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Eternally knight chapter 39 . 5/20/2009
YAY! Jasper is back!

(although i like jack, i like Jasper MUCH BETTER!)

oh, jeez, i love how much i love this story!

it's almost as good as twilight (but, you know, no fanfiction can EVER be as good as the real thing, but you come to a second...twilight being the first!)

can't wait to read more!

(btw, loved this chapter.)
x-aly-x chapter 39 . 5/20/2009
1)All I can say is YAY JAZZY IS BACK is it just me or do you always give him a fantastic entrance.

2)So Demetri is now in the story and he seems a little mad that the guardians showed up and ruined his plans I loved when he said “Plans for you have changed.” it just sounded so fierce I guess Bella is heading the platform then bye bye Bella but I'm sure Edward wont just let her die.

3)As for Alice and Jack well I'm very happy Jasper is back so I will only say that.

4)As for the scrolls well in those times any official documentation was written on scrolls so my guess is that it was either official documents or forged one's I have no idea why Oliver (who I keep calling Ollie in my head) and Walt are not aloud back to the capital maybe the would be reconginsed or maybe that's the reason why only Demetri can go back because the people in the capital will know him.

Until the next chapter I can't wait and oh the dream you had was funny the first time but when you was telling it to Edward is was as funny as the first time all over again.

Love Aly
heroicfailures chapter 39 . 5/20/2009
WOW! ...and with that single word came the realization that I need a bigger vocabulary!

OK i am officially caught up! Sorry I didn't review every chapter. I got so caught up I didn't realize until I'd read them all that I hadn't been reviewing...which is probably a compliment.

OK so 1. I love Jack but yeah I'm one of the group that still want Alice to be with Jasper. And no it's not just coz I love Jasper/ Jackson I actually think it'll be really cute :P

2. I can't wait for more Edward

and OMG not to sound like a scary teenager but how cute was Oliver. I definitely want him to make another appearance...but please no more love triangles... although there really wouldn't be much choice between Oliver & Edward...

OK have to get going, sorry wish I could write more about the millions of things I know have to think about!-all from your story! Oh well definitely will make school go by quickly tomorrow :) but yeah, have to get going now because in the other room someone's watching one of those real life hospital tv shows & all i can hear is drilling & it's freaking me out... so after that pleasant thought...

Can't wait for more :D

Moonprincess92 chapter 39 . 5/20/2009
Many many things to ponder ... considering i'm a freak, let's look at this in list format:

1. Jack v Jasper

I have to admit, i'm all for Team Jasper. As much as i love Jack, Jasper is the one made for Alice. But then, Jack's so awesome ... could he at least get a happy ending? I know, Jasper can run off with Alice, and Jack can stay with me! Or, well, a girl can dream anyway.

2. Emmett

I was so scared you were going to kill him. Seriously, i was freaking out here! There was a point where i had to compose myself before i pressed the down button and found out his fate! I wasn't sure whether i wanted him to die or not, really-it would be incredibly sad and awful, but then he could be with Rosalie ... i think i have to go with the Emmett dying scenario, mainly coz he can't live without Rosalie. But i'm not happy about it!

3. Jasper coming back

Jazz, Jazz, Jazz ... simply love you. This story has just made me love Jasper more than usual. He's awesome for saving Alice, because he's Jasper-who amd i kidding, he'll always save Alice! I can't wait to find out what he thinks of Jack. Will he fight for Alice? Or pull an Edward and consider himself not worthy of Alice's love? I can see him pulling an Edward, but i sure hope he fights for her.

4. Carlisle and Esme

They must have a reunion. Must.

5. Bella being captive and Demetri

Wow. My theory is this: Demetri was planning on Belai winning, so he could take Bella as the rightful queen and make her his queen, so he can rule over every single country in the universe. He didn't plan on the Guardians coming out in all their ninja-worhty glory and losing, so now he knows that Weidinhun will never follow him-unless he pulls something drastic. This something drastic will of course be threatening to have Bella beheaded. I can't remember if the people surrounding were cheering for it or against it, but either way, it's not good for Bella. Of course Edward will go ninja-vampire on his arse and get his moment up there. Hopefully he saves Bella. Hopefully.

6. Disclaimer

I love how Emmett's in a book club. It's just too brilliant. And your dream kicks all arse. Third eye? You're lucky you remember your dreams, i don't. Ah well. I love how you basically have a story inside a story.

7. Overall

Your story rocks. 'nuff said.

I loved it. D
asdfghjkl23 chapter 39 . 5/20/2009
wo jasper!

but poor jack...
Soccer11 chapter 39 . 5/20/2009
i knew it was carlisle. are they going to execute bella?
Shadow Blackheart chapter 38 . 5/19/2009
okay, first, it took me 3-4 days to read it all, it's mad. :)

then, I think the characters are OOC. (Jacob being unselfish, Bella losing hope) Though the Jacob part I can understand, he led a different life here.

What I didn't like is Rose getting killed, no matter what personality she has, since I've known her in the book so closely, it feels as if the Cullens aren't complete without her. Also, her death scene was so quick all I felt was confusion, first he's running at her, then she's stabbed, no time to think.

Also that about Seth being Jacob's father just seems weird. XD

I always imagined Seth as he is in the books, small and younger than Jacob, that's why.

in this last chapter, I can't help but contradict Alice, you cannot be so certain about someone after meeting him for a few hours, you might think you are, but you might get a nasty surprise afterwards. Not that it matters, we all know who she'll chose.

I counted all that off the top of my head, so I might have forgotten to mention something, but anyway, this story is great and interesting. Can't wait to read the next chapter.
CAUTION-dazzler chapter 38 . 5/18/2009
Drama! lol, I hope its jasper I wanna see alices decision. ugh Ive like fallen in love with jack..I wish there was a jack in twilight.. lol. yeah so great,now I dont want jack to be unhappy but alice has to love jasper...cause jasper is just awsome! .
Zoella De Vil chapter 38 . 5/18/2009
that's so mean!

you can't just leave me like that!


you better update soon or i will come and attack you with marshmallows!

i'll set emmett on you!


awesome chapter btw, ;P

scarred redvine chapter 38 . 5/17/2009
Wow, this is full of suspence! I bet that it's Jasper, because he and Jack could be the only people that could make her heart melt.
ElectricTouch chapter 38 . 5/17/2009
OMG!Seriously that pretty much sums up how I feel about this story. There are so many twist in this story I think some readers have gotten whip lash from it. I love the fabulous unnerving turns in the story and the emotional rollercoaster ride with the chacters almost leaves you breathless by the end. Anyways just trying to say freak'n love the story so far. Can't wait to see how people match up in the end and how the two kindoms turn out(if it two). Looking forward to more.
8Ri.LeE chapter 38 . 5/17/2009
ah how can u leave a cliffy lyk dat? urg amazing chapter lyk always. i luved evry bit of it. plz update soon! :)
jules chapter 38 . 5/17/2009
please, please, please be Jasper. Awsome story :)
heroicfailures chapter 34 . 5/17/2009
Hey Capella

Sorry it's been so long!

I've just been real busy with school & actual reality...I really hate reality sometimes but anyway. I'm getting caught up slowly!

Seth is Jacob's Dad? WOW! ...Nop no way I ever would've guessed that!

Sorry I can't write anymore to tell you just HOW much I loved it but I have half an hour to finish a quarter of a biology assignment. Not as much fun as reading fanfic I assure you!

I hope it wont be long before Edward accepts as Bella rather than his Queen!

tlegal91 chapter 38 . 5/16/2009
great chapter!

cant wait for the next one!
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