Reviews for Many Thanks
Guest chapter 5 . 6/13
T'was a very unique and warming story. Really loved how it was given in James' perspective. Thanks!
carick of hunter moon chapter 5 . 5/8
all in all a very nice story thank you
kamiyahart chapter 2 . 5/6
Tarafina chapter 5 . 4/29
Oh wow, I loved this. Hermione’s face off with Voldemort. James growing up. Peter and Snape both living good lives away from war/spying/betrayal. All the children named Hermione. Phantom!Hermione. Harry’s blatant devotion from the second he met her. And so creative having it told from James’ POV, especially since he was such a prat in the beginning and had to reevaluate and grow.

Beautiful story! Thanks for sharing!
Chalayne chapter 5 . 4/16
Mlle.Bibliothecaire chapter 5 . 4/12
This was so wonderfully unique! Your premise was interesting, your narration fantastic, and your characterization beautifully done. Excellent job!
Guest chapter 5 . 4/5
this... oh my god, this was the best time travel fanfic i have ever read. the way you amazingly weaved hermione into the future, the james redeeming arc, i was in tears at the end of each chapter. you are seriously so talented, i love this story so much. have a great day.
Lovroffanfic chapter 5 . 3/29
Such a good story! I come back to it when I’m feeling down! Thank you!
Sriusblak chapter 5 . 3/11
OH MY HEART, I cried so much while reading this, I love it so much
BookwormsParadise chapter 5 . 2/23
A truely beautiful story!
BookwormsParadise chapter 4 . 2/23
This was different from what I usually find on fanfiction. I really liked this story! It was nice and refreshing.
ruth chapter 5 . 2/10
great story, loved it :))
WladczyniMroku chapter 5 . 2/5
This book is great I don't like harrmione, but in this book it is so natural. I have a question: can I translate it to my language?
Ahyah chapter 5 . 2/4
This was an awesome little read. Thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.
Soraslove chapter 5 . 1/20
There's something heart rending about about hermione dying for harry and then watching him and her other self grow up. Good to know she found peace in the end.
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