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Come Back PLEASE chapter 18 . 12/15/2017
I seriously don't stop laughing reading this story. The morning after Ren realized he was being ridiculous feeling threatened by lil old Kijima (compared to Sho/Reino), he sees Kyoko hopping out of Kijima's car. LOL.

"Moko san reminded me that a plain girl like me wouldn't get a modelling contract so easily. It's her whip of love. Making sure her BF stays grounded." LOL

Well, I did stop laughing when I realized this story wasn't finished. T T I somehow thought it was a completed story and was so depressed to see it hadn't been updated for so long... It may be a long shot but I really hope you haven't abandoned this. The story's so interesting and I adore the way you write! The actual story (I like how you wove in her stylist into a new meet the designer storyline and possibility of Kyoko as a model btw) as well as the movie plot which has me on the edge of my seat - they're both so darn interesting and I can't wait to read more of both. I'd love to read the new modelling story line too...and finally see KyoRen blossom.

Hope you're well and thanks for sharing this great piece of work so far :)
Guest chapter 17 . 12/15/2017
Even something mundane as a Kijima x Kyoko greeting each other before a shoot is fun to read (aka the "reunion" scene).

Ren called her 'Turtle girl' when she fractured a bone. ROTFL. I forgot about this hilarious scene. I'm loving how you're bringing in tiny snippets of the original story (so very long ago - what 10yrs now?) in such an amusing way.

The way Kyoko's vision brings back Kijima's memories in the hospital (in the movie), so that he remembers her name just as she disappears leaving a daisy ring behind - Very nicely done.
Guest chapter 16 . 12/15/2017
Haha! Why do you call each other so formally? K: Being called Mogami san is progress. When I first joined, Tsuruga san called me 'LoveMe girl' or 'you'. Ren was silently bleeding from the wounds her words had speared him with. XD The way you describe scenes makes it so easy to picture! Almost like reading the manga lol. At least nice old Watanabe san tried! And Nabe-chan? Hilarious. Loving this OC btw.

"What a polite way to say Kijima is like a kid himself" Ren said. LOL

Loved the easy bantering between Kyoko and Ren - "grilled frogs". hahaha. And it was a lovely way to show how they're relationship had evolved and how both realized it at that moment.

A few slip ups with tenses again here. Minor and not too distracting but FYI for the future. I'm thinking maybe writing the movie scenes in present tense is confusing things? (Actually your movie scenes are getting a bit mixed up now as it's written in past tense with some present tenses - not complaining cuz I find past tense to be much easier to read). Perhaps if you stick to past tense for the whole story going forward (including movie scenes, except of course the obvious dialogues which'll be in present tense) it may be easier to stick to it? Not saying you need to edit at all, just going forward or in your next story? Just a thought.
Guest chapter 14 . 12/15/2017
Aww...Ren's captivated by Kyoko's neck, emphasized by her ponytail and V-neck... Volunteering to cuddle her to keep her... *snicker*
Guest chapter 13 . 12/15/2017
Bit surprised to hear that these chapters are written as inspiration strikes cuz the characters and everything are so well thought out. Great job. And may the inspiration continue to strike you! Teehee
Guest chapter 12 . 12/15/2017
Seriously, you're great! The way everything Kyoko said - even things she said to reassure Ren - Ren took as an indirect diss, is hilarious and so very much like them. "Should I be glad she thinks I'm important enough for an introduction, or should I be disappointed that she only wants to introduce me as a sempai?" Poor Ren's really kept on his toes guessing in this story. Not that I don't want KyoRen development (I so do!) but it's just very well done.

Jankenpon over the Gyoza was a great idea and I love the way you tell the story. I could easily envision Kyoko and Kijima with the 'acchi muite hoi!'...and was giggling along with your onlookers at Kijima's look of indignation. Cute, fun and heartwarming scene... And I love how you tied the shopping for ties scene together - with Kijima and then with Ren... The movie's interesting and written wonderfully. It's very easy to picture :)

And Ren vs the Yashiro x Kanae double team? lol

Just one minor thing, be careful with tenses. While there were present tenses used in the movie scenes, it started spilling over into the normal story here. The paragraph right after the movie scene struggled with tenses, mostly being in present tense before it straightened back to the past tense.
Guest chapter 11 . 12/15/2017
We all appreciate your "ridiculously high standards" for yourself. Your writing's wonderful with minimal errors, if any. Scenes and dialogues flow smoothly, characters are wonderfully well portrayed and it's very easy to slip into this lovely story world you've woven. Thanks!
Guest chapter 10 . 12/15/2017
Poor Ren! XD

K: "I'd forgotten what it was like to act with you. My heart really began pounding hard and hand trembled. I wanted to squirm and run under your gaze!" Ren utterly speechless, unsure whether to be happy or sad...

"By Yashiro's blank look, Ren knew he felt the same" - a blank Yashiro without any emotion to a KyoRen happening? Now that's a first. LOL And yep, bet both gents didn't get much sleep that night. Haha!
Guest chapter 9 . 12/15/2017
lovely chapter! Yashiro and Moko watching jealous Ren with evil smirks...haha!
Guest chapter 8 . 12/15/2017
OK you're brilliant. Moko and Sho.

I was impressed at how you portrayed Sho in the last chapter. Where most people would've had Sho interrupt the shoot or throw a fit as soon as Kyoko stepped off the set when he saw Kyoko's photo shoot with her leading men, I loved how you kept him back which is so much more like the real Sho would do. Unless something completely drastic happens and he snaps, in the back of his mind, Sho's hyper aware of his cool and uninterested image and would more likely hold himself back to avoid showing his interest in Kyoko to a large group of people on set.

Also, now in this chapter, it's official. I quite like your Moko - very rare, if not the first for me. I usually don't like her in many FFs, actually I don't like her much in the manga either. Hated her at first and though she got better, I still feel Kyoko deserves a better friend - someone who'll really show their love for Kyoko, doesn't manipulate her to keep her own feelings hidden, and one where Kyoko doesn't seem like a doormat friend at any time... Moko has some good points, her bluntness can be funny, but so often in fanfics, all we see is her yelling Mou! and spewing negativity all the time, so even with a couple of funny scenes in the better fics, she gets old really quick. I really like how you've kept her good points - bluntness, sharp mind, good friend - but taken out or haven't overplayed her annoying traits. Even Kanae trying to see if Ren does like Kyoko and NOT the usual getting all jealous and trying to steal her friend back from Ren is really refreshing.
Guest chapter 6 . 12/15/2017
Knowing his best chance is to appeal to her la-la land sensibilities, Sho buys Odette to try to win Kyoko back. "The only trick was to give it to her without her throwing it back at his head. Hard." HAHAHA! Yeah, that's so Kyoko. Love how spot on your characters are! Even Sho nails what Kyoko would do.

I'm not at all disappointed. Actually glad that you didn't put Sho in the movie too. Kijima's a great casting! Besides, can do without all the drama and bad acting Sho will undoubtedly bring. (Can't see Shingai who barely put up with singer Ruriko in Ring Doh, take a risky gamble with another non-actor thank you for not bringing Shingai's character into question by hiring Sho!). I love how you did bring in Sho though - how he's secretly brooding and plotting to gift Kyoko her Odette and win her back...then suddenly sees Kyoko and her two co-stars at TBM. I love how you're creating the drama without it being forced (drama created at the expense of things not quite making sense or throwing characters under the bus by having them act strangely).
Guest chapter 5 . 12/15/2017
Nicely set up chapter with a summary of the drama and Ren's fears. Makes me look forward to seeing them act it out next
Guest chapter 4 . 12/15/2017
I can't believe Ren played the What Would Kuu Think card *snicker*. Smart!

Kyoko and Ren are spot on, and even Moko and Yashiro are well portrayed
Guest chapter 1 . 12/15/2017
I'm glad to see Kyoko working with Director Shingai again! Always wondered what he'd thought of the newbie actress since Mio/Natsu appeared.
daydreamersparadise105 chapter 18 . 7/14/2017
Please update! :)
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