Reviews for As Long As It Takes
Angel Of Versailles chapter 1 . 10/12/2011
Oh my God!

I love it so much

It was so beautifully written...

Awesome job!
WhiteTigerLilly chapter 1 . 1/1/2009
OMG I read this I dunno how long ago! I can'tt believe I didn't review it!

Lazy t.t

André makes me melt in muh boots!
The daughter of de Jarjayes chapter 1 . 12/5/2008
Hi my dear manna!

I am a big fan of your writings! I realy love your work it soundes that as if you were one of those grate writers! and yes for me you are just on of them! I have read a lot of FanFiction and I haven't enjoy any of them as if I was reading yours! I don't have any feedback about the fic because it is too good !

Pleas keep going and don't stop writing!

(sorry for my bad english! I am still learning this languige and still finding a big Difficulty in using it!)
Xirysa chapter 1 . 12/5/2008
YOU'RE BACK! YOU'RE BACK YOU'RE BACK YOU'RE BACK! [Let us just ignore the fact that I talk to online quite a bit, hm?]

So... Are you ready for my review? Even though it's quite tiny compared to Loulou's or Kasia's? XD

I really like how Andre's speaking to the reader. That's probably my favorite thing about this. And the fact that you write Andre very, very well, too. NICE.

On a more serious note... Yeah, I think that Andre decided he'd wait for Oscar. Initially, probably mostly subconsciously, but eventually he was aware of it and decided that yes, he would wait for her, no matter how long it took for her to realize that.

[I know that she’s the right one, the only one, and I’ll never settle for anything less.] But of course!

It sounds exactly like Andre... I just realized, I don't really remember seeing you write him in first person before... Very nicely done.

Keep writing~


loulou.k chapter 1 . 12/4/2008
Hello my dear Manna! Welcome back!How are you?

I must admit, I was getting worried about you, November had end, and still no word from you, but seeing a couple of 'fic for Fire Empire gave me some hope that you'll came back to us soon… have no idea how much I felt exciting when I saw your 'fic update in my email box….I just read few lines and I feel I was going to cry, seriously, so I decided to stop reading, and delay it till the night, crying at night is much better, hahahah.

Ah, it he first time I know that song you were talking about “Right Here Waiting”, and I all ready love it, and it reminded me of Andre every time I hear it.

I like the way you started with Andre's question. Then his thoughts about Oscar….why he loves her, the way he loves her, and way he'll keep loving her, only her !

(I know that she’s the right one, the only one, and I’ll never settle for anything less) that's it, with the most clearer words, he made his decision…to cute, stubborn Andre _

Ahh, I spend half of the time while reading this story sighing, and the other half I was like this o_O;…Andre! Said that, he thought of that!

(I’ve known that she was made for me…) oh, like Adam and Eve…Andre believes in destiny, so touching.

(I don’t even want to stop. She’s so much a part of me now that I’m not even sure I exist without her…) *sigh* that reminds me in a song by Marc Anthony "She mends me" … Can't believe she can't see"

That she's taking the best part of me"

Ha, good advice Kaisa had, I shall take it too, though where we could find a man like to get argument, discussions with a woman, knowing he'll lose, don't care about that, and still loves her, and will still loves having those arguments with her?

(I can’t even look at another woman….First of all, Oscar gets jealous—though she’ll never admit it) WHAT? How you…Andre! You're too proud of yourself baby

(Other women can’t lift swords. They won’t talk back to me. They’re quiet and far too demure. They only ride sidesaddle so we can’t race horses. Their dresses are bulky and aggravatingly annoying. They’re either too thin or too big. Their breasts are too big, too obvious) I don't know what to say about that, I must say something! was a cute comparing…but…but…he'll thought of THAT too? I'm choking here_; and blushing _ it's true, he is a man after all…I'm sure that Andre will have a silly smile on his face after saying that line!...and hey! If she had a big breasts Andre will loves he anyway…so don't make it among the reasons, it's NOT fair!

The scene in the stables was very good, and cute…especially it came after that interdiction from Andre…Oscar was looking stubborn, mean, but we all ready know how Andre feels for her, and he couldn't but be worried about her, took care of her, even if get on her nerve.

(I grab my mantle and her hand. “Let’s make a run for it,” I say lightly, draping most of the heavy material over the top of her head. With a slight nod, we take off, letting the doors swing closed behind us) hey, it's so sweet! It looks like a scene from the "Memories" do you remember it?

(“You’re delirious,” I insist, swinging around behind her before pushing her toward the stairs. “You can hardly walk straight, I’ll bet you’ve thrown up four times today already, and you’re so tired you could fall asleep standing up.”I don’t even know if what I’m saying is true, but I know she’ll deny everything, true or half wrestles away from me, and reluctantly, I take my hands off of her. “Stop acting like an idiot, André! I’m not an invalid, I can walk by myself!”) Oh, this is one of my favorite scene, and argument, hahaha, and he took his hands off her reluctantly! Oh, MY! Poor Andre, but I assure that she-herself- will hold your hand with hers- when you won't be prepared, and you'll surprised with that _~

(“You’re practically a cripple. Do you want me to carry you to your room?”I would do that even if she wasn’t sick, but I’d never say it to her in a way that would make her think I was serious. I smile widely at her, and she thinks I’m making fun of her, that I’m calling her weak. I’m not)another favorite scene…..he's so brave to say what he's thinking of pretending he's just making fun…..I'm sure that his widely smile was just a result of his imagination for how he/she will look like" holding her in my arms up to her room….and….she'll slap me for doing that after releasing her!"_;

(“…Except that time I caught you sneaking into the kitchens late at night to find chocolate. You have to admit, you are weak when it comes to that.”) _; it's my weakness point too….when you need for chocolate, you NEED for chocolate, I just melt if I saw a chocolate!

(Wait for it, wait for it… It’s hard to convince myself to be so patient, but it’s my nature, and sure enough, it pays off….She cracks the smallest of smiles.) too cuteness here, heart breaking, and love with one line, one gesture…..oh, he's too patient when it came to having a small, tinny smile from her, because he'll be the one who made it….

(and I playfully tickle one of her toes—which gets me a kick aimed at my face—before covering them up) another*sigh* with a *silly smile* from me this time_too cute!

(I’ll wait as long as it takes, whether it’s a day or a year or a lifetime. I’ll wait forever because I know that she’s the one God made for me) the best of my favorites….*sighs* what kind of man who will wait, and wait for a woman? Knowing that she'll came to him one day, she'll be to him, and he'll be to her….more*sighs*

Very good work my dear, you know what too? I thought it's beginning of your new novel, I was wrong!...I most be more patient just like Andre _

Good to have you back, kisses,

Kasia.T chapter 1 . 12/4/2008
Hello Manna!

How good that you’re back with us again! I’ve missed reading your stories. And what a cute idea to upload this short and sweet fic as the first one after the whole month of break. Oh, having read the opening I knew it was the song by Richard Marx – it’s one of my favourites. So, I immediately played it and listened to it while reading. The pleasure was double...

Now, here are the fragments I liked most:

[But they don’t know what I know, they can’t see what I see, hear what I hear, sense what I sense.] Hey, are we coming back to the five senses? But where’s my favourite one – the taste? Oh, obviously, it’ll have its role to play as soon as Oscar reciprocates Andre’s feeling... "I can almost taste it..." :-)

[She had immediately stolen a piece of my heart.] If only Andre could know how many hearts he has stolen – not only in his times but also in the 21st century!

[I think she and I are one, in a way. We complement each other perfectly. We can talk for hours, for days, months, years…and we never run out of things to say, but we can also sit in complete silence and be wholly comfortable. We confide in one another, support, care about, trust in, and love each other.] That’s a definition of a perfect realtionship! Especially, the fragment about things to say. I remember someone giving me some advice to look for a man with whom I would never run out of topics to discuss because after years of being together and when the infatuation, beauty and youth are gone, it is mostly talking that still binds people...

[Their breasts are too big, too obvious.] Hahahahahaha! Andre is not fond of too big breasts. That’s good news... especially to those who have small ones...including me in this group...

[Do you want me to carry you to your room?] Oscar refuses but I wouldn’t miss that chance...

[“André, don’t you have somewhere else to be?” she asks tiredly.] No Oscar, he doesn’t! He is on the very spot he’s supposed to be, for the Shadow’s place is just by his Light...

[I playfully tickle one of her toes—which gets me a kick aimed at my face—before covering them up.] Hahahahahaha, I am exactly the same – I hate anyone touching my toes or feet. And it’s absolutely impossible for me to overcome the aversion. I think I wouldn’t get over it even for Andre.

[She’s the one God put me on this earth to find. Oscar is the only woman that needs me as much as I need her. I’ve loved her forever. I would cease to exist in a world without her in it.] OMG, what beautiful words! My stomach twisted while reading them. So much has already been written about Andre’s feelings for Oscar, yet you still know how to surprise us, Manna. You’re a genious! I’m so glad that you’re back and there’ll be more lines like that...

Kisses and hugs,

Bradamante68 chapter 1 . 12/4/2008
Hello! I liked this one shot fic very much! I loved the way you showed André's feelings. I think that it is true that André decided, consciously or not, and very young, that she was the only one for him. Even if the whole world laughs at his love, he keeps loving and waiting and hoping... sweet André.