Reviews for Konoha: Naruto's Playground
J.E.P 1996 chapter 9 . 6/23
Air pads what is that again?
Squarekiddo chapter 30 . 6/15
Thats it im done, story simply not for me, I find it very very lame, all tho kudos on making Naruto appear strong while also being seriously weak, thats a feat if ever I saw one.
Squarekiddo chapter 27 . 6/15
Enough of this bullshit really, hes been sulky of the same things so damn many times now its getting boring, and we cant blame it on being a alittle shitstain anymore, hes traning experience 12 year old should be more mature.
Squarekiddo chapter 5 . 6/14
Wow, for such a high rated story this chapter sure was nonsensical.
Not sure if I should congratulate you on it or make an honest review for you.
I guess Ill let you decide.
Bakkughan chapter 9 . 6/3
The name of the Nidaime is Senju Tobirama.
zisqal chapter 5 . 5/24
i only start riding it today and i know that i cant stop not after i feel like crying at the last scene in chapter 5 ( i did cry at the scene ) keep the good work
Guest chapter 25 . 5/3
your story rocks chapter 52 . 4/28
hey dude loved your fici look forward to your sequel
Guest chapter 53 . 4/28
jupimako chapter 52 . 4/26
This was such a good story! I loved all of Naruto's pranks.
Guest chapter 46 . 3/19
Sari robin never became Hokage by being good, oh no, he did it by sticking spoons up the posteriors of his rivals!
master1527 chapter 3 . 3/9
good work
Tobee chapter 42 . 3/1
Guest chapter 2 . 2/17
lol only in second chappy. seems fub
CMVreud chapter 10 . 2/2
Mou there truly is no rest for the wicked.
I wonder how Naruto will answer to this challenge.
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