Reviews for Tangapolis: The Place Nobody Returned From
kinglugia chapter 8 . 3/19/2011
Did you got the inspiration for this story from Crayon Shin Chan The Movie? The plots are the same, well at the first few chapters, at least, for I didn't finish the movie at all. But thanks for telling me the ending for it.
PhantomSmashDragon chapter 8 . 8/13/2010
Nice. The big secret was the ending of the movie. Never would've guessed. That was a good story, none-the-less.
PhantomSmashDragon chapter 7 . 8/13/2010
I didn't know that Tatanga was from Super Mario Land... that is until I did a bit of research when the name came up... heh, oops.
PhantomSmashDragon chapter 6 . 8/13/2010
That was a good train battle... the thing that surprised me was that Barney was able to take care of some of the aliens with... his own personal musings of sorts.
PhantomSmashDragon chapter 5 . 8/13/2010
My theory was partly wrong... the movie needed a plot advancement. Oops.
PhantomSmashDragon chapter 4 . 8/13/2010
I didn't like that mayor one bit to begin with. There must be something more going on...
PhantomSmashDragon chapter 3 . 8/13/2010
The thing with Popo having a wife made my jaw drop to floor in utter disbelief... Something very fishy is going on here... I have a guess as to what's happening, but I'll keep it to myself.
PhantomSmashDragon chapter 2 . 8/5/2010
Losing your memories in that town and liking the it more and more the longer you stay... and the fact that a single minute in the real world equates to 1 day in that town (being that it exists on a different plane of reality or something)... and you've got a real recipe for disaster to those who enter it! *shudders* I would not want that to happen to me. In any case, its pretty interesting.
Lulz chapter 1 . 7/25/2010
pgasniper chapter 8 . 12/12/2008
Boy that was a short story. So here is the review for the whole story…

Some of the humor is definitely juvenile and resulted in me cringing in pain.

I’m pretty sure that Pikmin is both singular and plural.

I think that you showing the Smashers changing over the course of the story and them slowly losing their memories was a good idea. Even losing the memory of who they were in the pivotal moment. I think it developed quite nicely, and even showed how their personality changed.

Eetee’s speech got annoying very quickly… VERY QUICKLY as in incredibly fast as it quickly grew incredibly tedious and annoying to read such redundant and over elongated sentences.

The final battle was great.

As for your next story. Its up to you to do what you want.
JakeCrusher chapter 7 . 12/10/2008
Yes it was very exciting.
Specter24 chapter 8 . 12/9/2008
Nice finish to the story! I say you should work on the SSE story first.

Enjoy your break! Ciao for now!
Specter24 chapter 7 . 12/9/2008
I did enjoy this chapter, but what Pichu said startled me. Afros are not overrated; they are perfect! Just like a certain skeleton we all know...

Keep up the good work!
Nintendogeek01 chapter 8 . 12/9/2008
Awesomely done. Doesn't matter how long a story is, good is good.

So as a final review...

There were a number of unique characters that made this enjoyable, and though short lived, there was certainly quite a bit of intensity in the plot, and then it was followed by an action-packed battle.

I give this one... 10/10

Bravo! Bravo!
Nintendogeek01 chapter 7 . 12/9/2008
Sweet! Now THAT was an action-packed chapter. I loved it! Very well done.
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