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Winter0800 chapter 3 . 1/6
I only have this reveiw so I can favorite this story
Guest chapter 1 . 1/6
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This is mike in a ditch dead
Guest chapter 1 . 1/22/2017
Will the pack be told? Can rose and esme help bella?
Debbie Hicks chapter 7 . 7/2/2016
Chapter 8.
ow! iSCREAMED OF rATTLESNAKEVENOM breleeding wITH A sTOMACH rupture then Suddenly a more most monstrous strength frommyself Bella don't too late I suddenly Attacked using Newborn myself SCREAMING! MAAAAKE IT STOP BURNING MAAAAKE IT SSSSTOP BURNING! ALICE What it tell us sHE'S bitten as all of it then Without AAS ALL OF IT THE remains ALICE SHE'S CHANGED AS ALL OF BOTH ALIEN And Human Rattlesnaes too late the CHANGE WAS REAL BUT OFFICAL THRASHING Wtrithing then the Cullen doctor the very all of then suddenly SCREAMING! wITH TEM bitten bY WHO OH MY GOD A sECONARY BITE With the theirst oh crap Volturi wITH GUAD THEN YOU cULLENS PUNISHED TEN executed me with them but TOPRN OFF THE hEADS Then tIME-SPLIT Taken ,my wholliest life humanity as all of the VEno,m raging EXPLODING From the Bodies then Punished te host healed my own injuries ten CRASHING! Was Gone ten with tem with Mike Newton POPPED! alice sHE'S DEAD! Then a more monstrous inhuman change within me Alice she is waking up the sun signaling her alien resurrection of her with her best friends I opened y now Bright red eyes snapped wild in horror to see myself paler much paler my throat Hurt it Burned officially with them of blood as all human blood let Alice we have a newborn group tey been Attacked but murdered But BITTEN! Full time but for Real my name is Dawn Read Spier Isabella Angela Erie Mike Jessica Tyler Ben Bree Digeo and Austin ConnOR Katie And John and Issac you are no longer alive they killed you and murdered you but the each four with the host's venom is poisonous but very lethal you are Vampires they gasped that ourselves WERE blacked out without memories ten suddenly a more monstrous Alien change they were Gone ten my own senses wre more than enhnanced with their own suddenly could see very will a eighth color I never named officially Alice what is wrong with her they been attacked someone taking them to first hunt killing Animals as all of tey are Doing teir own ritual as Vampires then it came too late as all of animals deceased but killing more than as all of tem then suddenly d flyingsy uperfastest ten suddenly I felt a more monstrous alien ;ight coming out with their planet powers suddenly I eas a Advanced huntress hear me Volturi I am Bellona goddess of Fire strife war battle atomic waste mutation and destruction you killed us and as all tese people don't enter my own mind I will strike you down I was growling really low and threating but was a snarling behaving really angry and Enraged but used mental shield was out ten suddenly te very as all of very trigazillions of ani,mal bloodrplaced the lost b human blood fading but suddenly with Animal blood csafelocking but locked te door as all of it but rts fresh animal blood BURP! Mike oh my god Bree your eyes we are Vegtarians what we do I told her in a somber but emotionless voice of a Vulcan woman Fake our deaths Hold a Sailor Soldier and Mask funeral then first we made a pact with te Pack tree will come are freed with us Alice Quiet we are holding Court and I we are no longer humans but Kindrd it means God's shadowhunters then POPPED With Us/Witnesses with Pack with mates with imprints fredhen taken from our human lives ended up wit total brain amnesia then lost the memories but our brand spanking newmemories changed then never had kids at all but sterile officially then Lost bodies Masters tey are a mix of both are not allowed to live with as all brought in here poisoned exploding more than as all Children of the dead serve with the Italian verions of their own names we find te accused guilty of all charges of murder bt they are not humans but a species tey have died in homes wit teir own housing are free my brother had te bodies brought in here Sister they hold as all but tey Converted as Vegetarians as all of tem but these each both will be killedthen too late how I survive my undead life as a cold one with tem then it came to passourselves as all of tem suffered too late myself was hurt but beaten but scarred but assasue alted but destroyed but my behavior had changed dramatically went from this to a fiercer but loyal but brave woman Alice Bella you are grieving your eyes turned Yellow in seconds then I used my powers toto preform a Vulcan mind meld Rose we are rope Avvengers your pain give it to me share your pain with me draw strength via The Vulcan mind meld your mind to my mind your thoughts to my thoughts your life to my life yur thoughts give to me Now ten a blinding enery of a alien energy began to sharing each other pain and suddenly became a Telepath via touch only then suddenly a light exploding without bodies Again ten taken bt murdered but te Vlcan mind meld began to evolve within then suddenly Rose cried for te very first time so do I healed she's gifted it is calld the Vulcan mind meld itvery private holy smokes she is a Shield young lady your planet poewer is a Mental shield us have powers we fight for love and justice we will battle on mess with te new and improved Isabella Marie Cullen you'r Sushi daimons yikes she is fluent then too late the bodies as all of thembut it really happened ourselves were a species of warriors known as Vampire slayers it came too late the men were Vampire hunters I bought as all of guns and more from here then mess with me Bree Cullen Vampire slayer then POPPED But Taken as very as all of te trigazillions of infected bodie Crud got a galactic headache we heal very alien and extraterrestrial outta the grass you Idiots! oh man what a woman with tem oh yeah you want trouble pal you lookin' at it the name is trouble we are Shadowhunters we slay and hunt Vampires we had out the womb children adopted followwd us/them in death we are Immortal what are from hold on From a Percy Jackson forum took place in 2150 you are te great-grandchildren of te demigods and you are with demigod blood transplanted oh my god hold on it's a Scout team Mss with me you'r sushi he yelled a Attack phrase EARTH'S GLORIOUS HOLIEST GOLDEN TEARS SLAM DOWN THY EVIL! whamming really loudest it whirled by Geogenesis was it's name sigted screamed intp flames go into the Land of of Yomi Yokai we fight for love and justice on the behalf of the most powerful righ moon kingdom youmas so us we in battle uniforms then shattering was real but elling ten Screaming but transformed but popped then exploding then ascended ten ourselves were te Beyonds stood loyal fiercest but more stronger but powerful mess with me You'r Sushi Daimon we are not you are We are from te 30th century reincates of natives from planets I am the sodier of the mind and telepathy guards the great fire of the fifth house of Betazed on te behalf the most glorious but more richest more powerful kingdom the moon kingdom I am Super Sailor Betazed on the behalf of Betazed I will right r wrongs and triumphs over evil that's means YOU! Super Sailor BETAZED HAS RESURRECTED! I Threw up the mask very so elegantly and it suddenly glowing as a radiant golden tiara shattering I am tHe cold knight that shivers your spines hail from a planet I am Remus Kamen in te name of our planets we te PRETTY SUITED GUADIANS OF LOVE AND JUSTICE! Defenders of te weak Beware Yokai I cause disease and illness you are dead Super Sailor MIRI! Bree flung her mask it was a Tiara a most radiant golden one she was a trained warrior was taught in combat was Sixteen years of age Crud we are not humans anymore we are different me and my sailor soldier mouth it's getting AWAY MIRI DEADLY ATOMIC BOMB! ,MUTATIONS! She Roared her gift right at it then it screamed LOVELY! Shattered but herself entered te Quickening so us/maskes EXOPLODING But POPPED But we were Immortal beings officially pierced fully time as a Ripped but it was a Cursed one then full time Vansishig as all of ten suddenly brought in gere more Guards ripped loose ten bitten thenit came te doctoer she is unable have kids with them but they are Cursed oh my god I shared a meld that was it as all of Children of the dead caused our real but true first death freed of bodies became Immortal newly created but made ten with Supernatural youth were unable to die was Blessed but Cursed with death ooked but feel young were in very middle to ancient ages holy cow Bree you are chosen to fight oh how cute this is my cat Shiloh you have Seasonal allergies yeah from what Cats oh no as all pets who had kittens puppies Harrrrrrruuumph! this one toe my sock it Barked cute but little youngish tey as all of pets were immortal with young were immortal th as all both had kids the hybrids with both had children famiies friends and loved ones tribes aged they noticed how young we looked but look teenage but fully grown adults.
15 chapter 1 . 4/8/2014
It's a very good start. I hope you write more chapters. It really shows how Edward tried to protect Bella and how a rape victim reacts. This is better and understandable than the real book. No hard vocabs. Pls keep writing.

- Willjem
kkokokok chapter 6 . 3/31/2014
I feel bad for u I love dis chapta
gurly gurl chapter 2 . 3/31/2014
I love ur story
mygooddog chapter 7 . 1/12/2014
are you going to finish this
The.Ocean.Shadow chapter 7 . 4/11/2013
this is interesting!
sophia111498 chapter 6 . 11/4/2012
by chance are you planning on continuing this story? i hope on that because i hate when people leave story's abandoned like this i saw you last updated in 09. i am sure i along with others would love for you to start this again :)
SeySey4352 chapter 7 . 8/14/2011
please continue this story
leah1398 chapter 7 . 8/6/2011
gosh i cried reading this story :'( poor bella...
Lilithcase39girl chapter 2 . 7/7/2011
sunshinelexi chapter 6 . 4/20/2011
By the way, I forgot to mention this before, but you should probably rate this story T for teen because of the content. I know you don't get really specific about the rape, but it gets specific enough that I wouldn't want anyone under 13 to stumble across it.
sunshinelexi chapter 2 . 4/20/2011
An unusually realistic and mature take on rape, compared to most of the appalling crap you find in rape fanfiction. My heart breaks for Bella. I like how you didn't just make Mike a monster; that would have been the easy way out. What he did was despicable, but I pity him nonetheless.
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