Reviews for Tonight with Chaucer the Wife of Bath
MuseOfOrpheus chapter 1 . 12/19/2010
That was great! I loved the commercial breaks!
hotflower06 chapter 1 . 7/8/2009
That was funny! Are you writing anymore or was that just for your school project?
Bialywhoos chapter 1 . 12/12/2008
Wow, Jackie! You said this was a school essay? This is great, and really funny too! Better than I could ever do for school . . . I'm always cliched and unoriginal. Your writing is great, and you really capture the characters. I really want to read this book now, but I think I have to read it for school next year anyway.

You should really consider writing more humor stories. You're really good at them! I really enjoyed some of the lines in this:

KNIGHT: Hey dude. When can I leave?

HOST: You just got here!

KNIGHT: Life’s a b*. I have an appointment at the hair dresser’s in half an hour, so you’re gonna have to deal, lady.

Loved this, and especially the way you beeped out the word. It made me think that if I were watching this on tv, I would suddenly hear BEEP! Also reminded me of a parody of a musical, so it made it even funnier.

"I need to call my psychologist. Excuse me, please."

LOVE IT! So funny!

"(security guards rush onto the scene, pulling the Lady away from the Knight, who was being slapped, crowd clapping, commercial break begins)"

Yep, this made me think of Jerry Springer. I could almost see him on the set! XD Not that I really watch that show . . . but that line was funny!

I also liked Bow's rambling. XD The only thing I say that you could improve on are a few typos I detected and I thought having the AntiBow commercial in there 3X was a bit repetative, unless you were trying to emphasize it. Oh, btw, I loved the commericals. They were funny too. The whole thing was funny!

Awesomeness! Write more, this was absolutely awesome! XD