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otherhawk chapter 33 . 1/18
Happy sigh for Christmas fic. Or New Year fic as the case may be. Hell, any fic really provokes happy sigh, except for those fics that provoke screaming and/or tears instead.

But that's not this fic, which starts out lovely. No real danger, just inconvenience, and of course the hotel room and the merlot and the cheesecake and each other. A good way of spending any time, so why not new year?

And the question. Which is unexpected, and giggling for Danny's consideration and answer. Yeah...although in some verses that might just not stop them trying. :) And much sigh for the subsequent conversation, and Danny talking around it. Can imagine it not coming up. Because I can so easily imagine Tess assuming Danny didn't want children either - he's unconventional enough for her it would make sense, but she's conventional enough for him that he would assume the opposite. Um. If you see what I mean. But exactly as Danny says, with the love and the intensity and the urgency both times round, the conversation just never happens.

Love the incidental detail of the merlot across the bedcover as Rusty is suddenly concentrating on something much more important. And of course he can read the truth. Even the truth that Danny could never tell anyone else out loud, not even Rusty, because in spite of everything, it has to hurt. And I have no doubt it hurts Tess as well. Because they do love each other, and that is what matters and yes, of course it can be enough...but at the same time, they both know that it means Danny wants something Tess can't give him. And I think there's always going to be an ache there, in spite of everything.

And much smiling for Rusty's news, and imagine that was part of the reason for the favour between Christmas and New Year, because some things Rusty would want to share in person. And of course the fear and the wondering at the reaction, and can imagine him wondering whether he should share immediately after what Danny said, but in the end he would never be able to keep it to himself and Danny would be hurt if he tried. And of course Danny's joy and excitement. Always, always going to be good news, and Danny is going to buy out every toy shop in America, apart from the ones that Saul or Reuben get to first. Is going to be*very* happy new year.

And very happy me for fic. And like I said, slight convertible in parking lot for something I have planned, and maybe some time this year you'll get to find out what. In the meantime, thank you. And smiling. And also happy Christmas and New Year and Easter. Because why not?
light at last chapter 32 . 12/27/2013
This was really cute, and it reminded me how much I love the Body and Soul verse. I hope we can see more of it in the new year! It's nice to know that Annie should have time to contact Lucy soon.

One quick thing, though, here in the States A&E is called the Emergency Room, or more commonly the ER. Just for future reference.
otherhawk chapter 32 . 12/5/2013
Yeah, I'm not sure the disclaimer applies either. Which is amusing. :) Oceans fic sans Ocean's characters, though I suppose at least Saul is mentioned. :)

Much, much joy for this fic even if you withheld it from me as some sort of cruel punishment. *pout* Because I've been wanting them to get together since Lucy was first introduced, and this is wonderful. And delighted Lucy is going to be moving to New Jersey, and wonder what is going to happen in Body and Soul with regards to what Millicent told her about Rusty. Because as long as she wasn't there that often she maybe wouldn't mention it to Annie, but if she's living there full time, she probably will, right? Hope she will anyway, because alternative would just be her being a little distant and awkward around Rusty and that would be painful for all of them.

Ahem. Back to *this* fic... Love the way they are around each other. The awkward, starting-a-new-relationship not-wanting-to-mess-anything-up thing, and like that Marty did offer to stay in a hotel, as little as even of them want him to. Is a thoughtful gesture, and it's even nicer that it ends with the agreement that they're both comfortable.

And I'm smiling for the deliberation over what card and how to sign it. Puts me in mind of 'How Livingston', remember? All the little things that don't matter but do matter. And sigh for the lack of card from Annie and Saul. Yeah. With Rusty missing, that would be the last thing on their mind. But knowing Annie, am sure she sent through a card and a long letter and a present very soon after.

Like the whole thing with the chicken. Almost wish it had been alive, because it could end in a WIthnail & I scene. Though not sure I can imagine Marty and Lucy in those roles. But "Doubt the Hippocratic oath extends to poultry" makes me giggle. Just thought you should know.

Smiling for the Christmas tree too. Given out of generosity and decorated with sweet wrappers and a bow. Can picture it and its brilliant.

And sigh for the first night spent together. Perfect. And even more for the next day and the happy together and the offer. Love the mix of the spontaneous and the not rushing things. Is very them.

Thank you for fic, mate. Is fic of wonder.
NerdBurga chapter 31 . 5/5/2013
Ah, so good to get another chapter of this. Love reading your stuff, and the other stories you write too :P Keep it up.
TantalumCobolt chapter 31 . 5/4/2013
This story was exactly what I needed to cheer me up! Well, not quite, but it definitely helped!

A bit short, but amazing none the less! Of course, I expected nothing else from you! ...Huh, I'm trying to work out if I've always been this flattering or if your story really has made me so much happier :D

I've heard about Toodles a few times in stories, but I'm not sure if there is actually a story about that. If not, I highly recommend writing it. I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd want to read it. Of course, you probably don't have a lot of time for writing, and you have other stories you're already writing, so it doesn't really matter.

Rusty's plans and ideas never cease to amaze me. Of course, it's your genius that comes up with them, so I have to congratulate on another brilliant idea, and therefore, another brilliant story. As soon as I saw the title ideas were going through my head of what trouble the boys could have gotten into in which the title would apply. I can't say I thought of what actually happened.

The lobsters and the sharks sound quite... intriguing. I can agree with Danny's (It was Danny, right?) line about the lobsters. I would definitely prefer sharks. Lobsters just freak me out! Something about their legs is just creepy *shudder* Although, sharks are probably more likely to kill you, if you're bleeding anyway. Hmm, I'm now going to go to bed with images of Danny and Rusty escaping sharks in my head :)

Thank you so much for this story - even if it wasn't actually for me. It really did help improve my mood! :D Of course, it probably won't last. By the end of the week I'll definitely need another great and humorous story to cheer me up...

Anyway, just wanted to let you know I loved this story a lot!

Maia2 chapter 31 . 5/4/2013
Awesome! Not only do I get a shoutout in an A/N, but I also get the story. I am in a happy place right now. Was fun. And yes one heck of a distraction. Feel bad for Danny . Must have been scary. Thanks again. Maia.
Naie Black chapter 31 . 5/4/2013
I was about to left kudos when I remembered this wasn't AO3 XD
Anyway, this was funny and cute ;D
otherhawk chapter 31 . 5/4/2013
Oh, smiling for this. Do remember the mention from way back, and loved when you wrote the fic. Though we still do not know if it is fic of win. *warning look*

Love the conversation fic. Is glorious. And all the way through I'm smiling for the blame and the not-blaming. Though think at the end, Danny is most definitely blaming Rusty. Incidentally, am amused by Danny focusing on the lobsters. Mostly cos am wondering if there is some backstory there that explains the dislike.

Can't help but wonder what use a phone is that you need to keep in the safe? Just btw. Feel Wilson has not thought this through.

And much amusement for Rusty's idea of a good distraction. Suppose it is distracting...but can easily understand Danny not speaking to him after. Can imagine the panic and the fury running through him when he realised he couldn't see Rusty anymore. Good thing the sprinklers were easily accessible, or things could have got much more nasty. Physical fighting is not recommended.

More amusement for "You've got to admit it's a great distraction."

"I'm checking you over for bruises."

Yep. Sure you are, Danny. Can see the exchange of looks.

Also, last lines make me laugh out loud. And this is about my...sixth? Seventh? reread. Thank you so much for fic. *happy*
otherhawk chapter 30 . 3/18/2013
Do love your take on Linus, you know. And this story is brilliant. The perfect mix of ambition and worry. Also *guilt* because it completely slipped my mind. And I evidently did not read A/N last night. Though I was very tired.

Really love the relationship you write between Linus and his parents. Can see them worrying about him, not wanting to push him into being a thief, but being very proud at the thought that he wants to, Bobby teaching him everything because if Linus knows everything not only will he be successful, he'll be safe. And that's what matters most. And I like the fact that Bobby tells him that they'll always be there when he needs help, even if he doesn't want Linus trading on his name. And really, Bobby knows that Linus wouldn't want to get ahead that way. Linus wants to make his own way and make his parents proud, and he can't do that if all he's going after are the opportunities they give him.

This view of the meeting with Danny made me smile. Like the thought that he was a little bit angry. Like even more the "Daniel "super-cool" Ocean." Such a shame that didn't catch on as a nickname. And as I said previously, I really like the thought that Linus has heard the stories, that Bobby and Molly have been *telling* the stories, but he didn't connect them with Danny's full name, because it's always DannyandRusty. Makes sense to me.

And amusement for Linus' first impressions of everyone else too. Yeah. None of them are anything like Bobby and Molly, are they? Think it's a different way of working altogether. And I love the view of the Linus uneasiness that we see in the film. Is such a major step for him, of course he'd want to think it through. Think he has a real tendency towards over-analysis. And equally, of course the magic snares him. Always will, that's not going to stop anytime over the years.

Happy, happy sigh of having fic. Thank you, mate.
Maia2 chapter 30 . 3/18/2013
Oooh! Update. First, I am so glad you updated, I missed your writing.
This little story was very nice. It was nice to see Linus' feelings and how he got to where he got. And yes, Linus, some day, Dad will be Linus Caldwell's father.
Maia2 chapter 29 . 6/15/2012
Awww, this is great. Really well done conveying a lot in little drabbles. Nice job.

I really liked that each had a different feel to them, depending on the character. And hearing Dominic's voice was interesting. Different.

Thanks for sharing.

otherhawk chapter 29 . 3/10/2012
Can't help but wonder if you've *tried* fitting them into a hundred words. You may be underestimating your succinctitude. :)

And talking of which, these are all so wonderful and clever. And see? You don't need to wage war on modifiers in order to keep it under a hundred. Sigh of talentenvy. And every single one of these is perfectly in character and conveys the thoughts and fears that you want to get across, and all the absolutely important relationships - ties - that are linked together in this group.

Can feel Reuben's rage and despair. Cos we could see how hard he'd worked, and the money he must have spent, and then Bank just casually took it all away. And just want to say that this is a brilliant line. "the feelings of fury burst in his chest, overwhelming him and darkness descended." No, I can't tell you why. Yes, that makes this a rather useless piece of feedback. Shut up and let me tell you you're brilliant.

And love Dominic in this piece too. The way he has been worrying all this time. And it's not the same kind of tie, but can clearly see that he doesn't like Reuben being unaccounted for either. And fortunately can't think that Reuben gives him nearly as much cause to worry as others in the fandom. But can see him standing there, gripping the receiver and staying calm. And of course, he knows who he's going to call.

Sigh for Danny being aware of Tess' anxiety. Of course she would be afraid for him. Lots of reasons to be afraid, and I'm glad that she isn't actually asking him to stay. In fact, she offers to come with, and equally, of course Danny doesn't want to risk her in the same danger she sees for him. Not her fight. Further sigh of unhelpful.

Love the Isabel section too, think you've caught her perfectly. And smiling for the silver tie and for the understanding and for the "Take as long as you want" with the different emphasis. Makes me wonder how long that plane had to wait...

Amusement for Saul and Marian section. And the disagreement at Saul not knowing how to be careful intrigues me. Feel there are stories here. Yes, this may be hint. And so pleased she isn't going to let him stay. But have to think that after Annie, not being there is probably one of Saul's biggest regrets.

Don't really have much to say about twins section, other than made me giggle and I can see every second of it, with the off hand gesture and the shoulder sagging and them both waving goodbye.

Linus, and I can hear his voice and of course he's immediately worrying and in the midst of worst case scenarios because that is Linus. And sigh for the "No one he knew had actually died. Well, Mrs Travis, the school librarian, but that was way after he'd graduated." Oh, Linus. Still naive. And his being careful to act grown up in front of Bobby makes me smile. But of course Bobby is worrying, about Linus and about Reuben and imagine that at times like these, he wishes he had a slightly less brilliant cover that would allow him to be away for months at a time.

Like the thought that traffic may just have been so intimidated by Yen that it started moving. That is all. Also like the impatience. Very him.

And Frank, Basher and Livingston meeting and the immediate pleased to see each other that lessenes the tension and anxiety just a little.

And back to Dominic, and like the unquenchable faith, and the idea that there's a network of butlers/PAs/Man Fridays/whatever the hell Dominic is, throughout Vegas that can have all the info and gossip in an instant. But mostly like the stone cold certainty that Danny and Rusty and everyone are here to put things right. And we know they will.

Sigh. In short, mate, under a hundred words even, is brilliant piece of fic.
otherhawk chapter 28 . 3/6/2012
This one always makes me giggle, ever since you first shared it. And, incidentally, I have to think that even without the drug, when trying to engage in serious conversations, Isabel's first instinct may indeed be to tie Rusty down. Because he doesn't have a great track record. And much, much giggling for the everyone. Really, truly, everyone. Except Linus. And also shudder for the Saul and Reuben. Oh, that's just not *right*

And then, at the other end of the scale, we have the exceedingly awkward. And that does sound like some impressively bad sex they managed to have there. And really, why should it be good? Is you fic, so neither of them have done this with a man before. Apparently not everything comes...oh, let's just leave it there. Was going to say instinctively, but am happy with that as end to sentence...especially when they're working on what seems to have turned out to be professional attraction rather than sexual one.

Much amusement for Rusty being bony, and Danny's weird sex face. And smiling for the end. Friendship and partnership still very much intact. Which is the way it should be.
otherhawk chapter 27 . 3/6/2012
Still feel this one is so much colder than usual. And not just because of the weather theme which, incidentally, is brilliantly woven through.

Can feel the frozen of Danny in prison. Not showing anything. And always sigh for Danny missing Tess, and feel here there is a more than a hint of the possessive.

And is colder because when Danny is going to look for Rusty, he isn't looking for Rusty because he needs Rusty, it's only because he needs Rusty. Um. Giggling. Perhaps you might be able to read that with the appropriate tone. But more than that, it's Rusty trying to forget about Danny for a while. Because normal verse, that never happens.

But smiling for the better offer and the promise of more and yes, yes, we know it's going to be brilliant.
otherhawk chapter 26 . 3/6/2012
Love this verse, as well you know. And sigh for the early and the trip to Europe and the together and happy and downtime.

And I love the scene in the tea shop simply because it reminds me again how well you write them and how well they know each other. Danny knows Rusty's expressions, knows everything that this one isn't, and there's no way he can let it go. And slight smile for the “It's nothing” that even pretty early in their relationship, he doesn't get to finish. And of course when Danny sees the boy he knows exactly what it means and what it means to Rusty, and can hear the toneless voice as Rusty discusses the practicalities, and hate it as much as Danny does. And sigh for the “not all of them want to be saved” and thinking of Marvin and how much that hurt Rusty.

Sigh for the essentials. Yeah. Rusty's peace of mind is very much part of Danny's essentials. And sigh for Mark's story, and so glad it had a happy ending. Because can understand Rusty's anger, because it easily couldn't, and Danny was walking in a world that Rusty would never want him anywhere near. But Danny can't do anything less, because (at least as far as Danny's concerned) no one did the same thing for Rusty.

And more sigh for Rusty watching Danny sleep and the wonder and the doubt. And different flavour of sigh for the "It matters to you, Rus, then it matters to me." Because yes. Always, always yes.

In short, love this fic. And whatever did happen to rest of Europe trip?
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