Reviews for How to Save A Life
GreyEyedGirl159 chapter 5 . 10/7/2016
are you going to finish this?
thaliagrace16 chapter 2 . 5/7/2010
hahaha amazing!
thaliagrace16 chapter 3 . 5/7/2010
thaliagrace16 chapter 5 . 5/7/2010
aw major cliffy! please please please update soon!
Il Angelo chapter 5 . 2/18/2010
i luv your story. you matched them up with the gods perfectly too. i cant wait till u update. please do it soon!
14tara14 chapter 5 . 7/19/2009
listen very closly!

now i never review and i mean NEVER! this is my theird reveiw ever in the year in a half that i've been reading fanfics. so you better consider yourself lucky that im revewing because im very picky with storys on whats good and bad. and your story is defenetly good, i love it, and i love mythology its very different and has a certen flare to it that most storys lack, (aka creativity) most stories i read are the samething over and over only in diferent words but your is truly a one of a kind, and you better up date quick or i will hunt you down through the computer database and make you up date you clear!

yours rarly 14tara14

ps i mean it i will hunt you down so continue it or else

dha dha dha! lol
GhostThatLikesToRead chapter 4 . 4/23/2009
im so sorry i insist on reviewing its just that i love greek mytology and i love twilight

its the perfec combination ! hahaha

so i was thinking maybe you could write a EPOV ,he is watching bella doing something like runing in the midlle of some flower or singing arould with alice or reading something under a tree hahaha

and they could talk more at night, they could find out new things in common

and he could appear at day light too with a mask or someting

that would make then more confortable with one another

alice should apper more,and since Emmet allready knows about everything,he should apper too ..

i think all edwards family should apper (- rosalie) so they can love her, that way it ll be easyer to save bella in the end

sorry for the large review (cant help it)

please update soon !
A is for Angel chapter 5 . 2/15/2009
truly truly amazing:)
GhostThatLikesToRead chapter 5 . 2/15/2009
thank you for the update

i love it

pleaasee update soon
totaltwilightaddicto chapter 5 . 2/14/2009
i hate the suspense
zukoxluver chapter 5 . 2/14/2009
wow... this is awesome! i can't wait for the next chapter!
nathy.faithy chapter 5 . 2/14/2009
interesting.. but you should write more!

Keep it going I think the story must be really good!

marie cullen18 chapter 4 . 1/31/2009
Ive only started to read your stories today, but Im loving this new thing, its not like the twilight, but its cool to see edward as what he really is.

A greek god

Please continue, cant wait to read more about their wedding
razzledazzle96 chapter 4 . 12/21/2008
i know how you feel. that's how it is with two of my stories. one, however, has gotten eight per one chapter and then about nine for the other - or something like that. but then again, this is to be creative - not JUST to get reviews (although they are nice ;). when you update, PLEASE try to make the chapters longer!
razzledazzle96 chapter 1 . 12/21/2008
aw, that is awesome! it won't be EXACTLY like twilight, will it? because you do know that though bella may seem like a damsel in distress, she is pretty independent?
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