Reviews for Honeymoon Hilarity
BakaRain chapter 1 . 12/6/2008
Oh my! You got me hyperventilating here! . . . but you ended it T-T. I agree with IcedOverFire, though I would like the lemon . . . Yay for the next chapter!
chocolatemaltesers chapter 1 . 11/29/2008
it'll be interesting to see how you manage to pull in argentine. i'm looking forward to it! (also, go lemon!)
IcedOverFire chapter 1 . 11/27/2008
Update soon! And do whatever you think would be better for the story. Seriously, lemon or no lemon, what's important is Dark and Riku themselves, right? Right? Well, it's been awesome so far. I can't wait for the next chapter!
asga chapter 1 . 11/26/2008
Yay, I am so happy for the sequel :D

Hope to see next chapter:D
Evil RULZ chapter 1 . 11/23/2008
that was great pleaspdate sand i bet that someones gonna come an distract the and they will have to stop
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