Reviews for Blood and Ashes: A Kindred Tale
LostCompass chapter 10 . 3/19/2014
This just so happens to be bloody amazing.
Girl chapter 10 . 5/2/2013
This is the best one on here. I wish there were more to read I'm out of work for a month from tendon surgery and it helped me pass some time. Keep it up.
archaic smile chapter 10 . 7/14/2012
3. Just 3. Please, please continue :D
Topgallant chapter 9 . 1/14/2012
Yay! A new chapter - thank ye gods!

Once again, you fail to disappoint. What an emotional chapter, from the ominous flashback to the heart-wrenching present. After getting to become familiar with Lenny's - and Simon's - personalities, particularly how they relate to Diana's, sending him off like this is downright tragic. A part of me still refuses to believe that Lenny will be gone come dawn. I hold out, childishly, for some trace of ash on the wind and determine that any lack of it is proof that he still lives. Or, er, unlives. This is good - I'm attached to your characters now, whether I like it or not. :)

This is quite the cliffhanger - surely his death will have a larger influence on the Kin of Baltimore. As to what that effect will be...? And as for Diana, well...seeing her coping process in the face of such a persona loss will be extremely interesting, to say the least. I am SO very glad you updated. I'm waiting with baited breath!
Catstaff chapter 9 . 1/3/2012
Only you could get me teary-eyed for vampires, you know. Poor Lenny, and poor Diana.
sistertotherain chapter 7 . 9/30/2010
Oh, wow. I knew my obsessive checking of the Vampire page would pay off eventually, but. . . wow. Damn, have to restart my brain before I can write anything coherent. . .

Okay. For a start, this chapter has a great mixture of humor, bittersweet, and outright bitter. The Alvise-Bills high-five is still making me laugh. Also makes me wonder why Bills is so favored-maybe because his prince is also amused?

Simon-uncanny. Especially with the contrast to Lenny in Diana's memories. Diana-then versus Diana-now is also a pretty jarring contrast, but Simon. . . is something else.

The 'honor' Alvise grants Clark is so twisted and /Kindred/. . . Survival or idealism? And I like that Clark tries to get away with both. Goddamn it, they should've listened. . . Aargh! You've got me tearing my hair out here!His speech to Diana is my favorite part of the chapter. Not that he isn't telling her anything about herself she doesn't know already.

And, wonderful plot stuff aside, your writing style continues to enthrall me. Especially the violence, 'cause I'm the bloody-minded type. Oh, the shooting. Matter-of-fact and not exxaggeratedly graphic-perfect amount of description. Good one of Diana's near-frenzy, too.
Topgallant chapter 6 . 7/2/2010
Ohgod, ohgod! You updated!

I can't tell you how much I giggled with glee as I checked my email and saw this update. I ripped through the chapter like I would any other professional and long-awaited book.

The characters continue to be filled with depth, and even absolute sleazebags like the Keeper of Elysium and the almost human flaws in Diana remain compelling and realistic. They drive the story - and a good thing too, because without (good) characters, there IS no story.

Simon, as sadistic and inhuman as he is, manages to be fascinating and believable. The struggle between him and Lenny is gripping,, and the troubles with the Prince and Ilyana are a definite page (or webpage) turner!

But I have to go back to Diana. She's a strong , even likable character, even past her many faults. Or because of them. Well done!

Your words just flow...please keep going!
sistertotherain chapter 5 . 6/11/2010
Hey. Yours is one of only two unfinished stories in this archive that I actually find pleasureable to read, so I'm hoping you haven't given up on it. I really like your writing style-the phrase "all the warrior spirit that God gave a wet cabbage" has stayed with me since I read it a couple weeks ago. Also, I find Diana's moral struggles fascinating, and want very badly to know what will happen to Lenny and Eric.

Thanks for the enjoyment.
GokuNaruto617s chapter 5 . 11/10/2009
This stroy is t3h kewl!
Topgallant chapter 4 . 8/24/2009 it. I've run out of words.

Just KEEP going!
nienorbun chapter 3 . 7/25/2009
Very well conceived and written. Quite creepy; you have a knack for making the main character sympathetic even though she's a bit of a doormat.

I'm very eager to see where this is headed!
Topgallant chapter 2 . 7/19/2009
Also, if I was half the writer you are, I would at least take the time to bother double-checking my past review. As it is, I just want to let you know that this story is appreciated and I'm personally amazed that you haven't, as yet, gotten any other comments on it.

Take care!
Topgallant chapter 3 . 7/19/2009
Oh, my.

This was, undoubtedly, the most perfect and spot-on World of Darkness fan-writing that I've ever found. Reading this is a sheer pleasure, and if you had been employed by White Wolf I would surely read your fiction.

The characters are intense, believable and even (despite the horror and gravity of the situations they create and are involved in) likeable.

No one person is quite like the other, and the magnificent details, descriptions and inter-weaving story line just compells the reader (meaning me!

Please, please, please don't abandon this. It would be such a shame to leave such a brilliant and fun story unfinished. Great work!