Reviews for Seth and Ivory: A Vampire Story
edwardcullen003 chapter 16 . 8/18/2009
This was a great story and I'm going to miss it a lot! I really hope that you will get it published, I can't wait! Good Luck!

Fuzzypiinkslippers chapter 16 . 8/17/2009
Thank you! This story was absolutely amazing, and, while i am sad to not be able to read it in progress, i am so excited that it might get published! I wish you all the luck in the world for that to happen.

Just so you know, i am ashamed to say, i hardly ever leave reviews..:( but i felt that this one totally deserved it.

The Invisible Pair of Sunglasses

Dark-Wang94 chapter 16 . 8/17/2009
OH MY GOD! NO! I finally find an amazing story online and I start it on the day you send out the final shut down notice. AH! okay I'm feeling a little better. well not... huge cliff hanger action going on but I'll survive. and I totally understand why your taking it down. and I do hope you get the publish it like u dream to do with your story :) and I will be keeping my eyes out for " Seth and Ivory ". what a simple name for such a great story line... god. I am really impressed by your story. even if I got barely into it. I'm sure that with time and thought and love into this story that you truly can make it become an amazing story(which already is, u know) and have it be a New York's Time best seller one day.
Owen Marx chapter 16 . 8/17/2009
Hey, i totally understand your position. For the same reason i haven't posted MY story on here. But i would appreciate it if you would a link out to all of us who read your story once it is published. I'd very much like to buy a copy.

Owen Marx
lighght chapter 16 . 8/17/2009
I'm sad that your not finishing it on here, but Im happy you'll try and get it published. Good Luck, and I guess it's a good decision and all, because you wouldn't want anbody copying this or anything.

If it becomes a book, I'll definitely buy it. It's also good to know, that your not just going to abandon it.

Good Luck with your completion of Seth & Ivory,

~Lindsey H
LivinginaFairytale2t11 chapter 15 . 8/17/2009
omg no please dont take it down! its too good!

i really want to know what happens! and whats up with the demon thats after her? talk about a nightmare lol!
broken-pixie chapter 15 . 8/16/2009
While I would LOVE to see what happens next in this story I will understand if you take it down. It's great that you might get it published. It's really good and I would love it if you would let your readers know. if you do get it published, WHEN it is out in stores - I would love to read it. It is a shame that people would take other's character's and work without asking - So it is totally understandable. Good luck!
Nova Ride chapter 15 . 8/16/2009
While I do really want to see what happens to Seth and Ivory, I do understand while you would want to take it down if you hope to publish it later on.

I hate that authors have to worry about other people stealing their creations, that's awful :/ You would think people would have enough sense to create their own characters and not steal from other talented authors, such as yourself :)

Anyhow, please keep me in the loop if you decide to take this story down and publish it, as I would like to read it :)
CharismaAlexis7432 chapter 15 . 8/16/2009
I'll understand, if u do take it down to publish it, as long as you let me know wen it's in stores, i will b perfectly fine with it, and i support ya & the book, so later
xxxdivinecomedyxxx chapter 15 . 8/16/2009
Congratulations for all the publishing stuff. You're a great writer. The story, the plot, the concepts, the characters, the details and everything else are pretty good in this story.

I do find tremendously disgusting to see people stealing things from your story, it's really awful. These people suffer a serious lack of originality and creativity. I like to think that when people people copy something you created is because it's really great and they're jealous.

I'm loving the story and I'd love to keep on reading, since the story won't be here anymore and probably I won't have access to the story in the future so obviously I will not be able to follow the story, I'm very sad well at least I'll have my imagination helping me out but it's not the same thing, I'd love to read the story as you put it.

I wish I could tell you to send chapters of the story to serious readers like me through e-mail but it's impossible right?

Angelkrow666 chapter 15 . 8/16/2009
So i thank you for keeping us informed about your decisions.I completely understand where you are coming from but i also think that by creating a barrier between the reader and the context it is the wrong way to go around it completely i know it must hurt to see someone else take credit for your work but sadly whether u copyright or not it wont be the last will always be an issue by deciding to disconnect from your viewers you might lose a following that maybe you urself never new you as a writer you create stories that connect with your public and you feed off their energy(in my mind its wat makes u tick) if you feel u can continue without that energy then go ahead but i would really consider it gravely.I hope you reach a decision and take care.
xnatashaxm chapter 15 . 8/16/2009
wow! your going to publish? thats really good congrats and i completely understand if you decide to take this of the internet. either way im going to buy your book when it releases. do you know when arounds your going to release? just so i can look out at shops and all that. thanks for the great story, and good luck with writing the rest. hopefully no one will steal it. so again goodluck.

Fairy Skull chapter 15 . 8/15/2009
I totaly under stand. You do what you have to do.
Equestrian Star chapter 15 . 8/15/2009
so does that mean u are not going to continue to write Seth and Ivory and update? i hope u dont' take it down! but its understandable. i heard is a good site for authors. an author i know now posts her stories there becuz of plagiarism. update soon about what u're going to do!

heart ya

kerrisha chapter 14 . 8/11/2009
Wow this story i cant even put in to words how good it is for when im reading it i keep thinking to myself, that it has been published for the way u write it is just great. And the story background is diffrent to alot around at the moment for every one keeps writing like Twilight and us vanpire fans want something diffrent and u have done that. I think im now hooked.
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