Reviews for How Things Change
RhoJ chapter 1 . 3/16
Loved this next installment, you have really crafted a great series here. On to the next one, thanks!
debbie chapter 1 . 7/14/2015
Omg fantastic is there going to be a continuing book? You should be a ghostwriter for J E
Daffybduck chapter 1 . 11/13/2014
Mom Of JEM chapter 1 . 6/20/2014
I've read this series multiple times and it never gets old. I LOVE it! These stories are fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing.
Mrsrbyrd chapter 1 . 4/28/2014
Is there another to follow this story? If not there needs to be.
RangersBabeGirl chapter 1 . 4/8/2014
wow, what a wild ride! I can't wait to read the next in this series! Are you still writing, you are a great author, one of my faves so far!
Fanficescape chapter 1 . 1/31/2014
I know Steph is a junk food junkie. I started thinking how that would affect a real person - drinking Pepsi all the time and rarely any water, eating cake and cookies... Steph's breath would reek at the very least. And then being pregnant - soda is a diuretic & would cause her to need to pee even more!

I truly loved your story and am on to read #3. I do want to ask though, is it your intention for Stephanie to be a whiner? The attribution "she whined" or some form of it is used frequently. It would be nice to read "she sighed" or "she worried" or "she lamented" or instead of a "whiney response" maybe "exasperated response". I hope I don't seem ungrateful because you have given me so many enjoyable hours of fanfiction contentment and I am so glad you have shared your talent!
ladylibra73 chapter 1 . 11/23/2013
Wow, what a story. Off to read the third
Bri-33 chapter 1 . 11/22/2013
Wha-what? I see you are a fan of the quick cliffie ending! I feel like I've been running on a treadmill for the past few hours & suddenly someone snuck up & shut it off. Wow, what a story! I cannot get over all the twists and turns. Just when I thought things were going to level off-bam things barreled off in another direction! You made me laugh out loud & scream out loud. I could not put this story down. Awesome writing, Babe :)
Ybanormlmom chapter 1 . 10/6/2013
Haaaaa, I thought that's what was going to happen at the end. Well, was hoping anyway. Great follow up story! Love your writing. Now I have to see if there's more. Please let there be more...
mermaidmelody18 chapter 1 . 8/8/2013
Ok so I have read this story and the one before this. I love them to pieces but you can't just let this story end like that. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! I am having a mental breakdown here. So please make another one that goes after this.
georgiagirlagain chapter 1 . 11/25/2012
I am so hooked! I love this series so far!
rangerbabe.1 chapter 1 . 7/1/2012
OMG. I think my heart was in my throat along with my knotted stomach for most of this story. Well done. Great writing. Thanks for sharing.
Sophiepicklegirl chapter 1 . 10/23/2011
Fabulous story - you should consider re-posting it, chapter by chapter
stephfan6511 chapter 1 . 8/23/2011
Awesome story! Loved it!
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