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bbutterfly689 chapter 51 . 5/11/2012
I absolutely loved this story. It had a happy ending with so many ups and downs. I am happy Jacob imprinted on another alpha wolf and that Bellas parents know the truth about her. I really enjoyed this story and look so forward to reading some of your other stories.
laura chapter 52 . 2/14/2012
wow what a fantastic story, had me gripped till the very end words escape me i have laughed and gasped throughout this story i loved the way you tied up the loose ends felix and tanya perfect, tough it would have been cool had jacob tatiana and her brothers turned up i know they were on their way so would have loved to hear that leah would imprint on one of the brothers so she could have someone and then leave sams pack to the woman alpha so cool i can always imagine it anyway enough of my waffling well done on the story many hours of enjoyment..
Drithligh chapter 30 . 2/9/2012
While I feel really bad for Charlie, Jake's pain is mostly of his own making. Sure, Bella couldn't give him a hard "no" ever, but she also never gave him a "yes" of her own volition. He needs to stop making bad and manipulative choices. Although, I can't decide if I'd ultimately rather see Jake well adjusted or end up destroying himself.

And what is Aro looking for. What dies he mean by saying multiple people aren't "the one"?
Drithligh chapter 29 . 2/9/2012
Oh, poor Charlie.
Drithligh chapter 26 . 2/9/2012
What? You actually managed to trick me into thinking that Aro might be semi decent. I guess I was wrong. I hope Bella kicks some booty, because I know Edward can't. Unless Jane isn't allowed to use her gift.
idealskeptic chapter 28 . 12/22/2011
Sorry it's been a little while since I last reviewed, but rest assured that I am most definitely still reading.

That being said, I still love the story. My most favorite part of the last four chapters is, surprisingly as someone who doesn't usually like Bella and Edward, Bella and Edward. This was the perfect reunion for them. I still like that you made Bella strong and powerful in her own right.

I also like the idea of Demetri joining the Cullens. Every time I write him in a story, I have to make him switch sides so I especially like stories that do just that. There's just something about Demetri, isn't there? And the idea of him in coach with sick babies and overflowing toilets is just too priceless!

As strange as it sounds, I also like Jacob staying in Volterra. He's doing what it is his destiny to do and standing up for himself. That's rare in the books and in fanfic. I respect it.

I'll read more and review soon!
idealskeptic chapter 20 . 12/13/2011
Just when I thought this story couldn't get better, it did!

Demetri has always been my Volturi weakness, my favorite non-Cullen vampire, if you will. The way you wrote him - curious about Bella and the Cullens, a friend to her, and thinking about a possible 'other way' is a fanfic dream come true for me. I love everything you've done with him so far. It's sort of making me want to read a Bella/Demetri fanfic...I wonder if they are any.

Anyway, Demetri - the times I've used him in my stories, I've always made him a bad guy turned good, so I definitely like that.

I'm still limiting myself to make the story last longer, but I love it!
csp4 chapter 52 . 12/12/2011
Great story! I have to admit, I doubted anywhere close to a happy ending of any sort when I started reading:) Several times the thought went thru my mind that Bella would be much better off blowing off Edward & Jacob then staying with Demetri! That's when it looked like Demetri & Heidi was only a fling & not mates:) Thanks for sharing! Now I'm off to read "The Deleted Scenes"
csp4 chapter 51 . 12/12/2011
"...What's-his-name... 'Scary Vampire Man'... Arrow..." OMG LOL LOL LOL Renee! Just her name explains it all::))

Aro arrives in his black robe? LOL LOL that should impress the humans::))

Whoa! That came right out of left field::)) Felix! So he's not a total douche!

"She had expected to find something gruesome like a human ear" LOL LOL I have no doubt the thought went thru Felix' mind::))
csp4 chapter 50 . 12/12/2011
"Despite the change in your favourite Frostee flavour..." LOL LOL LOL good one::))

That wedding is going to be interesting::))
csp4 chapter 49 . 12/12/2011
So Billy told Charlie his daughter & the Cullen's are vampires but forgot to tell him about the wolves::))
csp4 chapter 48 . 12/12/2011
Renee watch 4 seasons of Buffy to prepare for seeing Bella but she's still concerned about her health! LOL LOL dork!
Guest chapter 48 . 12/12/2011
"You look pale, and Honey, what's wrong with your eyes? They look positively bloodshot." LOL LOL well, Renee, it's like this!

Perfect! Renee watching Buffy to prepare for seeing Bella:::))) That shouldn't surprise me! LOL

So Bella did only kill 1 vampire, but she basically killed him to death! Pretty much what I'd expect from a tradition type vampire - consume rather than drink
csp4 chapter 47 . 12/11/2011
"Like contact the government," LOL LOL I could see Charlie going all crazy & contacting the government! Bella would then have to break him out of the mental hospital:)

"There were secrets that she couldn't articulate, things that she feared telling him" I was thinking that when Bella told her tale I would probably wonder what all her angst was about. Then a thought went thru my mind & I think I've figured out why she's acting like this. She didn't just kill 1 vampire! I shall see::))
csp4 chapter 46 . 12/11/2011
"A sharp turn at a high speed, and he suspected she would shoot through the trunk like a bullet out of a gun" LOL LOL that would be hysterical! It funny enough with Alice in the trunk and 2 vampires & 4 wolves in the car::)) Must smell!
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