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This was such a hilarious and satisfying read. (I can't remember ever laughing so much.) You toed the line between crack and seriousness so perfectly. Thank you for sharing this with us!
Arioneway chapter 1 . 4/5
This is so good! Love it. Instantly my fav since the first chapter. Humourous and lovely. Thank you very much.
Ydream08 chapter 2 . 3/20
Such a thrilling idea! I loved your take on the marriage law. It is not only refreshing but interesting as well! I fully support Hermione's idea of defeating the Ministry from within, so I'm curious about her plans! At first, I had thought that the plot would be different. After reading the title, knowing that she was going to choose Lucius and that Hermione was looking for a loophole, I had expected Hermione to choose Lucius because he was fugitive- if the husband was nowhere to be found, it wouldn't be Hermione's fault that her marriage is being postponed, right? So she would help Lucius hide from the ministry while the Ministry declares a manhunt on him, and the two of them would fall in love in the process etc. (there are too many shortcoming to my version of the plot- so I'm glad I wasn't the one writing it xD) BUT this is even better! It makes sense, and the Umbridge bit makes it believable that Lucius wasn't even the slightest happy with the law. I think they'll quickly become allies. Lucius' character is perfect if not a bit mild for a person who survived the wrong end of the war; Hermione is her usual amazing self, her determination instead of hysterics one would expect out of the marriage law, urges me to read more because I know that she will put up a great fight! I loved your story and it is very promising! Keep up the amazing work!
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After the first chapter I was ready to murder someone, but then I had tons of fun.
Thanks for this story.
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