Reviews for Unlikely
Tessie13 chapter 1 . 1/13/2012
Confession: I started loving this friendship because of you! I like to tell myself that after junior prom, Lisa was the one friend that stuck behind Quogan, and forced Michael to go on a double date with them, and Logan and Lisa ended up becoming closer afterwords, and they were best friends when they came back in senior year, in a total brother sister way

My first ever fanfiction is this friendship, and it pale's in comparison to this master piece. But, i wrote it down and edited it in only an hour, and a good, well written, perfect story takes me about two days, so, i'm semi proud of it, considering how fast i got it out of my system. Polt bunnies run through my mind non stop.

anyways, love this story, truly amazing.

jalen chapter 1 . 3/19/2011
zowey is very hot and I wunt to KISS HER
Li'l Milk Glass Chicky chapter 1 . 1/17/2009
Finally, finally, FINALLY I'm reviewing this story like it very much deserved over a month ago, and I'm SO sorry that I took so long to do so. Erika, you said that this is one of your awkward stories. Well, I have to strongly, heartily disagree. I LOVE this story. I think this is absolutely grand, and it's truly one of my top favorites, and before it came out, this to me had been a much anticipated Lisa/Logan friendship fic. I don't know what it is about the Logan/Lisa friendship that's so terrific, I can't explain it. But it's lovely, how you captured the what "could have/should have been" (That was kind of funny how she looked at Logan when she Michael, Quinn, and Logan's "date" Stacey met up at the prom. It's almost like "mmhm, I know what you've been doing Logan Reese!" LOL! But I guess it wasn't). But anyway you just have this remarkable skill for doing that. Not only does this have such wonderful Logan/Lisa friendship, but it has some absolutely exquisite Quogan moments too! SQUEE! :-D :-D :-D

So Social Studies class is what helped in all of this. Haha Logan's comment about the teacher was too funny, and really, probably too true. How I love me some class clown Logan, LOVE it!

I also like how we are getting real info (she wants to go to Julliard and the University of Houston, can definitely see that) on Lisa and a better sense of her character. Your magic for writing these characters, adding more magic too them is once again in effect. I understand about Lisa wanting to be the model student but wanting to kid around with Logan. It actually reminds me of when I was in middle school and I sat at the same table with this boy who, ever so discreetly so the teacher wouldn't notice, kept goofing off and trying to make me laugh.

Logan really can be brilliantly creative, even more so when he collaborates with the right person such as Lisa, who like Logan loves to dance herself. Ha, I love that idea, "expose documentary on the affects of dance battles". This has got to be one of my favorite parts!

(Chase is in a romantic crisis eh?)

I can just imagine Logan's wrathful look, it's too funny (as was the hicky on his neck, hehee!). I was very amused when Lisa is trying to find out what's wrong with Logan, she asks him are they friends, and his reply, "Sure, you're kinda cool, and you're one of the few people I can put up with", and funny was the actual code for that. Lisa's reaction - "Thanks," Lisa replies, with a smile before her face becomes thoughtful and pensive, "I think." and Logan scornfully putting quotes around 'the real world' are just more examples of how you bring these characters to life with such simple but awesome and real, true description.

Logan's too funny and spoiled, rather contradictive. He hates that hsi father wants him to work, but yet he thinks his dad is reading the wrong kind of parenting book, or rather that Chauncey is reading it to him. But I'm glad that Lisa's applying to that job just so he'll apply himself, which Quinn had wanted him to do. It'll also keep him out of trouble.

Absolutely love these: '(He loves Quinn in that I'm-going-to marry-you-someday way, but he loves Lisa in that girlspeak, BFF way too.)' Aw!

and '(Logan applies only because he hears thei beanbag chairs are cool.)' :-D :-D :-D

Logan and his beanbag chairs. Jean's cool by the way.

Now, this whole scenario is just absolutely my most favorite part of the story. Rich with Quogan-y goodness and sprinkled with Misa sweetness!

These Quogan moments are among my most favorite ever. So sweetly amusing and abundant with magnificently heart melting moments! I just love how Logan was faking being asleep, the "brilliant brown eye and mischievous smirk" that Quinn finds. I ... am... so... FANGIRLING! SQUEE!

Before when Quinn had first come and she had kissed Logan on the nose and played with his hair was so cute, and of course that had made his heart melt too, and he can't resist her when she wears his shirt! Aw, Logan!

Throughout all the Quogan sexiness and sweetness, that little moment of when Logan made that mental note to not only buy Quinn a yellow tulip "just because", but alss for him to buy Lisa a mocha grandiose javaccino too. Ah Logan, he'll never ever cease to make me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy!

Then Logan carrying a "sleeping" Quinn on his back as they leave for the night ... -sighs in complete fangirl bliss-

I'm picturing both Lisa's and Quinn's dresses, and I want them! I love beautiful prom gowns!

I think Michael and Lisa are going to do just fine, as a couple and for college. Such a lovely couple and lovely individuals. Go Misa!

Logan and Lisa being nominated for Surprise BFFs in the yearbook is so cutely clever. Their dance as friends was nice, but what was even nicer was their conversation. It was so great that Logan reassured Michael's love for her when she was worried. Oh my gosh I still laugh out loud about Michael's dream, "muttering incoherencies in his sleep about dumping Halle Berry and Tyra Banks because he loves Lisa now". Seriously, I'm laughing and going 'aw!' at the same time!

And oh... my... gosh. Logan is proposing to Quinn! EEP! Well, they had it coming, hehee! A four year engagement sounds mighty fine to me! I just love the deja vu with the romantic head over heels in-love celebratory kiss like they shared at Junior prom, and to add to the happiness, everyone's cheering instead of being weirded out! YAY! QUOGAN RULES!

And so does the Logan/Lisa friendship, wqhich I think is totally terrifc and you've written it in such a charming and enjoyably amusing way. I really can't say what it is about them that is so great, but whatever it is, I like it very much. If you ever wrote another Logan/Lisa Quogan/Misa fic, I would be one happy camper. But if you don't, I could live off this one forever, I'm completely enamored with it. Tsk tsk Erika, for not loving it! You did such a first-class, lavish job with this, as you always do with you stories. Your stories are always knockouts and the cream of the crop, and I enjoy every single one.

People, another round of applause for the great Miss Erika!

Samaire Rose chapter 1 . 12/8/2008
I'll come back later to give an actual proper review for this positively delightful and to me what's been a highly anticipated Logan/Lisa friendship fic. This definitely deserves a real review(but not too long, just to point out the highlights, which will be hard to do because I ADORED the whole thing), but stuff has come up and blah, blah, and blah. But I just had to say that I positively, absolutely LOVE this story. It's exceeded my expectations big time. One of my top most favorite stories EVER! ;-D

Heart of the Lullaby chapter 1 . 12/7/2008

I never considered the Logan/Lisa friendship. It's rapidly growing on me after reading this...

Overall, an really cute story! An enjoyable read :)

Oh, and sorry for the short review. I would usually give you a longer one, but it's been a busy weekend, and I'm exhausted!

Boris Yeltsin chapter 1 . 12/7/2008
Loved it.

Maybe you could do a Michael/Quinn friendship fic.

Loved Logan's thoughts in here, funny stuff.
HarrylovesGinny09 chapter 1 . 12/7/2008

Logan and Lisa friendship . ithink u should do Quinn and Michael friendship..

xoElle23 chapter 1 . 12/7/2008
I loved it. It's weird and strange and unexpected. But totally perfect. Amazing job.
aceanx chapter 1 . 12/7/2008
Wow, Erika, this was definately not what I expected. But I absolutely loved it! The Lisa/Logan interactions were adorably cute. I'm so happy you slipped some Misa/Quogan/Choey. I can imagine Logan and Lisa as friends, so wonderful job.

Sadly, I can't leave a longer review, since I have a whole bunch of homework I need to do (gr) but great job nonetheless.