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afish.2far chapter 28 . 5/11
At eleven am this morning I was at chapter 14 and I have done nothing all day except read and read until I got to the end! (That took 13 hours by the way).

This story is a true masterpiece, and the ending, well... I like to think that noone else heard the prophecy and the family lived happily ever after. I like those kind of stories! This has been a most wonderful use of my day off, thankyou for providing such an enthralling story.
tlpg92 chapter 28 . 4/6
I understand your reasons behind writing and posting this chapter, but it totally killed the end of the series for me. Not because I'm going crazy and want to know what happens next, but because it changes the tone of the end entirely. Before, it seemed long and hard but hopeful. Now, it just seems long and hard and bleak. (So I wish I hadn't read it, but I can't un-read it, now). Other than that, spectacular writing. Too bad I don't follow any of the fandoms you currently write for.
PaultheEwok chapter 28 . 3/20
Excellent story and series, I think it's criminal that it's not up their with the most favourited stories. I thoroughly enjoyed all three stories, though I think my favourite is book one just because theirs not many stories with Harry travelling around the world, most stories are centred just at Hogwarts. I kind of stumbled upon this story but it was exactly the kind of story I was looking for; I really like stories where Harry's just as smart as Hermione. I normally don't like it when people runaway from their problems, however I think Harry had to, it would've destroyed his relationships if he had have stayed, especially with Hermione. I do have a question though which is; what happened to Krum? It's despicable what he did he deserves exactly what the death eaters got, although it would've been cool if Harry took him out into the woods with him when he was destroying places. I think him being an international Quidditch star makes it even worse cause he's a role model and young kids will look up to him. I was indifferent about this last chapter it didn't really add anything to the story or make me obsessed with what happened next. I think it would've been quite humorous for Sirius to silencio Trelawney, or no ones hears it no ones going to be dictated by it, or maybe have the same scenario but with some outside eavesdropping on the conversation. Anyway great story I really enjoyed the series. Awesome
Diannika chapter 28 . 3/11
Do you know if anyone adopted the potential sequel? If so, do you have a link or s/n? My email is
ToryPhantom13 chapter 8 . 3/3
Hi! i'm in love with this trilogy so much and this last chapter especially because it helped me get over someone i'd been stressing over for a long time. My ex was like Jonathan Burgar; the perfect guy. He was smart, silly, and really sweet and nice. but you helped me realize that i was taking the 'secure' route. basically you really blew my mind with this cause i'd been struggling with it for so long so thank you :)
Nocez chapter 28 . 2/11
I shouldn't have read that. I should NOT have read that. *facepalm*
Thanks for a fantastic story!
dancer92 chapter 28 . 11/6/2014
Read all three of these books and I have enjoyed them all profusely. Fabulous writing style. Well done.
thebetawholived chapter 21 . 9/13/2014
Now that's not very much fun at all.

Poor Harry. Poor Hermione!
QueenLight20007 chapter 28 . 9/13/2014
Wow. This has been a truly amazing journey you have led us on and I'm so sad to see it end but thank you for the extreamly enjoyable read:)
thebetawholived chapter 15 . 9/12/2014
Fitting homage to Barty Junior in any world!
thebetawholived chapter 14 . 9/12/2014
Way to go Hermione! Right up near the top of 'Scenes we'd like to see.'
G-Lovegood chapter 28 . 6/18/2014
This trilogy was amazing. One of my best reads so far. Your take on the story was very interesting, beautifully written fanfic. And i loved every character created (you killed one of my faves though, lol). Brilliant work.
Now i just wish i had stopped at chapter 27... You just make it so hard to stop reading :)
Aynessa chapter 28 . 6/5/2014
I couldn't resist reading this, I hate not knowing what it would be about. Even though I wish you'd do the sequel, it doesn't take away from the magnificence of this amazing and epic trilogy. Truly mind bogglingly awesome.
Aynessa chapter 25 . 6/5/2014
OH. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Heartbreaking and wonderful and just so very brilliant. I think I've fallen in love with your writing.
Amazie chapter 28 . 6/4/2014
Warning: I'll say things that people have *already* told you, such as "amazing story", "amazing characters" and "amazing writing". You have probably understood by now that you have amazed many avid readers, and I am very pleased to count among those big fans! My only complaint, over this entire wonderful trilogy, is that Harry and Hermione's son is named James instead of Severus. After Hermione's thoughts that Snape deserved much better than a statement after the war, I thought it would be the foundation for naming their child after this slytherin character. But this is just one minor, insignificant quirk of mine, to favor Snape (I'm a big fan of the character and cliché/goofy Snape-redemption fanfictions) and in no way whatsoever does this complaint diminish your masterpiece. So, basically, thank you for sharing it with everyone and for giving us a satisfactory ending. The last chapter was an interesting beginning for a whole new adventure, and I'm going to have fun imagining the rest on my own! (I might write something for myself, too!) So, again, thanks!
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