Reviews for He did not have to
secret lisa chapter 34 . 9/9
Love love love it!
Beautufully written. You kept tge essense of Ginny and Draco whilst adding your own touches
Read it in one sitting
This is definitely one of my favs.
FFLover chapter 34 . 7/19
Always bee my favorite. Just read it again.
Ginny grande chapter 3 . 7/8
you ceep me on the edge of my seat and make me whant to see what happens next.
I don't like it when a chapter ends but I'm happy that I git to read a LOT more
Ginny grande chapter 1 . 7/8
I love how you put the story together most of the fanfiction story's I've read Ginny didn't move on and it was really anoing cuz she is a strong cookie and will pull through you provide that she don't need no Harry Potter to be happy
/You did it perfectly/
Guest chapter 34 . 4/3
Nonsense because you want a go on Felton. Your work is as disgusting as your face.
Fascism will never win, so Draco will never win.
Delete that Ugly Woman
Guest chapter 1 . 2/21
So, Harry Potters Daughter is raised by a little Fascist Ferret? And only because you have a crush on Felton?
lovergyrl100 chapter 19 . 11/29/2017
I haven't read it all yet but so far it's amazing. I can safely say that this might be what makes me ship Drinny. I never could picture them together before but now they really make a good couple. Good job
Alytiger chapter 1 . 3/7/2017
"that makes you a sperm donor" bless
Raeshi chapter 33 . 11/20/2016
Love this story. It is so good. One of my favourite Ginny and Draco stories.
Guest chapter 34 . 10/19/2016
I love your story...i love your writing and your character portrayals. This is amazing. I have no idea why it only has 840 should have like a thousand or so. Anyway..had a great time reading this please write more. Oh and I think Lucius was my favourite character here.
LookingAnswers chapter 34 . 8/31/2016
I still love this story :)
Candy Momo chapter 34 . 8/25/2016
God I love this story soooooooo MUCH!
I just keep coming back to it everytime, it's so well writen and I love every minute of it!
Crystal Malfoy chapter 28 . 7/10/2016
LOVE this story, hate Lily
Candy Momo chapter 1 . 3/11/2016
My God I love this story so much! And it's soo good that I just keep going back to it.
You really did an amazing job!
Never take it down!
Guest chapter 34 . 7/27/2015
Had s great time re reading this story again

Wish we saw lily reaction to a baby girl or Draco with a new baby
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