Reviews for Shadows
BohemianCane04 chapter 1 . 12/11/2008
“Don’t let your sister whore you out, kid. Just because she never got enough love, and has spent the past who knows how many years trying to get over that, doesn’t mean she should make you a shell of yourself."

I LOL'd so hard! That just sums Mae up right and proper! I love how Jackie always makes it into your fics, even on the sidelines. He's always involved if even for a moment and I think that's very in character for him. You write a perfect Nadine too which makes you the best person ever.
Subia Jasmine chapter 1 . 12/10/2008
You finally saw Merchant-Ivory!

This has a different tone than Happiness and Hedonism, but it works very well. I love Nadine's voice in this. Little details about the "glamorous, dark woman", Queenie's "come-hither" glance, and the cold of Burrs's hands make this a beautiful, sensory experience.

"Wit in his bones and cleverness in his soul", "she was afraid he might swallow her whole". Your writing gets exponentially better with every story.

One question, though: the last image we have of them together is of Burrs saying "We'll see" and then another guest (Jackie, I'm guessing?) is sweeping her away. Does the kiss actually happen, or does she just dream it?