Reviews for Thanksgiving, Winchester Style
TraSan chapter 17 . 5/25/2009
Excellent job, B. I enjoyed this story very much, but this last chapter was especially delightful. There's so many gaps of time between episodes that we have to know we don't see more than we do of the boys' everyday lives.

I believe that they had plenty of easy moments, yes, even this season - and this chapter had me smiling from beginning to end.

I'm thankful you added a ray of hope into the angst-filled season 4. :)
Iuliana chapter 17 . 5/25/2009
wow this is a really original idea, I haven't read anything like this before. Although it's hard to choose I think my favorite thanksgiving was "Baudelaire Inn" and "Singer Salvage" but that's not saying much cuz I think the whole fic was awesome. And man I love Dean's love for pie, I gotta say I understand the man, pumpkin is my favorite too. See u on the next chapter of "Soul Collector"


Holly Lukeman chapter 8 . 5/24/2009
The thing with John and Sam butting heads reminded me of how similar both boys are to their father, though in different ways. They are their father's sons in some pretty wrong ways.

Anyway, on to the review. Loved the part about Bambi and Dean skipping the mother's death! That'll be a rude awakening for Sam when he actually does watch the whole thing, yeah? Actually, that same thing happened to one of my cousins with Old Yeller or whatever. Apparently his mom always cut it off before the end, so he thought the family lived happily every after. I felt kinda bad when he found out otherwise... a bit amuse, though. :)

They have THE most interesting Thanksgivings, don't they? Grave desecration and hunting, oh yay. Interesting that Dean referred to his dad as John in his head. "He did not need John overhearing this—a full-blown fight was sure to follow..."

"Even at sixteen, his arm span was impressive." Heheh, this made me cackle. Dunno why, it was just funny. But I like how you incorporate a lot of the gesticulations and movements of the TV characters into your story. It gives me a clear mental image of them, which is awesome.

"He knew how it felt to be a target, to have the creeping sense that something out there wanted to harm your family, and not know what you could do to protect them." I really liked this sentence. It kind of relates to what the guys are going through now with each other.

"He’d sworn he’d do whatever it took to keep them safe, to never feel helpless again." That sent chills down my spine - it's kind of the Winchester motto. It's sending them to a very bad place, methinks. I do like the parallels (intentional or not) to the boys. All three are startlingly alike in a lot of ways.

This sentence, "Dean thought it was the best Thanksgiving he’d had in years," made me kind of sad. That Dean was happy with any bit of family togetherness and peace was a bit heat wrenching.

You really write John well. You keep his character from the show while expanding on his character within your own writing. I really do like his character, despite his Texas-sized flaws. :)

Good chapter. I look forward to the next one.
Realhuntress chapter 17 . 5/24/2009
Wow! Just LOVE This story! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! I so wish I could put it in my book! Alas *sighs* I just don't have the space.

HOWEVER - if you would consider it, I COULD put a few of the chapters in... :-)
sylia91 chapter 17 . 5/24/2009
I have absolutely loved this series and sincerely hope you add some more chapters during S5. At least the boys are back together and Bobby's alive so we can have some more moments of respite from the storm so to speak. Maybe Cas can join in some way as well :)
pickamix chapter 17 . 5/19/2009
Well here's hoping that next year lets you write another chapter. These were a lot of fun for the most part others were angsty but all were good. I liked the addition of Bobby for this one... I love him. Anyway, good job all around.
InSecret chapter 17 . 5/19/2009
*shoves aside homework* Dammit, I'm reading this now.

I love it. Shock horror. I adore this:

'He seemed so genuinely baffled by this turn of events that Bobby wanted to smack him upside the head. Hard.'

It's gorgeous, because I can SEE it, but it also makes me want to shake Dean and yell THEY LOVE YOU at him a half dozen times.

And Bobby. Aw. No, wait. AW. He's spot on here, dialogue and internal thoughts, and his interactions with the boys are beautiful. Bobby done well is always a winner with me, so well done you and hooray for me!

I love this whole story. I'm so glad you left it on a positive note. Now go away and post the next chapter of your other story. I will if you will *winks*
pocahontas chapter 17 . 5/18/2009
I found this chapter very gratifying, I'm glad that Bobby, another favorite character, has grown to care for the boys enough that they can be their own family unit. I feel this opens up another door for more exploits in the future for all of them. Keep up the good work and the creative ways you weave your tales!
irismay42 chapter 11 . 5/18/2009
Aww I really loved how you mirrored Dean's experience of his first Thanksgiving without Sam with Sam's experience the preceding chapter - right down to looking at photographs and listening to voicemails. And the little bit of John introspection was an unexpected bonus too. I love it when people show John as caring and human, because so often he isn't portrayed that way in fanfic. And even though he was hurting himself after Sam left, I do think he would make an effort to help Dean with his pain.
irismay42 chapter 10 . 5/18/2009
Oh *sniffle* this chapter just killed me stone dead! Sam listening to Dean's voicemail over and over, thnking about calling him but not doing (stupid Sammy!) and Dean sending him PIE! Oh boys!
JennK528 chapter 17 . 5/17/2009
Perfect last chapter. Especially given the events of this past season! Your concluding scene was very much appreciated - the boys and Bobby with pie, together. Thank you indeed!

I really liked Bobby's voice in this one. "His boys" just felt so right. *g*

Lovely job, as always. But I think this is one of my favorite chapters out of the whole story.

And congrats on wrapping it up!
November'sGuest chapter 16 . 5/16/2009
I didn't read them all, but I gotta say that 15 and 16 were my favorites of the ones I did read. There's just something about the way Sam was with Dean at the beginning of season two and three that touched my heart so much more than at any other time (well, the whole season three was pretty good).

I miss that Sam...and I did enjoy reading this. You did a wonderful job of capturing the flavor if each time period and it was clever to keep the running thread of pie throughout the story.

I think the part that touched me the most is when Sam discovered his and Dean's discarded pie in the trash-from 2007. I can't stand someone not getting to enjoy/finish their food and then just the whole angst of that chapter was beautifully done. *sniff*

Good job!
Holly Lukeman chapter 7 . 5/16/2009
Ooh, I like the title of this one. Pie is very imporant. Actually, my sister's motto for her life is "I like pie." Not kidding.

Okay, I know it wasn't supposed to be funny, but the thought of John Winchester in one of those generic, thin, sometimes backless hospital gowns cracked me up. He's kind of a fierce personality, so to think of him in one of those is pretty amusing. All hilarity aside, it's sad that their Thanksgiving has anything at all to do with a hospital, injuries, spirits, dangerous stairs, and backless gowns. Winchester life, though.

Aw, I could just see teenage Dean parked uncomfortably in the corner of a bland hospital room, trying to hold back his caring instincts so his dad wouldn't get annoyed. I just kind of wanted to hug both the boys and say, "Don't worry, kids, this will seem like a happy memory in about twelve years." Just kidding (even though it's true...depressing, ain't it?).

I liked that you had Dean complete the job even while his dad was unconscious, which was obviously what John would have made him do had he not been out of it. Also, the "For good measure, he’d grabbed the pom-poms too—those would be fun to try and burn..." line was so funny! Of all things for the job to get hung up on, pom-poms are probably one of the funniest - of course they had to be harder to burn.

Oh, John, scaring nurses and irritated with being in a hospital - but hey, if it helps your kids, go for it. I kinda miss him, I think. And trying to explain just why they'd burned the cheerleader stuff would have been a blast.

"They did that thing where they communicated without words, and finally Dean spoke up for them both." I loved this sentence! I'm inexplicably entertained when people refer to their silent talking thing. I think it's fun and cute, and I liked that they did it on the show even while they weren't getting along well. Glad you included it here. Sometimes I wonder what John thought of it, since I doubt he was able to decode it all the time. They could kinda communicate without him knowing what it was about.

"A quiet Sammy was a brooding Sammy." Ha ha! So true! And don't forget his 'brooding, pensive shoulders.' :)

"Dean felt a pang in his heart, not just of loss, but of Sammy’s loss." I like how you draw attention to Dean's tendency (or obsession with) putting his family's needs first, especially Sam's. I'm not sure that's always healthy, but it's sweet here.

Aw, geez. Why'd you have to go and write that thing about Mary being thankful for her boys (Dean and John and unborn Sammy)? Ouch, that hurt. Great memory of Dean's, though. That one nearly had me tearing up. And Dean associating pie with safety was a GREAT addition! I'll never think of their (Dean and Pie's) bond the same way again.

Nice ending - I can just see those two tearing through the hospital. That was sweet of Sam to get the pie for Dean, especially with how scared Dean was with John in the hospital and everything. You know, after having seen interviews and stuff with Kripke, I'm at a loss as to how someone like him created such an awesome bond between characters. He seems more like a plot (or gore) kind of guy. Probably due to all the writers and the two actors, as well.

Great story!

Scullspeare chapter 17 . 5/16/2009
'But these boys—they just didn’t operate well when they were at odds with each other.' Boy, didn't you just describe Season 4 in a nutshell!

Lovely way to find an 'up' moment in a difficult time in the boys' lives. The brothers, while still being each other's biggest weakness, will always be far stronger when standing together against whatever evil is threatening them.

This little moment in time you've created fits neatly within canon, with Bobby giving them each the figurative 'smack upside the head' to remind them how much they mean to each other, much like he did in the finale. Gah, I love Bobby and you captured him wonderfully here.

Thanks so much for this lovely trip through the Winchester family album. Each happy memory is a poignant reminder of what they're fighting for.

Cheers, Sculls

P.S. The wheels fell off the 'Ruby Fan Club bandwagon' Thursday night, the clatter resoundly drowned out by the cheering of fans. *g*

Oh, and Widow Tweed is the woman who adopts the orphaned fox Tod in The Fox and the Hound. I love that movie. :)
K Hanna Korossy chapter 17 . 5/16/2009
Well, if this is indeed the end, it's a satisfying one. It's fitting there are three kinds of pie, well-enjoyed, because it's the dessert of your story: the family is together-blood and not-there is, as Dean expresses, the feeling of comfort and home and safe, and the holiday becomes truly what it should be: a celebration of gratitude and love. With some humor thrown in, because I love it when the guys act like kids and tease each other. Very, very nice.
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