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TantalumCobolt chapter 19 . 2/16/2016
Haha I just read your AN at the bottom and I have to say that's exactly the way I read it as well! Great bit of speculative fic :)
otherhawk chapter 35 . 3/28/2015
Much smiling. Happy 17th March to you as well. And yes, you still don't have my offering. 17th of March is more of a state of mind, haven't you heard?

Do really love everything about this fic. Is them together and against Terry Benedict and what could be more essential than that?

Sigh for Terry on the red carpet. More or less exactly what he wants. Publicity and being seen to contribute to a good cause without in any way actually contributing. And can't help but wonder exactly how Terry picked up Shyanne. Wonder if actual conversation took place, or if he sent someone to pick a likely partner out. And now am wondering if she won the date on the slots and am giggling. But at any rate, can see that just like with Tess, this is about someone who looks good on Terry's arm. And am thinking that maybe Terry has refined his requirements and no longer wants someone smart.

Really hate everything he says about Tess. Sigh. So much venom and bile, and that's after *so* long. He still hasn't got over it. Can easily imagine Tess being the only woman who ever dumped him. Think Terry is probably the type to do the leaving, probably as soon as things start getting complicated. Don't imagine he has any time for real feelings and drama.

Completely understand Danny's anger. Hell, I share it. *Hate* the way Terry's talking about Tess. I might have said that before. And of course it's not a personal message and that does make it worse, because this isn't even about Danny, this is about Tess. So glad she wasn't watching.

Like the fact that Rusty called away. And with him having Terry on Google Alert, this might not have been the first time Rusty called him after seeing Terry say something. But then I think it was, because I don't think Rusty could have kept that secret from Danny if he had heard. But like the silence and the fact that he gets it from "Hey". Because that's really all it takes. And of course it doesn't matter that Tess didn't see or hear; all that matters is that Terry said it. And that is most definitely something they should do something about.

Also, *love* that Rusty has Terry on Google Alert. Can imagine him doing that very easily. Can also imagine it getting out of control very easily. Think he probably also follows Terry on Facebook and Twitter. And then he finds himself commenting on Terry's more snide or arrogant posts, and then he ends up replying to himself and before you know it, he's turned into Terry's own personal internet troll. At which point Livingston eventually cuts him off for the good of the world. That just my view?

The little mental dig at Reuben from Terry sets my teeth on edge. He's always looking down on people. Feel he really does deserve what he gets. And amusement for the planted envelope and the enthusiastic voice from the back. Am imagining Danny assuming a voice like he assumes disguises while Rusty stands next to him, leaning against the wall and just looking at him.

Ice bucket challenge really does sound like Terry's idea of hell. Even more with them involved, of course. And now am going to giggle and confess that first read through, I thought that Valentina was invention and Rusty was owner of the husky, sexy voice. Which would probably be thought that was enough to confuse Terry to death.

Love the clowns or mime artists, and really, short of ski masks, that's probably the only way they'd have a chance of getting near Terry. And love the fake out with the disappointment and the glitter and love the "That would have ruined the surprise" in the familiar voice. At that point Terry should really just admit he's screwed and give up. And can completely see the roller skates and the blind panic and the charging forwards and makes me laugh and fills me with a certain satisfaction.

And much joy for the end scene. Serenity very much restored. Can't help but wonder what they told Tess. Also can't help but wonder at what point Terry found out he was supposed to nominate other people for the ice bucket challenge.

Thank you again for fic, mate. It's always very welcome. And this was fun and brilliant and everything I wanted.
Peabodythecat chapter 35 . 3/23/2015
Hey! What a fun installment. Really really enjoyed it, although the premise was "chilling." Terry holding such a vitriolic grudge against Tess is frightening.

Love Rusty having a Google alert to keep an eye on Terry. And love Danny not getting it.

The ice bucket challenge was the perfect set up. Love how you used Terry's greed for publicity against him. He just can't help himself.

Still grinning. :)
Maia2 chapter 35 . 3/18/2015
Hee. Loved this. Love the reason, love the revenge. Just plain old love Rusty and Danny.
otherhawk chapter 34 . 1/3/2015
Much smiling and delight for fic. Oh, thank you mate. Is marvellous Christmas present. And think that there are special rules on sentiment at Christmas time. Think you maybe don't have to wait until after midnight. :) So there.

And the first thing that I want to say about this fic is that it's wonderfully fun and light and makes me smile a little more every time I read it. Do love the parcel from Saul and Marion. The satsumas, and see, I can picture Rusty's expression exactly when he opens the parcel. Imagine Saul can as well. And I can equally picture the scowl when the satsuma betrays him by being sweet and tasty. In Rusty's world, healthy things have no right to be nice. And like the fact that Marion writes to Rusty, and that Rusty is pleased Saul has found her. Good to see that relationship progressing. And the line about Saul taking in waifs and strays made me smile and sigh. Something that Saul never ever regrets and hence the invitation that is really more of an assumption, and one that Rusty is never going to turn down. Do love that relationship. And you always write them both so fantastically.

Of course everyone always calls Rusty, and then Rusty calls Danny and tells him what needs done. That is just the way the universe works. And love Tess decorating and Danny being loving and patient and just a little bored out of his mind. Doesn't matter to him, except that it matters that it matters to Tess. If you see what I mean. And amusement for the possibility that he might just have got Rusty to call to get him out of this. He wouldn't. But it must be tempting. And amusement for the decorations in Rusty's room. Am sure that Danny took care of that himself. And much smiling for Tess' tolerance, and for the message to keep safe to *both* of them. Important, that.

Amusement for the contrast between the two cousins. And see, this is a perfectly reasonable favour, even with short notice. Someone getting ahead by stepping on someone innocent. Exactly the sort of thing they would want to interfere with, even without it being personal. And amusement for the "What do you think" being answered by the clearly understood request for more cake. Yep. That's definitely the first step here.

Am sulking for fact that don't seem to be able to easily copy parts of story out to put in review any more. Do they just not want us quoting? Anyway, wish to quote para that starts "Danny had gazed off into the distance" at you, because even though you wrote it, feel the need to tell you is genius and wonderful and makes me sigh and smile. Describes them perfectly.

Love the plan. Absolutely love it. And part about Danny not going with Rusty and Yen because he doesn't want to get wet made me laugh out loud. And bet he made excuses to delay so that he knew there was no chance of him having to help there. And the pressing of the not-red button and the revelation of the rubber ducks and the bubble bath really made me laugh even louder. Brilliance, mate. Sheer bloody brilliance. Can *see* it and it's perfect.

And do like the fact that they put together the tree lighting for Yen's cousin - and paid for the part with Roman's cousin in koi carp, because more transactions should be paid for in fish - because that wasn't really part of the favour in the first place. Just that it was good and right and they could do it. And like Yen's part in it and the applause that he rightfully takes as his. Because he would.

And smiling for the Guanxi. Sounds exactly like them.

Sigh for Tess being worried and Danny understanding and wonder if she understands that Rusty could tell the exact same story as Danny even if they were both lying a little to tone the danger down? But am glad that they didn't need to. And much giggling for the extra rubber ducks for Saul, and the ones that have found their way into Danny's en suite. Really want to see Tess' reaction when she sees them... Also, in my head, Rusty spent the time between getting back from Shanghai and going to Danny and Tess' for Christmas going around every single one of the others, breaking into their houses and leaving an anonymous pile of rubber ducks. Is that just me?

Anyway, thank you again so much for fic. Is brilliant and joyful and leaves me smiling. And think that's exactly what Christmas fic should be. *nods*
Peabodythecat chapter 15 . 12/31/2014
That was perfect.
Peabodythecat chapter 21 . 12/31/2014
Watching Danny and Rusty make out , let alone thinking one or BOTH(!) would make out with me (!) would not just stop my hiccups, it'd stop my heart.
Peabodythecat chapter 24 . 12/31/2014
Oh this was fantastic. First of all Danny working in fast food is so wrong, and so funny. And how Danny finally connected, by saving the pup, oh, you earned many sighs and melting hearts.

Loved the set up at the end to give Linus a chance to get the letter. Fun fun fun.
Peabodythecat chapter 26 . 12/30/2014
Dreamless sleep...and it was well earned and even more well deserved. Love Body and Soul verse.
Peabodythecat chapter 33 . 12/30/2014
Eeeee! Rusty with a baby is a deep dark part of my head canon! I am so glad you went there.
Peabodythecat chapter 34 . 12/30/2014
Loved the details, the satsumas and the chocolate coins, the gorgeous Christmas displays and of course, the duckies! This was a really fun Christmas treat!
Maia2 chapter 34 . 12/29/2014
Ahhh so good to see a story from you! I had not realized I missed your writing. I loved all the little details, the loving care from Saul's gifts and letter; the ridiculous decorations from Tess; the easy comraderie that allows for last minute favors across the globe and immediate yes'es ; the silent communication; the sheer joy at a job that's not about the money or the danger, but the 'face' and the fun. The ridiculous bubbles and toys; the grace and brilliance of the display. The fun time back with Tess and easing her worries.
Thank you for sharing and happy 2015!
otherhawk chapter 33 . 1/18/2014
Happy sigh for Christmas fic. Or New Year fic as the case may be. Hell, any fic really provokes happy sigh, except for those fics that provoke screaming and/or tears instead.

But that's not this fic, which starts out lovely. No real danger, just inconvenience, and of course the hotel room and the merlot and the cheesecake and each other. A good way of spending any time, so why not new year?

And the question. Which is unexpected, and giggling for Danny's consideration and answer. Yeah...although in some verses that might just not stop them trying. :) And much sigh for the subsequent conversation, and Danny talking around it. Can imagine it not coming up. Because I can so easily imagine Tess assuming Danny didn't want children either - he's unconventional enough for her it would make sense, but she's conventional enough for him that he would assume the opposite. Um. If you see what I mean. But exactly as Danny says, with the love and the intensity and the urgency both times round, the conversation just never happens.

Love the incidental detail of the merlot across the bedcover as Rusty is suddenly concentrating on something much more important. And of course he can read the truth. Even the truth that Danny could never tell anyone else out loud, not even Rusty, because in spite of everything, it has to hurt. And I have no doubt it hurts Tess as well. Because they do love each other, and that is what matters and yes, of course it can be enough...but at the same time, they both know that it means Danny wants something Tess can't give him. And I think there's always going to be an ache there, in spite of everything.

And much smiling for Rusty's news, and imagine that was part of the reason for the favour between Christmas and New Year, because some things Rusty would want to share in person. And of course the fear and the wondering at the reaction, and can imagine him wondering whether he should share immediately after what Danny said, but in the end he would never be able to keep it to himself and Danny would be hurt if he tried. And of course Danny's joy and excitement. Always, always going to be good news, and Danny is going to buy out every toy shop in America, apart from the ones that Saul or Reuben get to first. Is going to be*very* happy new year.

And very happy me for fic. And like I said, slight convertible in parking lot for something I have planned, and maybe some time this year you'll get to find out what. In the meantime, thank you. And smiling. And also happy Christmas and New Year and Easter. Because why not?
light at last chapter 32 . 12/27/2013
This was really cute, and it reminded me how much I love the Body and Soul verse. I hope we can see more of it in the new year! It's nice to know that Annie should have time to contact Lucy soon.

One quick thing, though, here in the States A&E is called the Emergency Room, or more commonly the ER. Just for future reference.
otherhawk chapter 32 . 12/5/2013
Yeah, I'm not sure the disclaimer applies either. Which is amusing. :) Oceans fic sans Ocean's characters, though I suppose at least Saul is mentioned. :)

Much, much joy for this fic even if you withheld it from me as some sort of cruel punishment. *pout* Because I've been wanting them to get together since Lucy was first introduced, and this is wonderful. And delighted Lucy is going to be moving to New Jersey, and wonder what is going to happen in Body and Soul with regards to what Millicent told her about Rusty. Because as long as she wasn't there that often she maybe wouldn't mention it to Annie, but if she's living there full time, she probably will, right? Hope she will anyway, because alternative would just be her being a little distant and awkward around Rusty and that would be painful for all of them.

Ahem. Back to *this* fic... Love the way they are around each other. The awkward, starting-a-new-relationship not-wanting-to-mess-anything-up thing, and like that Marty did offer to stay in a hotel, as little as even of them want him to. Is a thoughtful gesture, and it's even nicer that it ends with the agreement that they're both comfortable.

And I'm smiling for the deliberation over what card and how to sign it. Puts me in mind of 'How Livingston', remember? All the little things that don't matter but do matter. And sigh for the lack of card from Annie and Saul. Yeah. With Rusty missing, that would be the last thing on their mind. But knowing Annie, am sure she sent through a card and a long letter and a present very soon after.

Like the whole thing with the chicken. Almost wish it had been alive, because it could end in a WIthnail & I scene. Though not sure I can imagine Marty and Lucy in those roles. But "Doubt the Hippocratic oath extends to poultry" makes me giggle. Just thought you should know.

Smiling for the Christmas tree too. Given out of generosity and decorated with sweet wrappers and a bow. Can picture it and its brilliant.

And sigh for the first night spent together. Perfect. And even more for the next day and the happy together and the offer. Love the mix of the spontaneous and the not rushing things. Is very them.

Thank you for fic, mate. Is fic of wonder.
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