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MalditaDiash chapter 44 . 11/12
Are you aboundoning this story?
Reader chapter 41 . 10/4
I'm sorry but-

Reborn's so fucking uNF

I find myself taking screenshots everytime he makes an appearance?

Bc he's just so badass?

aidalba122 chapter 26 . 8/22
YourGuardianAngel27 chapter 44 . 7/20
H finished reading the update. I am pleased to know how Hibari still pines for Tsuna and cares for him a lot. He is plenty possessive, also very jealous but he is starting to understand Tsuna and see where he is coming from. Even though it is not explicitly stated, he does love Tsuna right? He is very afraid to lose him despite all that had happened and he did remind Tsuna multiple times that "I am yours." It is just so sweet and refreshingly different from his one-sided possession of Tsuna. Now, he is willing to be Tsuna's as well. :D I am glad they are starting to come to terms with each other. Thanks for writing. I appreciate how you still try your best to update this. It's been so longIt takes a lot of effort to get these chapters done... so I am thankful for the lengths you're willing to go through to update.
DearShootingStars chapter 1 . 6/8
Omgggg, this story is so great like I can't stop reading huhu. But I wonder tho... I mean, shouldn't Tsuna address his Guardians on a first name basis especially at this point where they are already in the mafia? They have been together since childhood and even became involved on a sexual level (Gokudera's case) like, uhh, yeah. Just a thought.
Candy Penguin chapter 44 . 5/16
Oohh, you got a PS4? Awesome! I have one too! They are very time consuming XD

Yay! Thank goodness, hehe c: Also maaaan, looking at this fic's upload date, 2008, to where we are now, 2017... you've come a long way! Soon this fic will be 10 yrs old!

It makes me so happy to see Gokudera finally warming up to Yamamoto~ Don't worry Yama, with due time he will finally be yours, have some patience and hang in there!

And the same goes for Tsuna, he's finally opening up more to Kyoya... ahhh! (': I thought it was so amusing when Hibari called Reborn to talk to him about Tsuna, it almost feels as if Reborn is Tsuna's overprotective dad and Hibari's asking his permission to date his son XDDD

Poor Lambo... I REALLY want to know what he saw in the future now ono And Mukkun with his bad timing as always. XD I feel bad for him too, but I'm sure he'll find himself a nice tropical fruit someday.

Amazing chapter as always~
Moon Phoenix Yukira chapter 44 . 5/14
I recently found this story and just finished the most recent chapter. The story is wonderful, even though Tsuna kissing and sleeping around got a little too much sometimes. Hibird is so cute, and the Hibari's interaction with Roll and Natsu would be interesting too. Looking forward to your updates!
happy-sagara chapter 44 . 4/24
This is such a sweet and endearing chapter, thank you! It's lovely to watch Gokudera softening to Yamamoto, Kusabake finally getting into a relationship XD I'm sure he and Haru will be happy together :D And so beautiful 1827 moments! I loved those so much! :D I look forward to know what's wrong with Lambo and how Tsuna helps him n_n Hibari being nice to anyone other than Tsuna feels weird but it's interesting to read XD Thank you for the amazing update! PS4 rules, I hope you keep having fun :D
yukino76 chapter 44 . 4/24
good chapter thanks
suntan140 chapter 44 . 4/24
So lucky I want a ps4 but hopefully i got in this year
Candy Penguin chapter 43 . 3/9
Ooooohhh booi, so much STUFF went down! The ring battle was AWESOME! Tsuna (and Hibari, at the last second) kicked ASSES. And whooaa that end... man, for a second I thought Yamamoto and Mukuro were gonna fight... o_o Gonna admit, I was kind of hoping they did, that would've been fun to see. I think Mukuro needs a beat down every now and again, and it's not everyday that our beloved Rain snaps. Watch yourself Mukkun. XD

Mmmm... I love my dear Tuna to bits, but I didn't like his attitude when dealing with Dino. I understand he was upset with his relationship with Hibari and he definitely has the right to be possessive and angry but still... it's not like Dino was some stranger, Dino was someone important to Tsuna (I think), and it hurts to see that Tsuna didn't have any trust in Dino, when he hadn't even properly asked for Dino's side of the story, he just full out attacked him - almost KILLING him. I can understand the first time Tsuna fought him out of fury, but then he went to his house and attempted to do the same thing AGAIN. And the thing about Dino "stealing" Hibari away - again, I understand the anger, but it's not like it was intentional, I hope Tsuna realizes. Dino made a huge mistake, but it's not like it's irreversible. Like Yamamoto said, it will take some time, but eventually things will be right again. I hope Tsuna doesn't keep the door slammed on Dino's face and instead try to understand where he comes from.

I hope you don't take that as an attack - because it's really not, I absolutely LOVE this story and can't wait for the next update- but... I don't know. It just hurts to see Dino being casted aside like that. After all, he cared deeply about Tsuna. Even when he could have put off Vongola related-things to go frolicking through the meadows with Hibari, he didn't. He tried to do everything he could for Vongola with their boss gone and now it's like his loyalty to Vongola is not even worth a fraction of their time anymore. I'm pretty sure Dino knows now to not try anything with Hibari (I sure hope he doesn't, I'm not very fond of D18/18D lol) but I hope Tsuna and everyone else decides to forgive him, I feel like he deserves that at least.

Anyways, as always, can't wait for the next update~
joni chapter 43 . 3/9
I'm so glad this story hasn't been abandoned! THANK YOU!
lulubeck chapter 43 . 2/7
thank you so much for this wonderful chapter - fic! uber love this story. I've been following this for years and even 'til now, I'm still hooked & in love with this fic! :)
Zivyx chapter 43 . 2/4
Aww that 8059 part was cute
Miki Elaine chapter 43 . 2/1

I'm so happy to know that Tsuna knows subconsciously that he doesn't need to hold back against Kyouya, unlike when he's with the other guardians. Just knowing that Kyouya can bring out that... /aggressive/ side makes me a shed a tear. I don't know. I love when relationships can be on more equal grounds.

I also love how you showed how interconnnected everyone is, especially towards Tsuna. Just by knowing that there was something remotely off in his Dying Will flame. Just. Beautiful.

I'm really excited to see Gokudera's interpretation of Enma. And I want to see how Gokudera particularly makes up to Tsuna.

I'm just excited to read this story ah. Thanks for the great update!
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