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StarryKnight565 chapter 44 . 8/17
That was adorable. And I appreciated the humor sprinkled throughout Erik's and Christine's narratives. It was a long and bumpy journey, but a good one. The story wore the new magical elements well, and I thought the little nod to the movie earlier was hilarious.
CharlieBoneFan chapter 44 . 6/13
Great job! I love fairy tale based stories. I also love the song this story is based off of.
13teddies13 chapter 44 . 12/2/2017
This is a truly amazing, original story! I love the supernatural elements of Erik, and how they met through the asylum. It was so interesting how you introduced the characters and your Erik is especially beautifully done.
I guess I didn’t like how Christine kind of drops off at the end- we don’t see her perspective of their ending, but I felt their relationship was believable.
I especially love the folklore you included. This is such a clever, original story!
dog3n chapter 44 . 4/30/2017
A fantastic journey with great characterisation.
Lucyole chapter 44 . 11/11/2016
that was one amazing, interesting, exciting, sweet, romantic, dramatic and crazy Story I loved every Minute reading it really great work.
bluebirdlady chapter 44 . 6/29/2016
I really want to say a big 'Thank you' for sharing this stunning piece of work. I enjoyed it so much that I feel obliged to give you my most honest opinion with no holding back. However you perceive my opinions, please remember that I write it out of love for your writing and I am no more than a keen reader whose native language isn't English.
First of all, the combination of the Der Erlkonig tale with POTO is very interesting and unique. It took me some time to get used to the fact that Erik was born normal, and that all his talents came from some supernatural source. As far as I am concerned, Erik's charm lies greatly in his super-human abilities, which were mostly resulted from years of unrelenting studying and practising. That perseverance on its own is sexy, in a geeky sort of way. Now to have everything bestowed on him really diminished that charm. But it's still interesting nonetheless, so I carried on reading.
Secondly, your adult Erik's POV is truly stunning! And it only got better as the story developed. You really peeled off his mind layer by layer for examination. I think it's the best part of this story, chapters after chapters of Erik's inner world. His voice is very fitting. Although you needn't have to say things like 'To borrow one of your modern expressions', because he doesn slip into modern day language now and again. But overall, his language is beautifully formal.
Lastly, after the breathtaking final-lair scene, I felt like, bang! Another story. I really did because the transplant of the poem into POTO just isn't quite smooth, and also because of Christine's high-school-girl voice. I agree Christine is innocent and a little naive, but here she sounds almost ill-educated, almost...illiterate. She can't say one setence without saying 'like' couple of times. And this constant high-school-young-adult-fictoin jokes! I am so sorry but please don't let Erik fall in love with that kind of mentality. The shock is really unbearable, and it makes Erik's love for her inconvincing. Oh but his love is also a result of that outside force, right? I know you did tidy that up nicely but still...

But all was worth it when I read the final battle with the King. That was glorious! Although I don't know why they bothered a wedding if they were both going to end up in the fairyland. But that battle nailed it. Erik is as glorious as he should be, and Christine fell hard for him as a woman would for a man like that. And that was supremely satisfying.

I only wish the end still involve music in some way. After all music is the essence of both of their existence, no? They can't just change career to become some fairy farmers, right?
All in all, loved it! Highly addicted to your writing from now on! xo
bluebirdlady chapter 22 . 6/27/2016
This is getting pretty amazing!
LittleLongHairedOutlaw chapter 44 . 6/23/2016
This was glorious, and I absolutely adored it. My only disappointment is that I waited so long to read it!
AroonCat chapter 44 . 5/22/2016
Again, a wonderful story, very well written! Like i was truly there :) thank you!
Child of Dreams chapter 39 . 4/27/2016
(frowns in thought)
So basically, the only way to successfully kill one of them would be to kill the other one at the exact same time?
MyraValhallah chapter 44 . 8/12/2015
Beautiful, I adore dark fairytales. I love the way you blended elements of the novel into your story; especially the grasshopper explosives.
Thank you for sharing this :)
YoursAnonymous chapter 44 . 7/1/2015
Beautiful. Loved every bit of it.
gravity01 chapter 17 . 6/6/2015
To Guest:

She couldn't 'see' him over the cellphone, she actually went to see him. There was a scene change, but the 'page break' feature on this site wasn't functioning. It shows up in some formats but not others. ANYWAY, I've made some adjustments that will hopefully make it more clear to anyone else who may have problems with that chapter.

Sorry it was a deal-breaker, for you. I can't please everyone.

Guest chapter 17 . 6/6/2015
She called Winsor on her phone, but could see his actions like she was present for an interview? The beginning of this had me really intrigued. Erik's POV was very well-written. In one sense, the shift in perspective and voice to Christine is well done, because the narrative feels completely different, like we're hearing it from a teenage girl. But it feels like she has no personality or goals or original thoughts or motivation. This cell phone thing was kind of the breaking point. But I was really excited about the Erlking aspect.
emeraldphan chapter 44 . 3/26/2015
My goodness... This was unlike anything I've read on this site. You took us on an exciting journey through several genres: fairy tale/fantasy, modern day, Leroux and back to fairy/tale fantasy again, and each section was so absorbing that I just had to keep reading! The ending felt utterly surreal but very satisfying, with the dark power of the Erlkonig vanquished forever and Erik starting to feel compassion for the people in his care. It's a very different situation to his childhood and at least he prevented another child from suffering the same fate.

As for Christine... You described her thoughts and feelings so well, as she felt herself succumb to the power of the Bond, against her better judgement sometimes. It's quite sinister that neither she nor Erik had a choice really; they were destined for each other through that mysterious bond. But at the end of the day they needed each other, whether they liked it or not, and again you captured that physical and emotional need so well.
Some of Erik's thoughts and past actions creeped me out a bit and almost made me stop reading but I'm so glad I kept going! I could really relate to Christine's line about a horror film that scares you but you just can't help watching it...

Thanks for this great story.
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