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Fraulein Takoor chapter 16 . 12/6/2013
Beautiful story! :-) I've had so much fun!
Fraulein Takoor chapter 13 . 12/6/2013
This is just hilarious! XD
Guest chapter 3 . 10/10/2013
Oh my! You are such an incredible writer! I just found your story and it already make me rolling in laugh...
Gryffindors.dark.angel chapter 16 . 7/21/2013
this was a very sweet and very believable story, i have a special place in my heart for SS/HG and im so glad i chose your story to get back into the ship :)

SnapesTwin chapter 16 . 12/12/2012
I don't think there was one thing about this I didn't like. It was witty, funny, well-written, and had a beautiful and moving ending. Any OOCness was explained away perfectly and believably. I'm definitely going to read more of your stories now.
hermionefan28 chapter 16 . 9/11/2012
hermionefan28 chapter 14 . 9/11/2012
what thats the goodbye she gets! egggggggggggg
hermionefan28 chapter 14 . 9/11/2012
She nodded. "I'm glad. I'll miss you." She blushed, realizing she'd said a little too much. "I mean, who else will I discuss Potions monthly with? Or make acerbic comments about dunderheads with..."

He smiled in the dim light, and pressed his finger against her lips to silence her. "I'll miss you too. Goodbye Hermione." He disappeared with a pop, leaving her stunned in the gathering gloom.

"Goodbye... Severus."

Hermionefan28 chapter 13 . 9/11/2012
was this a prank from severus or was it him trying to help her find a future job to me it seems like a prank but i could be wrong?! Just then the post arrived, breaking off their conversation. Ginny received a thick letter from her mum, and Hermione received her daily prophet. She was opening it when another owl dropped a letter by her plate. Then another. And another. The whole Hall watched transfixed as what seemed like hundreds of owls flocked into the room and dumped their cargo over Hermione.

"What are they?" Shouted Ginny as she got caught in the rain of paper as well. They were piling up all around the two girls while everyone else scuttled out of the way.

Hermione grabbed one and opened it, trying to shield her face form the flurry as she did so. "It's, a leaflet." She tried to focus. "A leaflet about working in a wizarding nursery."

"This one's about being an international wizarding diplomat." Said Ginny.

"Quidditch referee." Shouted Seamus from one side.

"Healer." Cried lavender from the other.

All of the Gryffindors were digging in now, as the delivery was over. "Groundskeeper!" "Mermish translator!" "Accountant!" "Muggle science observer." "Witch weekly journalist." "Magical creature zooarchaeologist." "Rare potion ingredient sourcer." "Babysitter."

"There must be a leaflet for every conceivable job here Hermione."

But Hermione couldn't hear her, she was buried beneath the pile of paper, with only a few wisps of her hair sticking out of the top. Ginny twisted in her seat to look up at the teachers table, and sure enough she spotted Snape looking over with a smir... no. It wasn't a smirk she realised with surprise. It was a smile. And it wasn't even a self-satisfied smug one. She looked back at Hermione who was digging her way out. She watched as Hermione also looked up at the teachers table, and grinned in Snape's direction before giving him a sloppy, mischievous salute.

"Give me a hand with these Gin?"

Ginny shook herself out of her reverie. "Sure thing Hermione."
Also what did she do with them all?

Hermione was stretched out in front of the Gryffindor fire. It wasn't one of the nights she studied with Snape, and she hadn't managed to get a library pass so she was trying to study in the common room. Lavander and Parvati were burning incense and trying to see the future in their room so she couldn't be there either.
The fire crackled a little but she ignored it. Fires crackled.
HermioneFan28 chapter 11 . 9/11/2012
did Ron do this for hermione to trip her up or was it for snape?

She didn't notice Ron's foot sticking out from behind a pillar. Why would she? The rest of him, and Harry, was covered by the invisibility cloak...

HermioneFan28 chapter 10 . 9/6/2012
since when are they on first name bases and allowed to get away with it? "Good day then Hermione, congratulations." And he strode off, leaving Hermione wondering when they'd slipped into first name terms.


and Then he would have won completely. But the longer she was up there the worse it was getting...
"Severus?" She called quietly. "Please..."
Severus snapped to attention. That wasn't a tone of voice he'd heard from her before. He jumped to his feet and walked towards the tree.
He saw her slump in relief. "I think I've had enough now."
He was concerned; her voice seemed weaker than it should be. A slightly uncomfortable, sleepless night should not have had that much of an effect. He accioed a twig and used it to touch the knot in the tree. The willow froze, and he hurried forward towards it.
"The willow is frozen now, you can climb down now."
"I... I don't think I can."
Snape frowned, once immobile there should be no difficulty getting down from the tree, there were numerous branches to use. "Let go of the tree then, I'll levitate you down." Hermione let go of the branch she was clinging to, and Severus gently lowered her down to the ground. He could see immediately that something was wrong. She was almost bent double, and seemed to be having trouble breathing. He hurried over to her. "What happened?"
She smiled at him weakly, still managing to keep her eyes from brimming over. "A branch happened." She touched her side lightly with her hand. "Think I might have broken a rib."
Severus crouched down next to her, pulling her robe aside and her top up a little he looked at the bruising on her side. "Does this hurt?" He asked, pressing gently but firmly where she was purple.
"Yes." Hermione hissed, sucking in a breath.
He stood back up, forcing a smile onto his face so she wouldn't see how concerned he was. " Hermione Jane Granger, why didn't you say something? This bruising is several hours old."
Hermione shrugged, and then winced. Severus winced in sympathy. "Well you've definitely done something to your rib, cracked or broken I don't know yet. Can you walk alright?"
"Of course." And she did start walking towards the castle, but the movement must have been tugging on some of the muscles in her chest. Severus took a quick glance around, it was still early; not many people would be around...
"Lean on me."
Hermione looked round in surprise. "What?"
"The use of the stretcher spell will alert the infirmary, and if Pomfrey and McGonagall learn how badly you've been hurt because of my actions we'll be under more scrutiny than ever. No more pranks. So either you can lean on me and hobble in or I can carry you."
Hermione nodded. "Fine."
Despite wanting to seem strong in front of him, she was glad of his strong arm to lean on. Which she did quite heavily. Who'd of though walking would use so many chest muscles? They made their way slowly back to the castle stopping frequently for Hermione to catch her breath. Once inside, Severus left her alone for a little while as he rushed to his quarters to get the potions that would heal her rib without Pomfrey getting involved. Hermione sank onto a bench just past the main doors to rest while she waited. There was no need to hide, who would be up at this time on a Saturday?
"Neville?" She couldn't believe it, it couldn't be seven yet!
"What are you doing up at this early?" He asked, walking over. He was dressed in overalls, clearly off to do some extra hours in the herbology greenhouses.
"More of a late night that an early morning I'm afraid." She grimaced. "I guess I got a little carried away in the library."
"Well you look like you've had quite a night of it, you look exhausted." Said Neville. "In fact..." He paused and bent over, plucking a twig and a few leaves out of her hair "... any night you have to lie to your friends about must have been pretty intense."
Hermione cringed. Foliage in her hair and some pretty rumpled looking clothes... no wonder Neville was jumping to conclusions.
"So..." Neville sat down next to her on the bench. "Who is he? It's not Ron or Harry, they were still in bed when I got up."
"It's really really not like that Neville."
"Oh come on Hermione, you can tell me." He nudged her on the ribs, and she gasped in pain, clutching at her side. "What's wrong?" He backed up and gave her another look. "What's going on here Hermione?"
It was at that moment that Severus returned. Severus hadn't seen him, as he was walking whilst reading the dosage instructions. He knew exactly what dose he needed, but a young female patient would need a lesser strength. "This should do the trick Hermione, Pomfrey would know for sure but as we can't go to her..." He trailed off as he realised they weren't alone. "Longbottom?"
"Yes sir."
Neville was doing a fine impression of a rabbit in the headlights of a car, but he was eighteen now and not as scared as he had once been. Despite his surprise, Hermione could see his mind ticking over in his big, open, honest face. He took in Severus' dishevelled clothes, and his equally tired eyes. Hermione managed to smile despite her panic. "It's ok Neville, I cracked a rib and Se, Professor Snape, didn't want to worry Pomfrey over it."
Neville shot her a look, but he wasn't going to argue with Snape so close. He stood up awkwardly. "I'll see you at breakfast then Hermione."
She nodded and smiled again, though she knew it had to look a bit forced. "Yep, see you there. And Neville, there's no need to tell anyone else about this ok? Harry and Ron would just fuss; you know what they're like."
Neville didn't answer, but he nodded and then left quickly through the main door off into the grounds.
"Here." Severus sat down next to her and passed the vial. She swallowed the potion grimacing at the taste.
"Vile of course."
"It's expected." He looked towards the doors. "Think he'll say anything?"
"Not for a little while. Then his honour will kick in and he'll feel it's his duty to tell someone. It'll be one of the boys though, maybe Ginny, not a professor."
"Well keep an eye on him."
"Sure." Hermione stood, her rib now healed. "It still aches a little bit."
"I cured the bone, not the bruising. It'll fade soon enough."
"Right. Well goodnight then Snape." She couldn't quite bring herself to say his name again.
"Goodnight Granger."
Ahhh his SO sweet, I LOVE him and I think Hermione does too! Hehehe :-)
HermioneFan28 chapter 9 . 9/6/2012
He couldn't make her a dunderhead of course, but perhaps… yes. That would drive her insane. He smiled to himself. This would get her back.


It began at breakfast. Hermione was watching Snape, wondering how he'd get back.

Mmmm black pudding.

"Since when have you like black pudding Ron?" She asked.


She turned to look at Ron. "Didn't you just…?"

"I hate black pudding Herms. Always have." Hermione looked at Ron's plate, and true enough it was piled high with all sorts of things, but black pudding was not among them. She shook her head.


Muggle studies next. Stupid mudbloods.

Hermione's eyes widened in shock. "Who said that?" She said loudly.

"Said what?" Asked Harry.

Wonder if Draco'll need us tonight.

"About muggle studies. Someone was being very rude about it. Own up this minute."

"No one said anything about muggle studies Hermione." Said Harry slowly. "We have potions next remember?"

Uh oh. Didn't do homework. Wonder if Draco will know what a, what was it…My-cro-fo-knee is.

Hermione rubbed her temples. "Yes I know, but could have sworn someone…" On a hunch, she looked up at the teachers table. Snape was looking right at her, and smirking. When he saw her glance up, he raised an eyebrow. Hermione was at a loss. He'd done something to her, but she couldn't figure out what yet.


Oh he was enjoying this. Hermione was having trouble brewing with two people's thoughts in her head. And having Mr Goyles, the thicker of Draco's two cronies, seemed to be really slowing her down. He walked around the room, just so he could get a bit closer and see his work up close.

As he got closer to her, he could hear her muttering. Usually she was trying to help Neville, but today she seemed to be concentrating on keeping her thoughts straight.

"Not up to your usual standard today Miss Granger."

Hermione jumped. "What?"

Snape smirked down at her. "Having trouble with your hearing?"

Hermione shook her head violently. "I, no I'm just…stupid mudblood!"

Next to her Neville choked.

"Oh my god." Hermione sat down and put her head in her hands.

Snape was suddenly concerned, why was it affecting her so badly? "Miss Granger?"'

"I'm sorry sir. I can't quite think straight I…"

"Have Mr Goyles thoughts in your head. Yes I know."

"I know you put him in there, I get its mean to be funny but… he's so slow."

Snape almost smiled. "That was the idea."

Hermione groaned. "Ok ok, when will it stop?"

"About dinner time."

Hermione sighed. "Thank Merlin. He has a thing for Millicent and I don't think I could take any 'night time' thoughts."

Snape grimaced. "I would hardly subject you to that. In the meantime, I'm taking 5 points from Gryffindor. From you, this potion is a travesty."

Hermione slumped forward and banged her head against the desk. "I really want pie."


Snape was out looking for inspiration. His last prank had worked pretty well, and he wanted to keep the momentum going. It was only February so the library was empty; with no exams imminent he was pretty much guaranteed the place to himself at this time of night. Despite that, he wasn't surprised to hear her voice from the far side, under the windows. She was probably working on her homework particularly hard to make up for the trouble he'd caused her today.

"Ugh Hermione why potions? Of all the subjects." Said Ginny in disgust. "It's messy and difficult and you're just as good at charms say, or ancient runes."

Snape was surprised. Her potion today had been fine, despite what he'd said. She must know that. He moved a little closer, still hidden, to find out more.

"Is it because of him?" Ginny asked.

"No Gin," Sighed Hermione. "It's nothing to do with Snape thank you very much. It just makes sense."

"Not to me."

"Ok, listen." He watched as Hermione straightened up from whatever text she'd been reading, and concentrate on Ginny's questions. "It's true I'm a smart witch. I'm not daft; I know I excel in all the subjects I'm presented with. I could study any and all of them extra hard to help the order. But there are other people who can cover the other areas. Neville is passionate about Herbology, you have a real knack for Charms and Harry and Ron are really enjoying DADA. What's the point of having two experts in those subjects? I'm the only one with any real ability in potions, and I love it. I brewed Polyjuice in my second year Gin! I could be such a help to the order."

"Right." Said Ginny. "Except we already have Snape for potions expertise."

"Yes, for now. But what about next year? Or the year after? When Harry leaves school the war is going to step up a level. Potion brewing is a long, time consuming business and Snape's going to be busy with his spy work. There has to be someone decently competent to fill his shoes. I won't have had a potions apprenticeship, and I don't have the years of experience he has. Which is why you are stuck in here keeping my company tonight. I need to study."

Snape was impressed. He'd wondered about his schedule in the years had come, and had until now resigned himself to being constantly exhausted. Maybe he should allow Hermione use of his private stores, and free reign of his lab. If she was serious he could ask Albus to…

He stopped himself. What was he thinking? He pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. Why would he allow her even more access to his life? Inexplicably annoyed, he stalked off. He'd think of a new prank later.

but he didnt make her a dunderhead? Did her? So what did he do? And how did he do it to Make her hear other people thoughts? Maybe should could use that against him so how?!
HermioneFan28 chapter 8 . 9/6/2012
if someone else where to use the shower wouldnt they too get that Stinksap all over them too?


Of all things, stinksap.

And on a Saturday.

Hermione sat on the edge of the bath despondently. Snape, having resources she didn't, had scented her showers water source with stinksap. She reeked. And it wouldn't wash off. She'd smell like this all day.

"Hermione, how much longer are you going to be?" Called Ginny rapping on the door. "Aren't you coming to breakfast?"

Hermione shrugged on her robes. "Oh I'm coming." She said defiantly. "And I'm going to be sticking to Snape like a shadow all day."


She opened the door, and Ginny covered her nose as the smell wafted out.

"Because as he did this to me, he's going to have to smell it all day. That's fair."

Ginny backed away shaking her head. "Snape. You two are as insane as each other."

Hermione smiled as she followed Ginny down to breakfast. Maybe they were.
HermioneFan28 chapter 6 . 9/6/2012
since when did he think of her as hermione

He shoved the door to his classroom open, and was covered with a thick, nauseatingly sweet smelling pink liquid. It took him a moment to react, he was so shocked. Who would dare?...

Hermione. Of course.
HermioneFan28 chapter 3 . 9/6/2012
what happend to her rhyme here when the Finite incantartum OBVIOUSLY didn’t work on her? Snape glared at her. "Finite incantartum" He said, pointing his wand at Hermione who smirked at him. "Now that childish charm is inactive, come to the front and explain your behaviour." Hermione sauntered up to his table, drawing a few grins and gasps at her relaxed attitude. It only served to anger Snape more. "Well?" he snarled when she reached his desk. Hermione put her hands behind her back and began to recite.
"My talents are many, so I help who I can,
What can I say if you don't like my plan?
I simply feel if you acted more friendly,
Then less of your cauldrons would turn out all bendy."
The class laughed as they remembered an incident where Neville had somehow elongated his cauldron and then bent it in several places, leaving it flexing around like rubber. Who'd have expected her to manage rhymes even without a spell?
"40 points from Gryffindor." He spat, expecting her to back down. Instead she turned to face him and continued to rhyme.
"Those points you have taken I'll earn back in an hour,
You think I'm upset by your abuse of power?
You continue to sit there in your chair and glower,
I'll finish my potion now, as your face has gone sour."
She went to walk back to her seat, but he stood and grabbed her arm. No one in the class was laughing now. Hermione had pushed him further than anyone else they'd heard of. What would he do to her?
"You will not make that potion Granger." He said clearly, for the benefit of the whole class. "You will sit and write down how to make it, discussing what happens if you make it incorrectly, what the antidotes are if you ingest the potion in both its correct and incorrect forms." Hermione just smiled. He smiled back. "And you will write it all in rhyme."
Hermione frowned. "Ok fine very well, I'll finish it before the bell."
He raised an eyebrow. "A challenge is it? If you manage that I will refrain from taking any more points off you for your arrogance, though at the moment I warn you I am poised to take another 40."
He released her arm and she went back to her desk, pulling out some parchment and began scribbling away. Snape saw that the rest of the class was still watching them. "Get on it with it." He growled. Everyone did.
At the end of the lesson Snape dismissed everyone else and beckoned Hermione to him. She had been writing away right up to the bell, and he smirked at the thought of her losing 80 housepoints in one lesson. She handed her efforts over to him, and he motioned for her to stay put while he read it. With a sigh she sat on a desk opposite his. As he read his self-satisfied smirk gradually fell, and was replaced with an angry frown. He finished reading and threw it on his desk in disgust.
"You actually managed to write it all in rhyme." He said bluntly.
Hermione nodded happily. "Yup."
He thought for a moment. "I'm still taking off 20 points."
"What! Why? I wrote that whole essay in rhyming couplets, I deserve to be given points if anything."
"Some of the rhymes were half-hearted at best. It's poor as a poem."
He was more than annoyed when her angry face cleared and remained impassive. "Very well Sir, may I go now."
"A word of warning Miss Granger, I do not appreciate being criticised by a mere student on my teaching methods. They have worked on many I have taught, including yourself."
"Not really, I'm just a know-it-all. I'd have done well anyway."
Snape glowered at her. "You will answer me with a yes sir. Get out."
She turned her back on him and wandered slowly out of the classroom, leaving him fuming. Ron and Harry were waiting outside his room when she emerged, both looking concerned. "Hermione, what was with you in there? You could have lost us some serious points."
"Oh please, 60 points is nothing. Quit being spoil sports."
She took their arms in hers and dragged them up the corridor. "Well I guess it was bloody brilliant." Said Ron laughing as he remembered Snape's face.
Hermione grinned. "Oh you ain't seen nothing yet."

How did she stop taking in rhyme without her or anyone casting the counter-charm? Also did she keep that spell book (NOT in the Room of Requirement) but in her bedroom or somewhere secret incase she ever needs it again to use against snape?
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