Reviews for The Wise One: Book Three: Being
ranitaroy2 chapter 28 . 8/13
I don't think words can do justice to the whole series... Am speechless yet I want every word in my vocab to be able to praise you... O the great one... You did a marvelous job! Thanks for sharing it with us...
Lord Barinthus chapter 19 . 7/31
It is so ridiculous that they're just leaving their captured and injured enemies behind instead of killing them or keeping them locked up somewhere until the war is over. They are absolute idiots because they're simply going to have to face these people again. They could be taking enemies off the battlefield. For being really smart, they're being so stupid.
Lollypops101 chapter 28 . 7/18
Poor Sirius! Anyway, I really love this series and am actually happy that you won't be continuing it. I think you ended it perfectly. I only wish that you could have shown Miguel and Harry's reunion as well. You are an amazing writer, and I really enjoyed reading your stories.
FierceDeityLinkMask chapter 9 . 7/10
Hermione is a slut...
montanaatheart chapter 28 . 7/5
Loved the entire I am going to need to read more of your writing. Must have more. Time to go pick another from your list.
Dareth151 chapter 27 . 6/16
Read this trilogy over a couple days. Very good writing. Good characterization. Chose to skip the final chapter (and most of the first epilogue. I was ready for the fluff and the happy ending). I hope if you ever decide to continue it as the a/n suggests you may that you will make a note of it on this story so that myself and others who have enjoyed it can embark on a new journey with you.

I quite like that Sirius survived the full story. It seems like that barely ever happens. In fairness, the death eaters were pushovers for the most part. Very few people died on the side of the ministry and the order. It's very different from a lot of stories, where basically half the cast bites it. I liked that difference.
Guest chapter 25 . 3/26
I have read this entire epic several times over the years, and the epilogue is so satisfying. Kudos to you for creating such wonderful and evolving relationships between the characters. A great story! Thank you!
CCBottle chapter 9 . 3/3
He should be more angry she broke up with him like that, got with someone quickly, and let them get further with her than she let him after making a big deal about it all the time. It doesn't show very much caring or attraction at all.
ColMin chapter 28 . 2/24
I can't begin to express how honored I am to have been able to read these books. I am a voracious reader, yet seldom have I been able to so understand a character and their thoughts, feelings, and desires. Seldom have I been so concerned for the wellbeing of a character. I feel as though I matured right along with Harry and the gang. I feel like I sufferered Lupin's depression, channelled Harry's fear of losing control, felt the warmth of love Sirius had for Harry, and the fierce loyalty felt between all the members of the family.
You made them all real, reading this was an experience I shan't soon forget.
Yvette chapter 28 . 1/26
I definitely should have listened to your warning. I just couldn't stop myself though. Your writing is just too good! I'm pretty sure I cried in each book, but this last one... I'm not ashamed to say broke my heart multiple times.

I want to tell you that you're a fantastic writer. You're stories are so engaging, and your way with words are beautiful. I didn't want it to end and I couldn't stop reading.

Thank you for writing. I absolutely loved this.
bleeb90 chapter 28 . 12/12/2015
I read your fanfic before, and it made an impression. It was a true delight to read it again. I'm going back to your profile page and I hope I see a follow up on this last chapter. Otherwise the teaser is far too big!
tcl7189 chapter 28 . 8/19/2015
Great ride... Good always wins in the end :)
chappysmom chapter 1 . 8/12/2015
Enjoyed this entire series (though, yeah, not a fan of that final chapter). I read this a few months ago and just re-read it, enjoying it just as much. The one thing that keeps nagging at me, though? Harry headed to Brazil hoping to find Catalina and Miguel, and they all ended up in California, just not together. I keep wishing that they'd ended up in the same city so that, even though Harry had pretty much given up on tracking them down when he ended in San Diego, maybe they could have found each other again. He could have gotten some comfort from the only mother he knew and learned about Richard when his "brother" was still a cute kid ... maybe he would have bumped into Miguel at a dojo, or seen Catalina across campus. I had been hoping that he would find them, against all odds, and that they would have helped him heal enough to go home. As nice as that little experience with the college roomies was ... it didn't have the same resonance as the reunion I was hoping for. (You know, the reunion before the Sirius-Harry-Hermione reunion.) I just keep finding myself plotting the way that could go to satisfy the itch!

Oh, and loved how Draco turned out. I'm always happy when he realistically redeems himself.
afish.2far chapter 28 . 5/11/2015
At eleven am this morning I was at chapter 14 and I have done nothing all day except read and read until I got to the end! (That took 13 hours by the way).

This story is a true masterpiece, and the ending, well... I like to think that noone else heard the prophecy and the family lived happily ever after. I like those kind of stories! This has been a most wonderful use of my day off, thankyou for providing such an enthralling story.
tlpg92 chapter 28 . 4/6/2015
I understand your reasons behind writing and posting this chapter, but it totally killed the end of the series for me. Not because I'm going crazy and want to know what happens next, but because it changes the tone of the end entirely. Before, it seemed long and hard but hopeful. Now, it just seems long and hard and bleak. (So I wish I hadn't read it, but I can't un-read it, now). Other than that, spectacular writing. Too bad I don't follow any of the fandoms you currently write for.
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