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VelvetEars chapter 39 . 8/12/2009
Well hey there Capella! Long time no review. Sorry about that.

I'm back from my FF break, and am more than happy to be diving back into the reading part.

Here we go!

Hmm, that was a really interesting half-conversation between Bella and her captor... I wouldn't be so curious, except for the wood carving. Now you've got me wondering.


Jack kissed Alice... Hoo boy! (I like his fighting attitude. I love the character you have developed so deeply in such a short amount of time.

Wow. My heart was pounding really fast for that brief skirmish. And of course Alice fainted... who wouldn't? After all that.

Oliver become more and more mysterious and ominous as a character... I am really curious about what is to come. And I appreciate the building up to Bella's position on the platform, makes it more exciting. Not that your story has lack of excitement though...

kailey.michelle chapter 41 . 8/7/2009
Love this story! its super great!

your a good writer

update soon please :)
8Ri.LeE chapter 41 . 8/6/2009
OMG Y LEAVE IT LYK THIS! HOW COULD U? meanie butt! urg amazing chapter lyk always! UPDATE!
Brown Bisoular chapter 41 . 8/1/2009

You are such a meany! You just drop a HUGE cliffy like that and expect no reply?

tsk tsk tsk tsk! im disappointed in you...

anywayz, Your story was fabulous and UBERLY EPIC as always!

If you update soon, i'll keep reading and reviewing!
my2galspal chapter 41 . 7/30/2009
Seriously Cappie? Are you trying to kill us all? I was so patient while life beat you up and you couldn't write and this is how you repay me? Another cliffie? I have no more fingernails so if you do this again next update I guess I'll have to work on my flexibility so I can bite my toenails (ew, right?). :)

You know I'm just kidding you. After all that time off writing you were probably going through cliff hanger withdrawl. I'm so glad to see you writing again that I will overlook the massive angst. This time.

Honestly, glad to see you back. Can't wait to read more. Thanks for sharing your writing.
softballgirl1136 chapter 41 . 7/29/2009

But if the executioner and the dude running the show were really smart (Thank god they aren't!) They would restrain Bella and kill Edward first, making her watch. Wouldn't that be a cruel punishment in itself? And then kill her. But like I said, it's a good thing they are not smart.

I can't to read the rest!
isabellEdward93 chapter 41 . 7/28/2009
OH CUM ON! you have got to be kidding me..what has it been like three chapters and 2 months that i have been waiting to know if bella dies on that god forsaken platform seriously capella, how could you? i see that the story is updated, i cum to read it and you tear away the one last shred of hope for finding out that i possobly had? grf erf arf and irk..*grumbles uninteligenly at the computer screen before deciding to do some more complaining* CAPELLA! and also i am unhappy because due to the new "regect code 3" thing only one signed review is allowed per chappie..and since there are three of us and i was on vacation..grf..okay so done with that onto the actual review

"It didnt take long for the shoch that paralyzed my entire bing to ware off as the hero inside me was screaming to be set freem all the while my bleeding heart cried out in pain." possably my favorite line in the entire story..congrats..verry viciouse and awesome..and i lovve the detail in this story..though i must say i am a bit dissapointed in Jack, he is off running to daddy for help instead of doing something about it..which i know is probably the smart thing to do given that he has no power and his father is(or is the shadows, mysterious!)in much power but still oviously his dad isnt interested in helping them..grf..grumbles..stupid exocusioner..may i kill him? i would be dlighted if so..with a machetty (i know wrong spelling) or a dull axe perhapse..okay that was wierd..even for me..not really

great chapter..looking forward to ACTUALLY FINDING OUT WHAT HAPPENS (seriously capella i love you to death but that was utterly cruel and maddningly unhelpfull)

Unconquerable chapter 41 . 7/28/2009
Oh my gosh. I can't believe you left it there! WHAT A CLIFFHANGER! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE SON! Please? ;D
Kylee chapter 41 . 7/28/2009
Hi Capella!

I absolutely adore your story. And your disclaimers...HILARIOUS!

The Storm is my favorite story! I also liked Twenty-Four Hours, as well.

You are just all around amazing:)

Update soon, please!
Eternally knight chapter 41 . 7/28/2009


Capella: why? Why are you doing this to us? IT'S SO CRUEL! That was like the most tense, dramatic...most FANTASTIC chapter so far! Why did you have to end it so soon? At the kiss scene...I was hyperventilating. I was practically crying at the way Edward went to save her.

My throat is heavy with tears.

Okay, maybe that's a little DRAMATIC, but still. You get my point: Which is, good job. (To put it mildly. I don't want to overwhelm you.)

Oh, and if you don't hurry up with the next chapter...I WILL kidnap Disclaimer Edward, vampire or no vampire, and hold him ransom until you come up with the next chapter. I swear I will!

And the by the way, Jack's father is TOTALLY EVIL. I hate him.

P.S. Good luck with your job(s) and stuff. ]
Carlisle'sCoven chapter 41 . 7/27/2009
This was great! GRF! Why do you torchure us like this. Ok, so you don't update forever and then we get this? Ugh! Why did you leave us a cliffie when you already torchured us with no update...WHY!*sobs* LOL! JK! I LOVE your cliffies even if they are Loved the disclaimer...I'm quote"l-o-ling out loud!" unquote. That is so funny cause technically you are saying laughing out loud out loud! lol! I thought it was hilarous and wondered if you did that on purpose.

Update SON!

Honorable Villain chapter 41 . 7/27/2009
an update! hehe, finally! your funny disclaimers were missed. ;)

that is SO mean of you to leave it there! you better take less than a month to update this! :)
AbbyAnarchy chapter 41 . 7/27/2009
Oh my god!

You came back! I thought you had been kidnapped by wild badgers or something! I have missed this story so much!


How dare you leave me with such a cliffhanger! You can't leave it like this for long, and if you do, I will personally hire the wild badgers to kill you!

But otherwise, it was fabbity-fab. It was fast paced but not rushed, so you could feel the urgency but not speed through it.

And I loved Jasper holding Alice like that, but then she'll just be indebted to Jack for saving the day!

Unless... Jack doesn't save the day, there isn't a happy ending (yes I'm still rooting for some tragedy), so Alice gets annoyed at Jack, Jasper comforts her and Jazzy gets his happy ending. In a way.

Or you do have a happy ending, Alice goes of with Jack and you give Jasper word of a shoulder to cry on :D

PLEASE update soon. I beg you.

Abby x x
Carlisle'sCoven chapter 41 . 7/27/2009
YAY! your back! What do i have to say about this chapter...hum...well...IT WAS FRIGGIN INTENCE! i wanted to cry! so full of emotion! And even if i don't like jack for no good reason he still NEEDS to find some way to save Bella/Edward...cuz Capella...if you pull another TwentyFour Hours...i will cry and won't come out of my room for days! So always a wounderful well as a Rip-Your-Hair-Out cliff hanger...But yeah it was awesome and update as soon as remotely possible...

**Team Capella**

Shadow Blackheart chapter 41 . 7/27/2009
Great chapter, I loved reading it. :)
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