Reviews for Something Better Than This
silverbird88 chapter 1 . 2/8/2009
This sounds so much like Jordan. I love the interpretation of her golf as a way to escape from her limited world, and especially from the idea that women sit around idle, to be admired by men. I am sure she enjoys golf for the physical exertion and being outside in the fresh air. But after the major effort she made to become a champion, she finds it is still not enough to make her happy. No wonder she feels there is no way out, when her best option has not worked.

Just to note, I think that you meant "love affairs" the way the words would have been used in that era, meaning flirting, and perhaps hugging and kissing.
Goddess of Cliffhangers chapter 1 . 12/28/2008
Ah, hell. I have no willpower.

Firstly, Jordan seems rather poetic, doesn't she? Not that as a fairly wealthy and presumably well-educated golfer she shouldn't be capable of such just seems a little extreme for her.

"a chase after something that always seems to elude me" I liked this. It was interesting given what little we know about seemed to fit with her character.

"I am a champion here." As opposed to elsewhere (i.e. matters of the heart) Very good.

"Rather, I am eager for the sun to gain strength and dispel the mist so that its suggestion of philosophical reflection might be long forgotten under the bright shallow daylight." It's good. It makes her seem like a very physical person, and being into sports I suppose she is. Also, it fits her sort of for lack of a better word "party-girl" attitude, that she shuns inner contemplation and instead focuses of bright shallow daylight. I don't know if you meant this...but I read it as reflecting the bright atmosphere of that whole scene (the bright lights, the wealth-Daisy's voice that sounded like money) whiel the members of that group were all shallow and vain and disilusioned with life.

"I cannot comprehend what it is like to possess it." I think perhaps she might be able to comprehend it. In fact, I would go so far as to say that she dreams about it...but that could be personal opinion there.

"until the weakening sun touched the tips of the western pines." a very nice turn of phrase there

"I follow the same tedious routine of social engagements and meaningless love affairs that are supposed to satisfy the hunger of the female mind." The feminist in me loves that. I don't know if she even bothered too much with those my conception of her character, I never really saw her being too intimate with many men...

"Every moment I must spend lounging on a divan in the image of a goddess is a moment that reaffirms my value: measured only in beauty and wealth." I love this.

There's something that confuses me about this. Her passivity seems to war with this desire for a meaningful life. How is she supposed to achieve purpose and worth beyond money and beauty if her means of achieving purpose is to operate in the system (golf, parties)

I liked this though. I'd be interested in seeing you try some character interaction.

Much love, Cat

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