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prettydynamic chapter 3 . 8/5/2010
"ornamental doll of the court" hehehe. fascinating... well, if you think of it bernard was trying to insult her in a way but Bernard wasn't really that nice anyway. heheh. But I do agree-Oscar is exquisite. :)
prettydynamic chapter 2 . 8/5/2010
I absolutely adore the scene in the bedroom and the stable! It's so cute! You just know how to make us hooked. :)
lovelyduckling80 chapter 3 . 5/18/2009
This is interesting and well written, but it's almost exactly like the anime, is it going to change a lot or will it stay relatively close to canon(if that's the right word to use)?

Either way, I still think what you do add gives canon a bit more of an explanation, excellent work. :)
loulou.k chapter 3 . 12/31/2008

Here I am _; it took me a year to read this…I'm in 2009 now, since two hours, you won't reach it till another 4, eah?

You have no idea how I was struggling to read this chapter, but then I didn't want to read unless I'm going to review at the same day.

Very good title by the way!

Well, two things I like at this chapter, one is how you described the duel, the scene from the anime was among my favorites, the way she talked to Girodelle and the way she waved her sward was very awesome , but the more awesomeness was how you translated a motion/live scene into words with every single detail and every move and sight…if no one knew that scene before he wouldn't find it difficult to understand what was going on there…..

Just one critic if you allow me….you have written too much comments among the scenes, sure we most know how the characters thought, but sometimes you make the comments too long especially when they came among an important scene or a motion scene, that the reader-or it's just me- would lose his consecration on the event and get lost with the comments and the questions you keep asking them during the scenes.

The other thing I liked is the second half of the chapter, the way the events goes was exciting, it tells that the better is yet to come _

(He wasn’t a bad-looking man, she thought, but the moment he opened his mouth, she decided that she didn’t really care for him….“Oh, I’ve heard rumors, but you are indeed beautiful!”) ha! So she thinks he's a good looking man…is that mean something…in the future?

(André mounted his horse and chuckled. “Oscar, you probably weigh less than a bale of hay. I still remember when…”)oh, o_O; only one scene came to my head at this…a scene from "Austrian Chocolates", that would be the prove they talked about during the last chapter!

(Perhaps it was because he hated seeing her upset, sad… But no, there was more to it than that. The thought of her off by herself crying made his heart twist sickeningly in his chest. It made him feel jealous, unwanted, unneeded, unnecessary, and…guilty. Why couldn’t she come to him like she had done when they were still children? Why couldn’t she cry to him, on him?) those are my favorite lines, soo touching, too painful…they uses to be together since they were kids, but sometime, during they were growing up, they get separate, put limits between, it's not anyone's fault it's just….life!

Poor Oscar, she's still young and she had to make a choice will change her life, not just her life but Andre's too.

Looking forward to the next one,

Happy new year,


Josie chapter 3 . 12/30/2008
It took me a while to get through this chapter. I kept having to do things and work complicates things further.

I feel bad for Oscar at the end. God knows how many times I've felt exactly like what I was reading.

I'm so sorry this review is so short, I'm sorry my reviews suck lately. o Can't wait to see whats next
WhiteTigerLilly chapter 2 . 12/26/2008
"It worked, but it wasn’t because she actually looked intimidating. She was making him nervous, and a small part of his mind kept telling him that it was the perfect opportunity to lean down and…" I love that line! Sometimes I'm like AAh! Do it! Do it! LOL as if my chanting would help.

I liked this chappie. It shows off their friendship and of course his hidden feelings. I'm obsessed! heh! I love it Manna!

Love and Lillies, Josie
WhiteTigerLilly chapter 1 . 12/26/2008
*Sniffles*, we are such faithful reviewers because not only are you a great writer but you are a good friend. We love you for that!

A bunch of frou-frou... What can I say? Everytime I saw that word i giggled. In my mind the words "pansy-asses" kept popping in it's place! heh.

As I'm reading so far I can't find anything to point out that you would need to correct. You are pretty efficient at doing all of that on your own! I love reading your material. It doesn't confuse me or leave me wandering, which alot of stuff does.

All the characters are 'in charater'. And I feel excited to have finally gotten to start reading this. I've been AWOL for quite some time.

Well, onto the next chapter!

Love and Lillies, Josie
Xirysa chapter 3 . 12/23/2008
[sings] I look once more, just around the riverbend. Beyond the shore, where the gulls fly free. Don't know what for, but why do all my dreams begin just around the riverbend? [shutting up now]


Hee, Girodelle really is good-looking, ain't he? Poor man doesn't get the girl in the end, though.

AND DUR. Of course Oscar is beautiful! She... She's Oscar!

[After all, she thought vaguely, glaring defiantly at him, he had a face that was more attractive than her own.] And Oscar now sees that men can be pretty, too. (Is it just me, or a majority of the men in RoV pretty in some way? Of course, Andre is the best, but...)

See? Andre's always on her mind, even when she least expects it... Is this the beginning of a wonderful romance?

[His voice suddenly almost changed, that sometimes-unnoticeable squeak that came out when he was nervous appearing briefly. His voice was still changing—something she was almost jealous of because not only was he a man, he would sound like one, too—and though it had changed almost completely, sometimes it still liked to act up against him. She smiled at his quiet embarrassment and shrugged.] Bwahahahahaha. Oscar's jealous of Andre's Micky Mouse-esque voice? Poor dear. Don't worry, Oscar. You'll have other... More embarrassing things to worry about later...

Poo. Breakfast time. And people are leaving our house. I'll gush about this to you later. Take care!

Xirysa chapter 2 . 12/22/2008
I'm tired. Srsly. But I've put reviewing this on hold way too long, and I swore that I'd review this before I crashed for the night.

[muffled,] Don't need that comma there.

[Red stained his cheeks when he glanced back up at Oscar and noticed that her long nightgown had managed to ride up her legs as she most likely tossed and turned in the middle of the night. Nanny would be ashamed of him for looking, but he couldn’t help it!] Oh dear. [cackles]

[He took her hand in his and started to tug on it lightly to pull her toward the edge of the bed, but the stubborn girl wasn’t done sleeping and brought her hand back to her chest, her fingers curling into a loose fist as she did so.] It's like a blonde, French version of me is sleeping there. Really, I'm the same way.

Now. I just realized the Loulou and Kasia have said everything that I wanted to, so I'll babble on about how much I loved this to you later. BE PREPARED.

Kasia.T chapter 2 . 12/21/2008
I’m terribly late with this review but it’s all due to Christmas preparations. I didn’t want to sit to reading as long as I was not perfectly sure that I’ll be able to go through it without any interruptions. So, here I am – 2 days after it was published!

Anyway, when you were still working on the story during NaNo Month and giving us small hints how it was going on, I was surprised to learn that despite having written so many words you still were somwhere in the beginning of the anime. Ha! I understand it now. It’s unbelievable how much you can say about all those missing moments, how many gaps can be filled. And you are doing a great job on that. I guess with your writing the whole original story could become at least 10 times longer and clearer, hehehehe. Did I say 10? Oh, no that was way to underestimating, so I should rather say: 100 times!

[She seemed exhausted even when she slept, he thought, playing with a lock of her hair, twirling it gently around his finger as he thought.] I'm already used to reading how you write about Andre observing Oscar in her sleep. In all possible ages. But still, I always melt on such scenes.

[Gingerly, while she was still mostly asleep, he tugged down the hem of her gown to cover her exposed calves, sighing with relief when he managed to do so without waking her up.] Ah, what a good boy... So young but already a gentleman...

[“Ah…Oscar…” His face felt as if it was on fire, and he tried to untangle himself without ripping his hand away from hers.] Cute. I can't say anything more...

[“Why is your face red, André?” she asked (...) He decided the floor was far more interesting than her face.] Shy and embarrassed Andre is so adorable...

[He knew what it was, but it was hard to believe it. Love. How could that be, though?] Oh my, so this is the moment he realizes his love? Even though he still doesn't have all the words to name this new feeling? Oh, dear Andre... I’m sorry for you because you don't know yet that it’ll take 20 years before Oscar returns your feeling.

[She was making him nervous, and a small part of his mind kept telling him that it was the perfect opportunity to lean down and…] And WHAT? Maybe KISS HER? Oh, seems Andre is not that good and innocent as I saw him just a couple of lines above, hahahaha. Early signs of temptation are showing up...

[Spring wasn’t his favorite season of the year, but sometimes the freshness of it all was something he really found himself enjoying.] Oh my, what a shame that spring isn’t Andre’s favourite season. I just love spring and think there’s no better time in the whole year. But that makes me wonder - which season would be his favourite? Winter, maybe? Because in winter he can throw snowballs on Oscar and kiss her freely under the mistletoe? Hehehehehe...

[His smile was gentle, and it almost broke her heart.] Oh, how sweet. At least she’s able to notice and appreciate his smile. What a pity that with time she’ll be able to read less and less from his body language.

Well, I won’t quote it here but I liked the whole conversation they had under that tree. They’re both very wise kids. But I really don’t understand why Oscar’s so angry about those two words: „elegant and exquisite”. What’s so wrong abou them? I’m sure the King didn’t have anything particularly offensive for her in his mind when he uttered them. They were just words...

Another thing – isn’t it strange that Oscar doesn’t know much about the gossip in Versailles and Girodelle himself? She must rely on Andre to gather any information she needs. Seems servants were better informed than they masters, hehehehe. Oh, and the maids are in love with Girodelle. That’s funny...

Ah, I’m already curious how you’re going to portray their first meeting. That’ll be exciting!

Kisses and hugs,

loulou.k chapter 2 . 12/20/2008
Hello again!

I felt as if I'm watching the series from the beginning, everything is new, everything is fresh, everything is still far away from any tense…so far….

This is the first time I read something from you and feel the words and the scenes flowing easily, I mean I tried to remark few lines while reading to gave a comment on them but then I read the same comments on them after, I couldn't split them because they were very connected to each other…..not as if you wrote in unconnected way before, but the style you're using now is different, you are wandering smoothly from scene to scene from telling to conversation without losing the control…..maybe the conversations scenes made that.

" Almost Like Being in Love"! I loves this idea, we used to see Andre and Oscar as an adult or as kids, but not as teenagers or the very first days or years from teenage…..they're still kids but getting into the world of adults….

And it's very cute to see how Andre started to feel something toward Oscar, not yet love, but just a new feeling, something different from childhood/brotherly love….I'm still stuck with the thought of Andre as a growing man who's desperately in love with Oscar, so seeing/reading how he started to feel "something" was very exiting.

Ha! And from where you got this idea of (she slept like a rock—well, perhaps like a boulder)! I thought it was Andre who would sleep that way not her…hahaha, and I'm not sure why, but I have this feeling that you're going to use that fact in future. _~

(she tucked her chin closer to her chest and drew her legs up further.) hehehe, I do sleep like that _

And how he waked her up! O_O;… least she was wearing something, hehehehe.

But the embarrassment of Andre was worth it…( He decided the floor was far more interesting than her face) AwW! Adorable teenager Andre, he was really gentleman even though he's still young.

I love the scene when she caught him talking to the horse and how his words tripped in his mouth...poor guy, he didn't understand what was going on with him so how to tell her or answer her, he must be feeling embarrassing about himself for thinking about that twice…but he's still cute _

(She was making him nervous, and a small part of his mind kept telling him that it was the perfect opportunity to lean down and…) And…AND…WHAT? Do WHAT exactly?

Oh, the sweaty argument was very funny _

Humm, I liked how you made her open her heart and mind to Andre and tell him what she was thinking of…you shifted between funny, silly, seriously, maturely, childishly …..actually at that age they'll be like that, a mix of everything.

You've done well at this part too my dear, I'm sure that the best is yet to come.


wind dancer1981 chapter 2 . 12/20/2008
like your story allot keep going
Perennial Rhinitis chapter 2 . 12/19/2008
And of course, looking at a woman's legs was certainly unheard of during that era. XD
Forced Simile chapter 1 . 12/17/2008
Well now, I finally got around to reading the first chapter! I am so not procrastinating on my own fics or anything like that not at all!

What I liked about this chapter is that you managed to take a canon scene and give a slightly different spin. It is necessary given the diverging path this fic is going on. Also, I feel that no action is OOC unless it is completely unexplained. Oscar skipping around Versailles with a parasol? OOC. Even if you tried to use the excuse that she was drunk, I still feel it'd be OOC because canon has shown us that Oscar is not a very happy drunk. However, if for some reason Oscar's upbringing wasn't quite so harsh and led her to have a more carefree attitude, I'd consider the possibility of such an action...especially if she did it for a reason like cheering up the Dauphine. What you consider OOC may be very in character since Oscar's life is different. I keep trying to tell myself that when I write AUs...

What I didn't, when is there going to be more? :D
Shinigami chapter 1 . 12/10/2008

I read fanfiction since more than 10 years now, but mostly I dont leave reviews, although I know, that a review is the best thing to make a writer writing again:-)

And when I see the other reviews left here, Im again not sure to write one...

But I did. I dont know, what to write, only that I like your style of writing. The way you show the feelings and emotions of the characters, especially Oscars:-)

Its what sometimes missed in the anime ( by the way, now, nearly 10 years after Oscar first showed on german TV , I searched for my old videocassettes and again I fell in love with it)

So, Im sorry for my english, and what I wanted to say was: I like to read more soon:-)
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