tezuka haha! on the first series, at the end of the story, fuji stole a kiss from tezuka, letting all the regulars know their status, and now, they all knew that tezuka was an uke. sometimes i still can't believe myself, but i guess fuji is just so obsessed with making tezuka happy, pleasured and well satisfied
fuji's fan chapter 32 . 7/25/2016
oh my gawd! this is just so lovely. very different from all their love makings before! in here, you will really see how much they love and yearn for each other. yay! cant help but smile at it! especially when tezuka finally said he loves fuji! 3 and the part where fuji wanted to hear it again but tezuka struggled so much! that was really cute! and when they finally called each other's name. waaaaahhhhhh! it's really nice to see the soft and loving side of our favorite buchou!
fuji's fan chapter 29 . 7/25/2016
a round of applause for inui for the long and puzzling speech, and echizen for his oneliner XD
fuji's fan chapter 28 . 7/25/2016
i was so surprised at what oishi did and said at the rooftop but bravo! and i just so hate fuji for letting saeki pull him off. i mean, didn't he want to spend time with tezuka? he should have preferred putting the cleaning supplies with tezuka than go with saeki. that is just too mean fuji!
fuji's fan chapter 27 . 7/25/2016
i really smiled when fuji called tezuka's name in between his and saeki's kiss hahahahahah
fuji's fan chapter 22 . 7/24/2016
i knew it! i knew bane had some feelings for saeki. go bane! go in your way and still saeki! why don't you just kidnap him and lock him in your room?

gaah, i was really laughing hard while reading this chapter! at least it was light, unlike the previous once that stirred too much of my emotions. i just wonder how inui was able to make kaidoh say those words to fuji lol and why was he also there when he seemed uninterested in meddling with other's business XD i mean, taka was friendly and concerned and all, so as eiji and momo... and echizen... echizen was supposed to go on a date with sakuno... AGAIN? waaaahhhh! but echizen looked like he was part of the plan. i mean, with all the spitballs coming from him. i guess momo challenged him as to who'd throw most spitballs at saeki and he didn't back down. it was only unfortunate that tezuka also came. and of all people, why was eiji the one who followed tezuka? if it was only fuji... if only he saw the distress in tezuka's eyes, he would know that tezuka was really in love with him. i really pity tezuka, maybe i should also ask him over my place shamelessly like saeki does with fuji lol
fuji's fan chapter 21 . 7/24/2016
ever since reading the manga, momo and eiji really caught my eyes. i really love them both! and then fuji (who became my ultimate bias) and of course, tezuka (whom i favor now more than fuji). aaah, good thing it was eiji who knew about the date! if it was oishi, of course he wouldn't do anything, nevertheless tell it to others. but i'm afraid that the rumor will go out again in the open because of the girls who overheard them and will eventually reach tezuka's ears. oh, my poor tezuka! fuji should have come with eiji and oishi in the shopping district instead of going on a date with saeki! this is getting on my nerves now!

i've read on the previous reviews that at around chapter 33, tezuka was like, fighting head on with saeki to get fuji back. but wtf is that? they won't get back together after chapter 33 or so? gah mada mada dane for me then?
fuji's fan chapter 20 . 7/24/2016
i hate saeki, but i also hate fuji here. yes he was also a victim, but more like a victim of his stupidity. if he needed someone to talk to, why not eiji, or perhaps, inui? why saeki? i know they were childhood friends, but saeki already confessed to him. gaaah, that girly side on fuji though! lesson to girls: don't befriend boys who like you when you already are in a relationship. but i have this feeling that tezuka will try hard to fix that broken toy. gah, if only tezuka put it like... "as long as you're entertained, you'll do it with anyone? then why not do it with me again?" well, i don't know if anything would change anyway... but i just guessed it will hint fuji of how jealous and hurt tezuka was. or if only he asked tezuka one last time about how he feels... i'm sure tezuka won't answer the way he did when they were on a fight, and he will tell him that he was happy.
FUJI'S FAN chapter 19 . 7/24/2016
CURSE YOU SAEKI! you are a worse saddist than fuji. gah, i guess if fuji wasn't smiling his usual smile when he broke up with tezuka... if only he showed him how painful the decision was for him, then maybe, just maybe, tezuka would be more puzzled than mad. such smile would surely make him think fuji really toyed him. agh. its really getting painful to read. i want to kill saeki right now!

AND THE CHAPTER LIST TOLD ME THERE ARE A LOT MORE CHAPTERS TO GO. I just hope they'd make up soon. hopefully...
fuji's fan chapter 18 . 7/24/2016
dear fuji, i thought you were a genius? why are you so stupid here? gaaahhhh this is getting more and more painful!
fuji's fan chapter 16 . 7/24/2016
i really can't take this... this is just so hateful.
i hate tezuka for not being honest to himself... or rather, for nothing being brave enough to tell fuji his true feelings.
i hate fuji for being so obsessed with tezuka now it backfires to him. too much love will kill you, fuji.
and i so, so hate saeki. i guess there's no question to that.
fuji's fan chapter 15 . 7/23/2016
where on earth is inui during this time? quietly observing the three and gathering some more data? inui! i'm looking for you right now! gaaah, i wish tezuka would just grab fuji on a corner and ravage his lips roughly to his hearts content... and just let himself lose the challenge. but it wasn't like tezuka, was it? and saeki... his advancements to fuji now kinda reminds me of what fuji did to tezuka before. but it was more sadistic because he had to hurt the feelings of the perfect pair just to get what he wants. sigh.
fuji's fan chapter 14 . 7/23/2016
one of these days i swear i'm going to get my hands around saeki's neck. i somehow understand how hard it is for tezuka to verbally announce his feelings. boys are just like that, and tezuka was a worse case because he was obviously kinda an anti social. although he was really affectionate towards fuji. gaah, i'm scared tezuka's doubt would only hinder him further from telling fuji how he truly feels :(
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