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yellow 14 chapter 9 . 4/11/2014
"Catching my mom making out. It's bad enough catching them at it in real life," Will said with a groan. "Still, I suppose it has its uses."

"Yeah, I think not blowing our cover is a good thing. It's bad enough as it is," Taranee said with a grimace. "You really should have avoided trying to go all Grand Theft Auto on the car."

"Hey, I'M the one who ONLY exists because my mom was sent to SPY on my DAD!" Hay Lin protested. "I think I'm entitled to be a LITTLE upset."

"And Mr Collins is here to spy on me," Will said wearily. "We get it Hay Lin."

"Why won't the writers just give us someone easy to beat?" Irma moaned. "Someone we could beat without even having to leave the bath?"

"Now where would the fun in that be Irma?" Yellow asked and she glared.

"It would be easier. And less stressful," she replied. Yellow just laughed.

"Don't worry, your drop will probably develop more of an individual personality over time," Hay Lin told Matt with a smile as he frowned. "Mei-Mei did."

"Yeah, but explaining to your mom why she caught you snogging Mandy was a difficult one," Will pointed out with a smirk. Then her face turned grim. "I hope Mina's going to be okay."

"Yeah, it was bad enough losing her the first time," Hay Lin said sadly.

"Not to mention that turning up alive after you 'died' would make it difficult to keep your secrets secret," Yellow added and they all glared at him. Yellow blushed. "Sorry, not the most tactful thing to say."

Really glad to see this back again. Keep updating
DayDreamer9 chapter 9 . 4/9/2014
YEEHAAA! I love this fic plus Angst and, well, just about everything you write, actually :3 I can't wait for more; the suspense, it tingles! 3
Storm chaser 1991 chapter 8 . 10/6/2013
I love your story so much, please update!
Carlalalita chapter 2 . 8/5/2013
Oh I think I get it...Is this like the show with Christian Slater show?...let's just see. Oh how you pull me in!
Carlalalita chapter 1 . 8/5/2013
Ok, I haven't been on ffnet for a while. So I check into this little ditty by Pink and I have to say, this first chappy has my full attention! Can't wait to see what's next!
XV-Dragon chapter 8 . 10/11/2011
So the gocemrent know aobut WITCH and Collins is only dating Will's mom so to spy on Will...this is going to get ugly when and if WITCH confronts the people spying on them.

Awsome update AJ :) Sorry for taking so long to review, been letting my in box overflow with fic alerts and been stuggling to get through them all.
yellow 14 chapter 8 . 9/24/2011
"Ok, it looks like things just got a whole lot more interesting." Yellow 14 said with a smile. Will growled.

"Yes, well I wish it wasn't ME they were looking at." she grumbled. "And with Mr Collins as their agent!"

"Could be a red herring Will." Taranee said dreamily as she stared at the screen.

"Yeah, well it's easy for you to say, your boyfriend is being all romantic." Will grumbled. "And Corny's sister Lillian seems to think that MY boyfriend is interested in Corny as well."

"Heh, only if he wants a black eye." Cornelia said, before tapping Will on the head. "And don't call me Corny."

"Sorry, force of habit." Will muttered and Cornelia shook her head.

"You, have been spending far too much time with Irma." Cornelia said with a shake of her head.

"I wonder where AJ has been recently . She seems to have vanished off of fanfiction. Hope she's ok." Yellow commented, determined to avoid a fight.

"Well ask and find out." Taranee suggested.

Very good chapter. Keep updating
DayDreamer9 chapter 8 . 9/24/2011
I am SO glad that you updated! This is so much fun to read and you do everything so wonderfully and...and...I really hope that you update again real soon!

PS Mr. C is a spy? Didn't see that coming o.o
Lucky OCB chapter 7 . 1/26/2011
Awesome job! And why was Mina so tired?

- Olivia
XV-Dragon chapter 7 . 1/12/2011
That can;t be good if the astrodrops (or at least Will's) is having that kind of a problem. Can;t wait to see what you got planned next AJ :)
yellow 14 chapter 7 . 1/11/2011
"Here's a riddle for ya T. If your AD and your boyfriends AD kiss, is that considered cheating?" Irma asked with a smile. Taranee gave Irma a glare.

"No. As you know full well when NIGEL'S double kissed YOUR AD." Taranee growled back.

"Oh c'mon T, it's not like I was kissing him." Irma paused and scrunched up her face. "I mean, my AD asked MARTIN out, so it's not like she has much brains."

"Not to mention that duplicates in general are pretty damn stupid." Cornelia added, with a blush. "I'm still embarrassed by the actions of mine."

"True, true." Taranee said nodding and blushing and looking away. "No offence Cornelia, but I don't see you that way."

"Me neither." Cornelia replied. Irma looked at them both quizzically.

"What happened?" Irma asked, to which Taranee and Cornelia both blushed.

"We decided not to talk about it." Taranee said quietly. Irma crossed her arms in a huff.

"Now I REALLY want to know!" she protested.

"Is it me, or is Matt's AD acting really strange?" Cornelia asked, attempting to divert Irma's attention.

"Could be a coincidence that Mina got tired at the same time, but I doubt it." Taranee added, her face darkening. "Could he be up to something, or be our mysterious attacker?"

"Stop trying to distract me! WHAT HAPPENED BETWEEN YOU AND CORNY?" Irma demanded. They ignored her.

"You know, I'm probably going to have EXACTLY the same arguments with my kid when I'm a mom." Taranee said with a chuckle. "I can see it now."

"Yeah, me too." Cornelia added. "Me and Peter, you and Nigel, Irma and Martin-"


Very nice chapter AJ, it's good to see you back. Keep updating
DayDreamer9 chapter 7 . 1/10/2011
Yay! Updation :) Looks like an interesting twist is occurring here; good or bad? Is Mina okay? I'm glad this is back in action and I can't wait for more!
Lucky OCB chapter 6 . 7/21/2010
You know, Taranee's actually adopted. She's not Asian-African-American, she's just African American.
XV-Dragon chapter 6 . 4/18/2010
Awsome update! Surpsed the oracle can't divine the info he needs aobut the group, but then again if he could do that then it would make planning ot deal with the spies a little too easy.
yellow 14 chapter 6 . 3/30/2010
"So that's where all their names come from." Yellow commented with a grin.

"Yeah, finding out that you're snogging your girlfriends magical clone is just a little disconcerting." Eric pointed out. The others winced.

"Yeah that would be...difficult. Didn't Will's drop kiss you though?" Yellow asked Matt.

"Yes. She literally opened the door and kissed me. Later that day, she smacked me." Matt said ruefully. The other boys laughed.

"So is Luba really competitive then?" Yellow asked Irma as she walked in. Irma rolled her eyes.

"As a matter of fact, she is." Irma paused for a moment and a dreamy look came over her eyes. "It makes for some great after-date activi-"

"T M I Irma, really, T M I" Nigel cut in. Irma just laughed.

"Given the fact you two fought like cat and... Bad analogy. Point is, it was like you and Cornelia." Yellow pointed out. "Hay-Hay will probably need all the friends she can get for this chapter."

"Oh I am so looking forward to seeing what they find." Martin said grinning at the screen.

"You and every one of us Martin." Yellow said. "But I'm willing to bet that the CIA is not the only military intelligence network with files on the Guardians."

"Man, you really need to cut down on those Terminator films." Caleb chuckled as he read about Matt's astral drop.

"I prefer the Aliens films myself." Yellow cut in, determined to save Matt's blushes.

Really great chapter. Eagerly awaiting the next one;D Keep updating
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