Reviews for Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning?
iheartjacobblack-13 chapter 8 . 1/7/2014
Update soon.
katieamarsh chapter 8 . 3/15/2011
k. so i know this was written YONKS ago but I only jut got to read it... But the last sentence made me smile like an utter goofball.. "a little bit longer, and i'll be fine".. arhgh spesh since y'know its his song in the real world ;D!
nileyfan1 chapter 8 . 4/27/2010
love this story 3
JustToLetYouKnow chapter 8 . 4/15/2010
Ahh I love love love this story :)

It is so sad and I cried soo much, but I love it! x x x
PlayingWithMyHeart chapter 8 . 9/22/2009
this story helped me understand the pain people went through during 9/11

update soon :)
ilovejoejonas4eva6279314 chapter 8 . 9/20/2009
awesome story!
Charlotte2809 chapter 8 . 9/16/2009
loved it! can't wait for another chapter...
XOXzanessaXnileyXOX chapter 8 . 9/15/2009
yay...i lovee it
XoXoNiLeY2010 chapter 8 . 9/14/2009
Great story :D

It's really realistic and really well written

Update soon :D
XMusicEmotional chapter 8 . 9/10/2009
omg I can't wait for the next one amazing can't wait
MizzJonas11 chapter 8 . 9/10/2009
Aww soo cute :)

Poor Nick :'(

I nearly cried!

You write soo good!

wow.. :)

i hope nick will be oay soon and niley can marry :D

can't wait for th next!
untapie94 chapter 8 . 9/9/2009
omg im SO happy this is back!

i missed it soo much!

"I know I still have a long road of recovery, but every time I pass through those doors, I think to myself, One of these days, I m gonna be able to walk out on my own, with no help."

i loved that line! its soo amazing (
untapie94 chapter 7 . 3/10/2009
can you please update soon!

is the trapped part based on the movie 9/11 ?

cause the movie was exactly like it. chapter 7 . 2/6/2009
Oh my gosh! This is the sweetest story ever! It's also really sad at the same time, but I love it!
backstreetgirl4 chapter 7 . 1/29/2009
i dont really knwo fi there is more to this story but it is definitely a god read. To me the descriptions soudn so real and really gets into the story!. LOVE IT!

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