Reviews for A Million and One Reasons Why
Perennial Rhinitis chapter 1 . 6/6/2011
I'm on a roll here, reading RoV fics after fics after fics. It makes me want to watch the series all over again.
oscar with out andre chapter 1 . 5/10/2009
It's nice to know that you made for someone or for particular purpose in my believed there is nothing occurs by chance there must be a reason for everything happen in this world for all suffering and maybe for all joys nothing is without reason and without importance but not all the time we knew or discovered the gist or the wisdom of all events….

I like your brilliant, cute idea and believed that I made for another one another part of my soul …maybe I didn't know it now maybe he was searching for me at this time …..maybe all human have a twin part …..but not all them could find the half part of them self …so they choose many wrong options many mistakes and they didn't get rest until they find the other part made for them

without find the other part of them maybe they couldn't see it maybe they be blinded about the truth maybe they didn't deserve it cause many things

So not all bodies could find their parts ….but sometimes it is their destiny so it's not the end of world... because when we didn't find the twin of our soul in this land I know we could find it in another land …in the heaven land
Saalinge chapter 1 . 12/9/2008
You know what I love? Coming home to find a new RoV fic! :D

"She’s forgiven him a hundred times in her mind. She forgave him only moments after it happened. She knows he’s sorry, that he regrets everything immensely." That was simple, powerful, and got the message across elegantly. I don't know why I like that line so much, but I do.

"Lift her up off of the bed so that he could press more kisses against her unyielding lips, against the soft skin of her neck?" This was awesomely written. It made a very strong point. Just amazing.

Also, I love the general spirituality that this fic has. It had this feeling, but without it overpowering the story or being too "in your face". As usual, I enjoyed every moment I spent reading this!
loulou.k chapter 1 . 12/7/2008
Hello my dear Manna! How are you?

I really don't know from where should I start! My mind is confusing, it was a very complicating, touching, hurting 'fic….seeing/reading about how Andre was feeling after the incidence was always painful for me, but this one wasn't like that, it was different (on month and six days) and it still hurts, still feel as if it was just few minutes earlier….still feel angry, crazy, disgusting, and desperate, all those feelings were involving Andre each time he stay alone with himself-his sinful self as he thought of it-

Oscar did find a way to get over her depression and her broken heart by living her life as a "man", as a commander for a rude company "b"…at least it was a way to dispersed her thoughts about her life, their lives, and their madness they were in which named "love"…she thought she was keeping herself away from all that.

But for Andre he was right in the middle of all that, he still with her, around her, under her command, seeing her everyday, even during his day off-living under that same roof to make the things worse-…he can't leave, he can't stay, he can't forgive himself, he want to still love her, he want to keep her as a friend if that's the only way he/she could look to each other in their eyes without needing/feeling to distract their sights away….

Who was hurting himself more? She was hurting herself physically, and he was hurting his soul, and each one of them was feeling more hurt by seeing the other suffering, knowing that he/she was the reason of that and….and I'm lost again with my thoughts!

All right, here I am again! First, oh my! You/Andre cursed a lot ! was funny actually to read about him cursed heavily, we used to see Oscar doing that, especially in the manga, but not him as far as I remember…..I won't palm him for that, in fact courses doesn't change anything, but saying them- mentally in my case- make some relief, and make the anger inside reduce.

(She’s hurt and that’s why she hides. But he’s hurt, too, and he’s so tired of hiding that he can’t do it anymore. That’s why he can’t understand why she’s still bothering with it. Maybe hiding was what got him hurt in the first place) ah, hurt and hide, yes that's what made the things go that badly for both of them.

(… and when he pushed her down, he had, in the same instant, pushed her so very far away)oh, my God! I've never looked at it this way before! He wasn't pulling her to him, he was pushing her!...and not just physically, but with his madness behavior he couldn't make her close to him, to his heart, he made her went away from him, away from his touch as he promised her.

(He hadn’t meant to tear her clothes. He hadn’t even meant to remove them. He’d pulled, and the fabric was not strong enough to withstand his hand as he tried to…to what? Lift her up off of the bed so that he could press more kisses against her unyielding lips, against the soft skin of her neck?)WoW! Those lines are very powerful; they are as if a conversation between two people, one trying to make excuses and the other is judging him.

(As if he doesn’t feel like he’s there already. No, he thinks. Nothing is worse than this hell that he’s living in now, this life that consists of her lifeless dull eyes and the desire, even after what he’s done, to hold her) she might be the one who put herself in the hell, but he was living in that hell for years that it became a part of him.

(And he had loved and hurt and felt enough things in twenty years to make him snap like a twig beneath her boots) Too tough scene !

(He’s still crying to God for forgiveness, and when she bends down to sling his arm over her shoulder, she sees the tears making their way down his face) o.k. I'm not putting makeup, I cried on this scene…..still crying!

(She doesn’t know what to say. She’s forgiven him a hundred times in her mind. She forgave him only moments after it happened. She knows he’s sorry, that he regrets everything immensely) maybe he knows that, and that's way he felt more guilty, if she didn't forgive him, if she punished him it would be less harm for him.

(“Go to sleep, André,” she tells him, patiently pulling his blankets over him as he watches her with unfocused eyes) after recovering from my tears because of that whole scene-which was too perfect- I said: oh, this is time she's the sober and Andre is the drunker one….hum, is she going to kiss him as he did always at the same situation? But she didn't…..and above all that she left yawning! I felt a little disappointment…..but this (He’s asleep in an instant, and she wipes his tears away with her handkerchief ) make it up, though if you said "with her hand or fingers" would be much touching.

(It’s love, she realizes. Love makes a person do stupid things. It can make you embarrassed and worried and scared and bold, terribly, desperately bold) this is my favorite line.

(He has a million and one reasons why he loves her, why he lets her hurt him over and over again, why he keeps coming back for more even though he knows the consequences, the heartbreak. Nobody else needs to know what these reasons are...He knows, and that’s good enough ) if I said a word about this I'll ruin it…..a million and "one" reasons though he keep them for himself!

You are focusing on Andre at your last 'fics, I'm wondering what your next would be like…..

Oh, and you know what I like most in you? Yes in you? Even thought you only knew the RoV for few months but you understand it well, you could see behind the scenes and write the unsaying words…and you make us – the old fans- see that with you….so thank you my dear.

Take care,Kisses,

Xirysa chapter 1 . 12/7/2008


This is a pleasant way to be welcomed home after marching in the cold in Canada... (Which really wasn't that bad, but I'll tell you about it later.)

I really like how you switched from Andre to Oscar, and then back to Andre so smoothly, it was almost poetic. Yes, it was. Don't deny it.

And this is a wonderful writing style, too. I really like it. Now you've gone and inspired me yet again. CURSE YOU.

You know I don't mean that, right?

XD Well, I'm excited to read those other 'fics you've got in the works, so hurry up and post 'em!


Kasia.T chapter 1 . 12/7/2008
Hello Manna,

Finding your new fic in my inbox this morning I had a dillema – read it and review it or get up and bake a cake for my future mother-in-law who had invited me for Sunday lunch... But you know what? Despite the fact that your (and not only yours) fics for RoV steal my time, they also improve my ability to organize my life. So, I got a grip and... now the cake is in the oven and I’m writing my review...

Oh, the first impression after reading it is that we have something opposite to what we seen in the anime and read in fics so far. This time it not Oscar who is drung and not Andre who brings her home and to bed. This time it is the other way round. And it so sweet. So cute to know that she can be as tender and caring to him as he is to her.

The rest of my thoughts is presented together with quotes:

[Oh, but he’s only bitter. He tries to hide his scratched, bruised heart beneath his anger, but the anger isn’t real and everyone knows it. He knows it.] Angry Andre? No way! He’s the angel of patience and composure even though his soul is tormented. Oh, and that bruised heart of his – I would gladly dress it.

[Why had he pushed her down like that, forcing his lips against hers? He hadn’t even been drunk. No, he had been perfectly fucking sober...] Oh, maybe he wasn’t drunk with alcohol but he was definitely drunk with his immense love for her. That feeling had a greater power than alcohol itself.

[He had been such a fucking idiot, and he could have stopped himself. He could have refrained from holding her, from kissing her, from pushing her and pushing her. His love was so forced, so abrupt…] No, Andre! Don’t think like that! You weren’t an idiot... you’ll see it with some time... Oscar needed this kind of shock to start thinking what really mattered in her life. Your goal is close... just be patient a little bit longer...

[It’s been one long month and six days, and the memory is still in his mind.] Oh, I can’t believe it! He’s counting months and days... That’s sweet... And I bet he’s counting hours and minutes as well! Cute Andre!

[He really has no right to love her, now, but from the beginning he knew that once he admitted to loving her to himself, he would forever drown in it.] Andre, if you don’t have the right to love Oscar, who does then?

[Nothing is worse than this hell that he’s living in now, this life that consists of her lifeless dull eyes and the desire, even after what he’s done, to hold her.] Oh, these words are so powerful! Poor Andre... I wish I could hold his hand and tell him: „Don’t give up!”

[What about second chances, God? Why didn’t you give us all second chances?] Cheer up, my dear Andre... Your second chance will come sooner than you actually might expect it. Just don’t give up. Keep going... keep loving... keep believing...

[He’d give anything to be the man that his beloved pined for. He’d give a lot more than his eye for that luxury. It would almost be like sitting on the right hand of God, he thought. It would be such an honor, a blessing, a miracle.] YOU are that man, Andre! Even though Oscar doesn’t realize it yet, you’ve moved her heart and she’ll find out the truth. Fersen is not made for her. She needs YOU!

[He tells God he’s sorry, over and over, because he wants to go to Heaven. He wants to go there because he wants to spend an eternity with his beloved. Oscar’s forgiven him, but has God?] Andre, you deserve Heaven more than anyone else. And you’ll be given it!

Oh, and there comes Oscar seeing and hearing Andre praying for forgiveness... She wants to help him. She feels sorry that it was her who brought him to this suffering. Wake up, Oscar! If its you who brought this suffering it is ONLY YOU who can put an end to it. Save that poor man who’s dying for you!

[“I’m sorry,” he tells her earnestly, his words slurring. He looks down and sees his hands and abruptly lets her go, letting his face drop into his open palms. His tears continue to fall. “So sorry, Oscar, I’m so sorry.”] Oh, no. I’m crying and my make-up is destroyed! But I don’t care... It’s so heartbreaking...

[She knew all along that he loved her, but when had his love turned into a desperate, seeking, needing love? She loves him, needs him, but she can’t understand his desperation, because she’s never felt quite the same way.] Oh, really? I’m surprised here. Did she really know? Does she really love him at the moment? Are you talking about the romantic love or do you only mean the friendship and borther-sister love they had for each other?

[It’s love, she realizes. Love makes a person do stupid things. It can make you embarrassed and worried and scared and bold, terribly, desperately bold.] Good that she at least can realize that it’s love...

[“Oscar,” he says instead, fighting down the urge to run to her and wrap his arms around her before crushing her to him in a fierce, much-needed hug. “We’re still friends…”] Ah, Andre... I can only sigh here... Sigh... I don’t have words to describe my feelings about this line... Sigh again...

[It would tear him apart to look at her, knowing that he had hurt her only one month and seven days before.] He’s still counting! Here, I can’t help but smile _

[He can’t explain it to anyone. He has his reasons. Maybe she’s his reason for living, the reason God put him on this earth.] One more sigh... And a sigh... I’m speechless again...

Oh, Manna you work magic. You are an endless source of thrills for me. Don’t you ever dare to stop writing because if you do, I’ll find you and force you back into it, hehehehehe.

Kisses and hugs,