Reviews for Breath of Fire III: Of Gods and Dragons
Elly3981 chapter 34 . 10/2/2015
Hey, I just finished reading your story again and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time. I can see you've put a lot of love into this story and did a wonderful job of filling out the plot holes of the original story while remaining true to nearly all the events of the game. I've played BoF 1-4 but never got around to playing the 5th game. I heard a 6th one is in the works but I'm not sure if it will be as good as the classical ones from the 90s. Anyway, you did a great job of giving Ryu character. I never understood why all the BoF games have him as being mute or barely speaking; that's the one thing I really hated about the series. While I enjoyed the plot of BoF 3, it left a lot of questions unanswered and the ending was rather anti-climatic; I'm really sure the producers could have made it better then that but maybe they had time constraints, who knows. Anyway, if you ever do write another BoF fic, I'll be sure to check it out!
Taliatoennien chapter 34 . 10/18/2013
Hi! Well, after downloading your entire fic and starting it this past Easter, I finally finished it yesterday. (I'm not that slow of a reader, but I certainly wasn't disinterested either, I've just had a lot of RL chaos going on!)

Thank you so much for writing this. When I played BoF 3 itself, while I did love the story, I found myself being unsatisfied in places - like the story had so much that it wasn't telling (and not in the good way, things I wanted to see). You did a very nice job of filling in the gaps. More than that, your additions made me feel like Ryu's quest had meaning. I guess the game intended for us to be ambivalent about that, but that's just too sad. You didn't change the actual events all that much, but now it feels to me like each of the characters did the exact right things.

In no particular order, some highlights for me were:
* The Ryu/Nina romance and the love that transcends time. Yes, I'm a sappy girl - but I desperately wanted a happy ending for the two of them.
* The flashbacks from Teepo's point of view. Goodness, that was gorgeous. I've always had a bit of an affinity for Teepo anyway (sort of a guilty pleasure) - now I understand. Teepo's death scene made me cry.
* The Desert of Death. I know you said you didn't like that part of the game, but it's one of my favorites - no special reason, just the way that it's so dark and eerie watching the sand of the desert unfolding at night. You did a really good job of incorporating all the tent dialogue, and making it conversations between party members rather than just isolated lines. Ryu not sleeping at all but watching over Nina was so sweet.
* Everything about Garr. You made a very good choice in giving him an ancient speech form, and I found myself understanding him much better than I did in-game. Plus you left no doubt about where Garr's allegiance lay at the end.
* Everything about your portrayals of Momo, Momo and Rei, and Momo and Honey.
* Every scene involving Sara in some form. You made the death/rebirth cycle have meaning and coherence, and you also made the parts with Ladon and Jono make more sense.
* Momo breeding plants to survive in the desert.
* The expansions on Deis and Myria. Another scene that made me cry.

Thanks again! You have a really good writing style, and a particularly good responsiveness to feedback of all sorts - I enjoyed reading the reviews and back and forth almost as much as the story itself. I'm really glad you included the "Nina, I'm coming back to you" at the end. Did you ever write that "Ryu and Nina on a journey" story? It could still take place, just a little down the road once Nina's spent some time doing her duties - besides, if they're going to get married, then they'll need to find a balance between adventuring and being stuck in the Wyndian castle having audiences.
Dragoon Cecilia chapter 22 . 10/9/2013
I've always loved that point in the game when Nina & Rei go to get the passport, but this makes it even better!

Rei: Time to leave!
Dragoon Cecilia chapter 20 . 10/8/2013
Those bickering scenes between Rei and Momo are great! They're so funny!

"Cats should be lying in a corner and not be heard!"

"Hey!" He spun around. "Rabbits should hide in a hole and not be seen!"



I love how you added those scenes so long before their initial 'disagreement' on the boat.
It adds a lot of character, I think.
Dragoon Cecilia chapter 19 . 10/8/2013
I always believed that the girl in the mines was his mother of Patty/Yua from BoF2 as Patty has dark-colored draconic wings (the game calls her 'the bat-winged girl'. Sara does not have wings at all and Valerie's wings are light colored; her wings most closely resemble a Windian's wings - somewhat bird-like.
I still think its most likly Patty, no offence.
its a great story at any rate!
Dragoon Cecilia chapter 5 . 10/6/2013
The point when Ryu begins to hit reliably (stops flailing/attacking wildly) is immediately after Nina joins.
I never was sure if he was just showing off, if he was trying to act like her 'knight in shining armor', or if perhaps it had something to do with his power which had only just been awakened right before that point even though he doesn't have much control over it until Mt. Boumore.
its probably the third reason. Ryu just does not seem the kind to show off.

Great story! its nice to hear the Hero actually speak. it makes him seem more like a
Dragoon Cecilia chapter 17 . 9/12/2013
Kaiser also means 'Emperor' in japanese, the Breath of Fire series original language.
Taliatoennien chapter 13 . 4/5/2013
Heya! I'm clearly late to the party. I found your story because I just finished playing all the way through BoF III for the first time. I've played the previous two games, but it was back when I was in high school and I can barely remember anything about them, but BoF III is still firmly in my mind. I was looking for a story to flesh out some of the more emotional moments of the game - some of the lines in the last tent sequence felt absolutely unbearable not to hear more. Anywya, I found this, this point is as far as I've read as of tonight, and I'm hooked. You have a lot more talent than you give yourself credit for. I've enjoyed your commentary as well - I find myself smiling and nodding along to things that I've done too in-game - you have a wonderful self-depreciating sense of humor. I'm excited to discover the Big Change you have coming, and so far this story is turning into my head-canon for the game - every change you've made has improved things. You even made me believe the scene where Garr gets Nina through the gate as his daughter, something I would not have believed possible. :) Keep it up, I'll review more as I go. Also, I caught that you were working on a Suiko II novelization - I'll check out your author page to find out if you finished that project. Suiko II is my next game on the list to play (I finished Suiko I over Christmas vacation and loved it so much that I beat it twice in three weeks - did nothing but that, work, and sleep, and I didn't sleep much!). Back to BoF III, though. You've done a wonderful job of picking out the important elements, minimalizing the ridiculous elements, and adding emotionally satisfying scenes. I particularly loved every bit of the interaction between Teepo and Ryu (that's SO sad, the way that yes, they were friends and Ryu's going to search for him...), and the way you handled the Nue and the mutant plant (why yes I have an angst addiction). And the way that you point out little stupid things that the characters really should have known but were too polite to say, like that Momo's puzzles were really too easy to keep anything out, or that Emitai actually did a very horrible thing by betraying two innocent kids' trust, or that Momo's not all that much older than Nina. Awesome job, I can't wait to read the rest. Thank you!
Myrmidon chapter 2 . 3/30/2012
This is insane!

You're so talented it's sick! Also thank you SO MUCH for this, Breath of Fire 3 is the closest childhood memory I have, the story is simply marvelous and what you did deserves so much credits! (I need more exclamation marks.)

I've just finished reading the beginning, but I'm really hooked already.

"I haven't found anything interesting" won't work for an excuse not to read anymore, if you understand, lol..

Cheers from Sweden!
Manic Dogma chapter 33 . 12/9/2011
Very good. there were some issues with awkward dialogue, but they seemed to be mostly borne of the game script.

the romance with nina i felt was quite poorly handled though. even after they declared their love for each other, there was no real change in their behaviour with each other. it didn't need to be overt, subtle references to the holding hands and simply being more pysically close more of the time would have sufficed after the kiss on the boat and after their declaration of love a lot more of their attention should have been focused on each other, actively seeking to be physically close, more private conversations, snuggling. y'know like how real newly found romantic couples behave? I realise that there was no reference to such behaviour in the game, but realise that there was also no reference to Nina and Ryu being romantically involved either. If you're gonna add stuff, you gotta change details accordingly.

Also, the epilogue introduced a plot hole. There isn't any realistic way Nina would be welcome in Wyndia after the last incident at the castle. When she was a kid, maybe, but as an 18 (i think) year old adult she would almost definitely be charged with conspiring with criminals or something. especially with that overbearing, possessive bitch of a mother. Personally, i'd add reference to her accompanying Ryu in his section of the epilogue along with more romantic fluffiness.

However, for the most part, i do think this is well written. You gave Ryu a sufficiently three dimensional personality and put your own stemp on the story. well done ;)
The Eternal Wind Sage chapter 34 . 10/18/2011
I am impressed after reading the entire thing. I enjoyed reading this. I have played Breath of Fire III

before, and I must say after finishing the last word of this work you have done, I feel like playing the

game again, but due to certain circumstances I am unable to. I'll stop rambling on then.

I only saw a few minor grammatical things you might want to fix throughout the entire writing, but

hardly anything to worry too much about, You have quite a lot of skill as evidenced by the depth, time,

and effort you have put into this!

I am definitely going to add this to my favorites, and who knows, someday I may re-read it again!

In closing to my review, I would just like to say these words:

"Bravo, you have done an excellent job!"

Keep up the good work in the future! I also, apologize for rambling on and on in my review.
Galdr chapter 34 . 10/11/2011
I've started reading this story back in 2008, because I myself had restarted a new file in BoF3. I stopped at the first chapter because I had school, homework, all that jazz that stopped me. And, soon enough, I had forgotten the story. Sadness.

But, after all those years, I searched for said story and walla. I found it. And you completed it. Yay!

I spent 3 1/2 days reading this and I'm quite satisfied with how it turned out. Descriptions were magnificent, details were spot on, I felt I was playing the game just by reading it. It got me hooked right on, too. I love BoF3 more than the others myself; the Dragon Gene splicing is so much fun. I will admit I'm saddened that Ultimate (controlled) Kaiser Ryu (golden hair and golden eyes, that one) didn't emerge too much at the end. XD Ah well, I still enjoyed nonetheless. The merging of BoFI and BoFII was decent, and it makes sense. (I've always believed that was the case) With every Ryu, there's always a Nina.

Anyway, this review is for all 34 chapters-er 32 since the legal first one is a Foreword and the last is an Afterword. XD I also love the ReiMomo pairing. Too bad Rei didn't go feral weretiger in some of those boss fights.

Good, well written story you have presented to the Fanfiction Breath of Fire Archives. It inspired me to finish my old one-shot of Momo and Rei that I started doing in about two years ago, but stopped because I lost a bit of interest and stuff happened.

Thanks for writing the story and sharing it; I hope maybe one day you'd do BoF4, if you haven't already.
Nitramy chapter 34 . 9/10/2010
This was an absolutely delightful read.

ESPECIALLY the Rei and Momo interaction.

Insta-fave just because Breath of Fire III is one of my favorite PS1 RPGs - the concept of Ryu being the same hero in the first and second games came from left field, but it was nicely executed, so mad props to you there.

Say, hope you don't mind giving my work a little looking over, as I did put in a few elements from Breath of Fire III into it (it's kind of within the middle of the story, though).

Thanks, and I hope more readers get wind of this!
darkgryffon chapter 9 . 8/4/2010
one quick note . you know the dragon race is called the Brood right? sorry i dont mean to sound rude just curious thats all because well its easier then calling them a dragon or w/e . just a thought
darkgryffon chapter 7 . 8/3/2010
i love your story amazing, the few differences i excuse because its a fanfic after all and meant to read like a story not a game. Overall i would give it a 10/10 i love the game, your writing fits the characters well and your great with writing. I envy you . In my opinion breath of fire 3 is a pretty sad game even by game standards, literally before he can remember he has everything he cared about torn away. yet he still continue's its amazing
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