Reviews for The Bear and the Lamb
Celtic Shadow Mage chapter 8 . 4/22/2017
Wasn't this song actually ON a Twilight movie? hahahahahaha! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
angelaroberts202 chapter 28 . 3/10/2017
Lol I read the reviews first and was wondering about all the negativity. I can see why now. Wow. Sloppy. I wouldn't even consider this a BellaxEmmett story especially considering that she ended up with Edward. I especially hated that pairing. Killing esme, I don't give a crap. Kill jasper?! A whole different story. The war made no sense. It was contradictory and inconsistent
angelaroberts202 chapter 2 . 3/10/2017
Mmm I would want a piece of Emmett too
Bella Marie Whitlock chapter 29 . 9/4/2016

Plot was strong, writing was decent... and I do hate to give negative feedback...

...but oh the errors! The errors!

You seemed to be trying to follow a lot of the basic canon, but if that is the case, there were soooo many glaring problems.

1: Vampires don't die by being torn apart. They can be put back together, therefore none of the Cullen should have been dead, since there was no mention of the wolves lighting a fire.

2: Based on the canon version of hybrid babies, Bella would not have survived her pregnancy without drinking blood, especially with twins and especially after being assaulted by Rosalie. Not to mention, there is no way she would have survived without a c-section.

3: Alice cannot see the wolves and therefore she would not have seen them going to war with them in the first place.

4: Don't even get me started on Emmett being a knight in Ireland, because Emmett was human in the 1930s and the only monarchy they were affiliated with at that time was the British monarchy, they didn'thave their own, so there would have been no Irish princess in his history, unless they were memories from a previous lifetime.

In addition to these canon errors as well as the standard errors that come with a lack of proofreading, you also contradicted yourself a lot. A couple examples;

1: Carlisle was supposed to be gathering allies from all over, and yet he shows up alone in the end and too late to do anything for the battle, (yet just in time to deliver Bella's babies) with no mention of why he brought no help.

2: Where was the other coven you said he contacted initially? Because only the Irish coven showed up, and there was no mention of why the other coven never showed, especially if it was intended to be the Denalis, because they would have at least told them if they weren't coming.

Anyway, you get the point. This is just off the top of my head. I think your story is worth the time and effort it would take you to go through and overhaul it to fix the problems and errors. Just take your time with it, make it really shine. It has the potential to :)

Also, you should put a violence warning on the last few chapters. Especially the assault by Rosalie, that was pretty graphic!

Blessings to you in all your future endeavors, both literary and otherwise!
jk chapter 29 . 4/19/2016
this story was too ALL OVER THE PLACE..too many different povs too
WTF chapter 29 . 3/30/2016
I feel cheated. There was no reason for Emmett to die except for shock value. That doesn't make you a good writer. It makes you sloppy and inconsiderate of your readers. If you really wanted to kill him for the story, you should have come up with a better reason and a better way.
Kaylee chapter 29 . 11/30/2015
I cried it was so good but I think it should have been a happy ending I'm glad that didn't really happen in twilight because I would hate twilight so much if that happend but thank you for writing this story!
MiccaF chapter 29 . 11/10/2015
era-romance chapter 29 . 10/31/2015
what a clusterfuck
what did jasper ever do to you?
emmettcullenlover1980 chapter 1 . 10/19/2015
I started this yesterday and this morning i finished it . I was SO sad that Emmett died. Later today while cooking dinner I was still thinking of Emmett :(
Guest chapter 29 . 5/9/2015
Omg what a stupid fucking ending. Wished I never read the bloody thing now. Not even like its an interesting ending. Just dumb. So fucking dumb. Literally. Wtf is killing emmet achieving? Doesn't make sense.
Guest chapter 29 . 1/27/2015
Omg such a good story but I wasn't happy with the ending! Ugh but it was still good
Guest chapter 29 . 9/11/2014
Grrr! That was NOT the ending I was expecting. Esme? Jasper? Emmett?! Why!? ... oh well, it was still a great story. I really got n2 it. Thanks for writing.:)
Guest chapter 20 . 9/10/2014
Whoa! Shit went down up in the Cullen household! ..poor Edward. This chapter was the best one for me so far. I can feel the emotions in it, its crazy.
Guest chapter 19 . 9/10/2014
Oh shit! She havin a baybay...
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