Reviews for Christmas at the Cullens'
Stripy Gloves chapter 1 . 2/14/2009
So funny, I'm not sure if it was meant to be but i thought it was. You should write one about easter... who gets to eat all of the easter eggs, or do they do blood eggs?

I love the way it's fun and not trying to hard and that its easy reading! lol. still sound like an english teacher... oh well A*
Addicted2Emmett chapter 1 . 1/23/2009
how kee-UTE! (you know, like "cute", but with the whole pitch-goes-up-voice-gets-louder thing going on...) I really like this. My favorite lines:

"We'd actually had a little bit of fun, but not enough to make me say it was a good experience." So very in character!

"After 50 years, i'd finally come to enjoy receiving gifts, but i still hated parties." Once again, totally Bella!

"Merry Christmas, oh, parents of mine!" I like how Nessie still sounds fun and young even being almost fifty. Although her body hasn't aged since she turned eighteen, age is really determined by attitude. Does that make sense? She's fifty, even though she looks eighteen, but she still acts young, unlike her experience/years would suggest. Anywho...

Glad to see you thought up a good suggestion for the Jake/Nessie relationship. It makes sense that Jake doesn't phase accidently anymore - he's had tons of time to get his temper under control, plus he's totally happy with Renesmee; temper wouldn't be an issue. Phasing every week is a good idea!

A stress ball from Jazz... LOL! i also really liked Rosalie's present. SO rose. OMG have read "Sacrifices" by Enthralled? LOL for Christmas, Em gives Alice tarot cards, a turban, and classes from the local psychics' club! If i ever write a christmas piece, Alice will be getting a mafic eight ball. ;D

The only thing i was confused about is "Jake and Nessie still eat a TON!" I can see that with Jacob, but Nessie doesn't like human food, right?

This was great! This little one shot was all i had time for right now (and well worth it), but i plan on R&R-ing all your others first chance i get! Well i'm off to cello lessons - bye!

abandonedaccount123456790000 chapter 1 . 1/22/2009
cute! great job! this is Caitlin btw.

seriously cute though, i enjoyed it.
GreekFire chapter 1 . 12/24/2008
Cool! With most of the Cullen Christmas stories they don't have them opening their presents. I like them opening them! So, fun story.