Reviews for Boneyard
Radev E. Elocin chapter 1 . 12/24/2008


roxas in a french maid outfit is SMEXY AS HELL.


i've never seen akuroku in a cemetery. BEAUTIFUL.


terra hotaru chapter 1 . 12/15/2008
haha. XD that was hot indeed and rough. :D I don't know what to say. My brain is dead on giving a decent review. but truly this is good. :3 awesome lemon! and what Reno said.. haha. :D And crossdressing! XD that's great! crossdressing is always awesome! :) Very awesome job! Thank you for writing this!

-terra hotaru.
the.israel.project107 chapter 1 . 12/12/2008
HOLY CRAP! I can't believe it's taken me this long to actually read something of yours, love! D: AND, OHMAI, IT WAS HOT! :stems nosebleed:

I loved the way you characterised them, they felt so brilliantly *them*, complete with bitching, sniping, and irrepressible sexuality ;P THE MENTAL IMAGE OF AXEL BLUSHING IS JUST TOO CUTE! Haha, I loved the inclusion of Reno - he *would* be the one to make Axel blush, wouldn't he? XD (And lol, it was pretty fucking sexy - that's why he gets away with it ;D)

Heehee, the description of Roxas' costume was great - I could just imagine the way the wind was blowing up the back of it like that XD Especially the thought of him tottering along in heels, I was much amused X3 AND THEN THE CEMETERY! I love that vindictiveness of Axel's - not enough to be truly cruel, but enough to make someone suffer for hurting him. I lol'd SO HARD over Roxas' care in getting over the fence! Oh, the description was fantastic! XD

AND THEN! HOLY HELL! Nothing like being seduced in a graveyard? The way Roxas went from reluctant to full-on was awesome - haha, no *wonder* Reno wants some of that! XD That was a seriously hot lemon - minor bloodplay included!

Baww, I'll bet Salem loves it! Congrats on getting it done, hun, it's always such *torture* when they're slow to come D; It came out beautifully, though, and the writing was completely fluid and vivid! MUCH LOVE!
kurosora1984 chapter 1 . 12/11/2008
Oh wow. Holy mother of all that is naughty. HOLY HELL. :sweats, drools, and nosebleeds until death by dehydration:

UGHHTHATWASHOT. ILUSFM. What more could a loving wifey want than some hawt, naughty crossdressing graveyard sex, with a heavy side of sadomasochism? (Don't think I didn't manage to pick up on that...You are shining through clearly, my darling!) XD

I LOVE how Axel SEDUCES him and then FUCKS him...and...and...all that SEDUCING and then FUCKING...UNGHMYGOD. :twitch: SO...DELICIOUS. And steamy. XD

Oh and RENO! OHYESDOITDOITDOIT! :is pervy: Get in there Reno, with your erotic come-ons! :fistpump: GOO~O! RE-NO! :whisper: Succumb, Axell~...succumb...suck...suck... :is apparently VERY pervy:

Rawr. XD

Whew, so I guess Roxas is a pretty horny guy...he gets hard FAST. Not to mention how quick they both come...and OWCH dryentered with NO prep? SADOMASOCHISM IN FULL SWING. Cuz man, you gotta know how to enjoy pain to make THAT work. Wow. (LOL I almost hurt FOR poor Rox there.)

I love you. You are so great, writing pr0nz for me...indulging my perviness and being such a dear. I just...I love you. :GIANT HUGGLES OF DOO~OM!: I'm so glad I married you, LOL. XD
Michele-bell chapter 1 . 12/11/2008
-blush- Thank you for that dedication. I was happy to help, since I love you too :)

So pretty much, I knew the first half of this from our "READ TO ME." experience xD But I still read it all again with a big smile on my face. Since I already had my laughs at Reno's genius line, I must admit I burst out laughing at "the black bandana that flattened his hair to the point of making it look like he'd slept on the very top of his head for a week straight". LOL PICTURING THAT WAS FANTASTIC.

It's awesome to see how you developed this from a simple kiriban request for Halloween into what it is now. You couldn't have chosen any better outfits for them, you know I love Roxas crossdressing and him in a maid outfit is just... priceless, nngh xD And um, pirate!Axel? Yes please. That is the perfect outfit for him in my opinion :D I could picture them both in their attire so perfectly. I love the way you portray their relationship too, the teasing and annoyance at each other when obviously they are both crazy about the other, hee :D Axel is always so quick to take advantage of everything, taking advantage of Roxas' fear of cemeteries, taking advantage of that dress, taking advantage of the fact that Roxas was trying so hard to not appear jealous and apologize xD And he took advantage well, let me tell you :) I think I read that foreplay like four times in a row. -dies from nosebleed at descriptions- It's a wonder how Roxas even attempts to resist. Your Axel is the sexiest ever, ah god.

Now -that's- the type of screaming that should go on on Halloween night. Coming from Roxas as Axel fucks him good against a gravestone. I would love to walk in on that one Halloween... xD
Chatterpie chapter 1 . 12/11/2008
Ouuh...*wriggles* Every time I come even close to forgetting why I love you, you remind me.

Now...*pimps fic to all of my contacts list...*
Sennie chapter 1 . 12/11/2008
Oh my... I think I'm in a need of a new package of tissues, or else I might die from bloodloss o.O

I liked this one really much. It was just what I needed after a tough day at school :)