Reviews for Total Drama Island Season 2
Storm Of Azarath chapter 1 . 6/25/2009
NAME: Thomas "tom" Red


APPEARANCE:black, short hair w/ tan complexion. he works out and green eyes

CLOTHING:a white shirt revealing his 6 pack; he also wears shorts and sandals

LIKES:nice people, winning, working out, and competing

DISLIKES:bad people,haters, and ketchup


PERSONALITY:is very good looking and fit,he often gets mad if he doesn't win a challenge, he might start an alliance



WHY TDI?:to win money for his poor family


The camera shows Tom.

"Thanks for letting me use your camera, Jake!"

"No prob man!" a voice says

"okay, so i can do 10 push ups!" He gets on his knees. "1, 2, 3, 4, 5..."

And so...

"998, 9, 10!"

"Pick me, it'll be worth it!"
wherever-you-wander chapter 1 . 5/24/2009
NAME: Vanessa (Nessie) Carlson

AGE: 16


CLOTHING: jean shorts, grey v-neck tank top, long purple bead necklace, short silver necklace with a small heart on the end. Grey headband in her hair, and grey flip-flops.






RELATIONSHIP: No, she's got a boyfriend back home.


AUDITION VIDEO: /we see a tall boy holding the camera toward himself, and grinning happily/

*whispering* Hey guys! My girlfriend Nessie should totally be on season 2 of Total Drama Island. She loves the show, but she's too shy to audition herself. I'm gonna follow Nessie around secretly, so you can see what she's like.
Paka-Simon-Trevor-Forever chapter 1 . 1/28/2009

NAME: Melinda

AGE: 16

APPEARANCE: tall and blonde, with a long braid going down her back. has dark brown eyes and a big freckle on the left of her nose.

CLOTHING: white blouse, black cargo capris and some black flip-flops. she also wears a charm bracelet, and sometimes big movie-starlet style sunglasses.

LIKES: winning... mostly winning.

DISLIKES: losing, whiners, people who call her a whiner

FEARS: has a phobia of losing and frogs

PERSONALITY: very goal-oriented. If you don't do what she says, she'll 1. pitch a fit 2. nag you about it, and if all else fails 3. kick you where the sun don't shine. she takes speech and debate, digital photagraphy, acting, home economics, pottery, and basically any extra-curricular activity in the world. doesn't take crap from anybody, and can be very disrespectful.

MOST PERSONAL ITEM: diary, in which she writes maybe 20 pages or something a night


WHY TDI?: to kick butt... but mostly to win win win win win win win!


Melinda is sitting on a park bench, and the camera is shaking. the girl gives the cameraperson the evil eye and the shaking stops. "Hi! I am Melinda. You should pick me to be on TDI because I would make an excellent candidate for the money. Plus if you don't pick me, I'll sue you for every penny you're worth!" she grins. "Pick me!"
ang5523 chapter 1 . 1/14/2009
NAME: Zoey Brooks

AGE: 16

APPEARANCE: dirty blond hair and saphire blue eyes

CLOTHING: white top and blue jeans with wedges

LIKES: anime, shopping, hanging with friends

DISLIKES: heather, stuck ups and know it alls

FEARS: Hanson

PERSONALITY: hot, funny, sweet, nice


RELATIONSHIP: yes a hot guy

WHY TDI?: to get away form my nagging mother

AUDITION VIDEO: Hey Zoey here just going to show why I should be picked to be TDI2 with a little song I would like to sing is from N'sync and the song is I drive myself crazy

Lying in your arms

So close together

Didn't know just what I had

Now I toss and turn

Cause I'm without you

How I'm missing you so bad

I lay awake

I drive myself crazy

Thinking of you

Made a mistake

When I let you go baby

I drive myself crazy

Wanting you the way that I do

(Wanting you the way that I do)

I was such a fool

I couldn't see it

Just how good you were to me

You confessed your love

Undying devotion

I confessed my need to be free

And now I'm left

With all this pain

I've only got myself to blame

Why didn't I know it

(How much I loved you baby)

Why couldn't I show it

(If I had only told you)

When I had the chance

Oh I had the chance

So please pick me for TDI season 2
Ie-maru chapter 1 . 12/25/2008
Warning: I've put Matthias down for a few others in hopes I'll see him in one of them (if at least ONE author continues their stories)


NAME: Matthias Lawrence

AGE: 17

APPEARANCE: he's an albino with wide, possibly insane, red/pink eyes. He's 5'9". 145 lbs and a lithe body type.

CLOTHING: Scientist/doctor over-coat (closed so no shirt really shows) and loose blue-jeans covering worn sneakers

LIKES: reading, exploring, experimenting(beware of explosions), watching and inspecting, and kind/polite people

DISLIKES: Rudeness, cruelty, and chicken (he's allergic)

FEARS: Agateophobia- Fear of insanity. (I don't think I copied the entire webaddress so...) I thought it'd be hilarious

PERSONALITY: Energetic, insanely(literally) curious, off-the-rocker (completely mad), and a romantic

MOST PERSONAL ITEM: His personal chemistry set

RELATIONSHIP: Yes please. Can be a girl or a guy, as long as they accept him he isn't picky

WHY TDI?: Not only does he want money for a good university...well, he doens't really have friends (just people who tease him or hate him)...he would love to fall in love


Suddenly, the tape turns on and the first thing you see are wide, possibly insane, pink/red eyes.

"Hello!" the boy's voice chirps.

The boy backs away and the camera focuses in on a boy with all the requirements of being an albino...and belonging in an insane asylum if you really want to dig deep.

"My name's Matthias Lawrence! I'm an up-and-coming scientific prodigy-" you hear an explosion and blue smoke poofs behind the boy, "-who's super-cool skills can do just about anything with any kind of chemical or technological device! Muahahahahahahahahaha!"

After about five minutes of maniacal laughter, in which you hear a woman shouting 'shut up!', the boy finally opens his eyes and focuses them back on the camera lense.

"I really should be considered because of my unique abilities." Matthias continues in a scarily serious voice. "I hope to win and plan on using the money to pay my way into the best univertiy I can find."

Suddenly the boy's face breaks into a wide grin and he waves.


The screen goes blank.
Parody-lover chapter 1 . 11/29/2008
Looks like they got to you! That's okay, I think yours is probably the most detailed Season 2 thing out there, so I'll be reading on. I don't think I'll be auditioning though, school's been killer so I won't be able to keep up with it that quickly. Loved the scene with Chris, the gull and Henry the cameraman. LOL On another note, good to see you're writing again, and as shameless advertising, I'll be uploading The Santa Under The Ice soon, maybe not this week but diffinately the next.

I know I should PM you this but I'm gonna kill 2 birds with one stone so bear with me ok?,did you catch any of the new Bones episodes, they were awesome! Too bad they have a new episode hiatus in December and half of January. :( But Fox, (and maybe Global) will be airing some season three eps here and there along with the one episode that inspired SUTI on Fox on the 24th. Not sure about Global but Fox will be airing the new Season 4 epis on Thurdays from now on starting on Jan 15. Which is bad because I have after school classes which means I won't be able to see it at premiere time on Fox at 5 o'clock, and have to wait till eight, while rushing to finish homework. And the Jan new ones are the episodes that are so gonna rock (return of the Gravedigger! and a undercover at a circus ep!) Don't know about what Global will do but I think they'll be changing it to Thursday as well, I'm not sure, I'll have to check. Just a little heads up in case Global doesn't announce it, which is usally doesn't for Bones.
Terminator101 chapter 1 . 11/29/2008
name: jack

age: 15

appearnce: red head eyes that changes color depending on moodand and well built

likes: eva and his super powers

dislikes: hether

fears: has no fears

most personal item: his video camra if people touches it he kills them

relationship: verey good with eva

jack: hi chose me please i wont kill eneybody if thay dont touch my stuff only eva is aloud to touch my stuff oh and i survived a nucklear explosen
davidtheumbreon chapter 1 . 11/28/2008




LIKES:Connor Hamlin

DISLIKES: My own sister, and people who thinks that Saskatchewan sucks.

FEARS: Water, ocean not lake or pools and bee's they're deadsly dude.


RELATIONSHIP: I don't have a relationship.

AUDITION VIDEO: Hi, I'm Connor From good ol B.C. If you choose me you'll have alot of vilonce witch would aprove the rating and that all i have to say so see ya on the island. Lisa I can't believe you're forcing me to join, no don't give me the "aw come on Connor" just because you are coming up with the challanges doesn't mean I have to join... Wait the camera still on? I thought it be off by now oh sh (Camera turns off just in time.)
Tornography chapter 1 . 11/28/2008
Name: Jale

Age: 17

Appearance: Black hair combed back with circle sunglasses, a red puffy jacket and tight khaki jeans with Nikes

Likes: Cruiser weight Wrestling

Dislikes: Sucking at wrestling

Fears: Heavy Weight Wrestlers (cruiser weightsmall high flyers HeavyBig brawler wrestlers

Most Personal Item: An ECW acceptance award (earned bacause the judge was cracking up at how sucky Jale was doing

Relationship: Yes, to someone sweet and reliable

Audition Tape: You want a high flying, submissioner in your TV show! I'm your boy! Bring me to your show dudes! And hey, watch me beat this cruiser weight geek! *gets pushed by the "geek" and falls over the ring, landing on his back hard*
JasperDazzlesMe chapter 1 . 11/28/2008

NAME: Catherine Hawkins

AGE: 16

APPEARANCE: Catherine has long,wavy honey blonde hair that cascades down her back along with deep hazel has pale skin and has a tall,yet slender body.

CLOTHES: Catherine's clothing consists off a strapless beige dress with jeans underneath,a dark brown belt fasted on top of her dress;around her waist,and brown penny loafers.

LIKES: Anything school related

DISLIKES: Anything NOT school related

PERSONALITY: is very sweet and generous,sharing a passion of studying and does get mad at times,but unlike other people Catherine often holds her anger in...unless the person/thing really gets her mad. She's a bit like Courtney,except for the uptight attitude.

FEARS: Being stupid


RELATIONSHIP: Yes,with a guy who can get her to go out and have fun

AUDITION VIDEO: The camera shows a girl with long,wavy honey blonde hair,typing something on a she finishes typing,the girl pulls out a couple wires and connects them through the laptop and the camera. The blonde presses something on the laptop and on the screen of the camera appears,”TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND SEASON TWO AUDITION: CATHERINE HAWKINS”in bright flashing letters that lights up.”Hey producers,my name is Catherine Hawkins,I’m auditioning for TDI Season Two in hopes of making m parents see,my parents wants me to go out and you know,have “fun”.“the girl states as she does air quotes as she says the word fun.”When I came across this show I felt this was a great opportunity to show my parents I’m capable of going out and having of course,I’m not TDI,or in this case TDI Season Two,material and it’s fine if you don’t pick all there are millions of other teenagers that are better canidates than if you do decide to pick me,just let me .”Catherine said and with that the tape ended.

OTHER: Catherine doesn't go anywhere without her laptop,which she carries in her beige laptop case,and her favorite set of books,whic is currently the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer.
TitanWolf chapter 1 . 11/28/2008
name:Russell Figgins

age: 19

appearance: short brown hair, goatee, grey muscle shirt, blue jean shorts, black boots.

likes: watching wrasslin, swimming, hunting, climbing.

dislikes: snobby people

fears: cats.

personal item: his class ring.

relationship: yes, a girl that's smart and funny.

audition video: Russell tries to jump over his dad's trailer on his dirtbike but ends up slamming into the side of it.
BeatnikPanda chapter 1 . 11/28/2008
NAME: Jenni


APPEARANCE:Looks like Katie and Lindsey combined;Boys drool when they see her;Wears an Aeropostle tank top and White jeans.

LIKES:Her Iphone;her dogs,Coco puffs and Madonna;Boys;Cheerleading.

DISLIKES:Who hurts other feelings(unless it's her).




AUDITION VIDEO: Doing a Flip."I should be on Season 2 beacause I can do a lot of things! Go TDI!"
LoveAnUnfortunateSoul chapter 1 . 11/28/2008
NAME:Myri Vivas


APPEARANCE:Black Wavy Hair A Bit Below The Shoulder, Crystal Blue Eyes,5'3" Average Wieght just the right amount of curvyness,Peachy Skinned With Rosy Cheeks

LIKES:Dancing,Sketching, Playing Her Flute,Animals

DISLIKES:Jerks,Bossy People, People Who Judge Others On Thier Appearence

FEARS:Broken Glass(just looking at it)

MOST PERSONAL ITEM:A Silver Locket With A Picture Of Her Real Mom And Dad.

RELATIONSHIP:Yes,Your Pick Though

AUDITION VIDEO:*Camera Turns In Onto A Pretty Girl Sitting On Her Bed.*"Hey TDI Producers I'm Myri! I Was Adopted When I Was 7 years Old By Mike And Vanessa Milligan, I Bet Your Wondering Why I Am Mentioning Them Right? Well, Although Mike And Vanessa Are Rich I Thought TDI Season 2 Would be A Good Way To Boost My Self-COnfidence,make new Friends And Hopefully Win The Prize money To Find My real Parents,which Mike And Vanessa refuse To Do Because They Love me to Much.""Myri Who are ou Talking To?" A Female Voice Yells."Gotta Go That's Vanessa, Oh But Please Pick Me!
Sanjiandserea chapter 1 . 11/28/2008
Name:Lily Yura


Appearance: about 5'8, skinny,busty,curvy and a bit length silky black hair and saphire blue eyes.

Clothes:A Dark blue mid thigh dress with dark blue roses and White lily pattern on it.

Likes:cats,ramen,pocky,heat,her motorcycle and badboys or flirts.

Dislikes:Heathers,large dogs,the cold,way too spicy food country music and being woke up to early.


Most personal item:A saphire blue and emerald green yin-yang pendant.

Relationship:straight, with a bad boy or flirt.

Audition tape:We see a yong girl performong daredevil motorcycle stunts like:wheelies,back flips,front flips and landing on the ground zooming backwards."Yo I'm Lily other than my fave hobby I like karate and I'm already a black belt, hope you guys call me, later!" Lily speeds off.
Kellrock chapter 1 . 11/27/2008
NAME: Tessa "Tess" Hardy

AGE: 17

APPEARANCE: layered black hair with bright purple streaks, bright blue eyes, tan, slender but with curves kinda like courtney

LIKES: surfing, swimming, listening to music,having fun, challenges, winning, soccer, playing the drums and reading

DISLIKES:getting up early, being bored, being underestimated, snobs, and losing

FEARS: sharks

MOST PERSONAL ITEM: opal (birthstone) necklace her mom gave her

RELATIONSHIP: yes please a guy like duncan rebelious and smart

AUDITION VIDEO:*cmera turns on focuses on girl staring off with a dazed look on* "Tess lets go" says girl behind camera, julia, tess looks at camera "ok uhh hey people at TDI i'm tess and you should put me on your show because i watched all of last season and I'm still willing to go on the show. I'm willing to do anything once, espically since i made a bet with my bro and i hate losing espically to him. so bring it on Chris" she said smirking slightly. Julia laughs "you'll regret that if you get on the show"she says as camera starts losing focus *camera turns off*
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