Reviews for Passages In The Life Of An Individual
Virtuella chapter 1 . 12/17/2008
"provide a lady’s education for their two daughters, which was perhaps unfortunate." Lovely.

"Alf, please tell Captain Tom and his band of brigands that their mother desires them to temporarily resume the character of children in order to meet their new governess" That was a delightful sentence!

The children are simply charming here, and Annisse sounds like she was born to be a teacher. This looks a very promising story - alas, I'm not sure if you will finish it? What about all those others you've started? Will we have to wait forever?
Gogol chapter 1 . 12/14/2008
When I saw this I wondered why this hasn't gotten any reviews yet, but having read it I suspect we readers are all hanging around awkwardly waiting for the polite, vaguely Victorian preliminaries to get over with and for the explosions to begin.

The writing was lovely, of course, and it was most of it amusing, but just now it's so unmoored from the novels that I'm a touch confused. Hopefully that will clear up next chapter, anyhow. Also - Lord Stoneface the Patrician? Is that because they're pretending that their ancestor became ruler, or what?

The summary is intriguing, but slightly worrisome. /Will/ romance ensue? On the balance I'm kind of hoping for a clever reversal here. On the other hand, you're an excellent writer, so, you know, mayhaps I will be converted even if it does turn out to be true love.

I shall keep an eye out for more, as ever.