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Guest chapter 23 . 11/12
Wow this has to e the best story I have read by far, can't wait to read more.
sairakanzaki chapter 23 . 10/14
Nice. But to tell the truth i want itachi and deidera moments hehehe please update soon
emowoods205 chapter 7 . 10/13
The wedding was so extravagant! Whoaa..this went from all about the wedding to all about sex...I found it fantastic that Sasuke would never allow condoms, birthcontrol, or abortions, they need to have some babies! But it was also upsetting that he would even think Naruto would kill their babies...Naruto is too kind and loving for that...Awee Naruto wore sexy black lace panties for Sasuke how sweet! I'm so glad Naruto felt amazing pleasure, I was hoping Naruto would naturally self lubricate and slick so it would be easier...of course it hurt a bit at first for both of them but then they were passionately making love! Damn Sasuke had Naruto moaning and screaming in pleasure, begging for more, who knew Naruto would be such a foxy minx while losing his virginity~ Sasuke made Naruto cun twice and pass out how f*cking sexy...and Naruto made Sasuke cum so hard...
emowoods205 chapter 6 . 10/13
The ItaSasu is making me ship it more and more...XD but I'm still excited for Naruto and Sasuke's wedding! Ino is such a good friend she really wanted to go to the wedding but didn't just so she could comfort Sakura, that's so sweet...
emowoods205 chapter 5 . 10/13
Why is Naruto so adorable...he's so freaking cute! Naruto wears pink jammies with little strawberries on them and has orange blankets with cute baby foxes on them!
emowoods205 chapter 4 . 10/13
Eww that disgusting man was molesting least Sasuke came to the rescue...I'm glad Sasuke is attracted to Naruto...and Naruto is obviously attracted to Sasuke..Awee Naruto said yes to Sasuke's proposal their gonna get married!
emowoods205 chapter 3 . 10/13
It's cute how Neji is so in love with Shikamaru, I hope they end up together! XD Naruto thinks Gaara is attractive (which he totally is 3)...Okay so if Sasuke gets with Naruto his curse is cured! Sasuke is only thinking of giving Naruto a chance because he wants Itachi to be happy, XD imagine if this was ItaSasu? (I ship itBut I hope Sasuke and Naruto can get along well...because if they don't and Sasuke rejects their bond, Naruto will die...
emowoods205 chapter 2 . 10/13
Wait so is Naruto like an omega? I'd like to hope so, Omega Naru is so cute~ I love Naruto's mom, she has done good to explain to Naruto how some boys (especially in this generation) can be liars who are just after sex, he needs to know the truth in order to understand not to fall for such tricks. Poor Naruto was hated in his previous school by all the submissive's that's so mean...Naru is just a sweet baby..Okay so let me get this right, Gaara and Neji are Sasuke's childhood bestfriends and are worried sick for Sasuke...I ALREADY HATE FUGAKU HE IS A HORRIBLE FATHER! Fugaku dosen't even deserve the title to be Sasuke's father...his stupid neglectance and greed for money has made poor Sasuke an unstable emotional mess...the poor baby..At least Itachi is a good brother who actually cares about Sasuke...Wait up, so Sasuke has a curse? So Sasuke has been doing drugs and whoring himself not only because of the poor treatment from his parents but also because he might be dying!? Kakashi is a very good teacher and cares so much about Sasuke how sweet~ Okay so at least Naruto has some friends, Shino, Kiba, and Lee, XD Naruto blushed when Shikamaru smiled at him. I'm like really hopeful for some ShikaNeji in the future...Okay so what I'm getting at here is that yes the Uchiha family are beautiful but they are depressed too...most Uchiha die before even becoming adults...poor Obito...and now's probably kissing Itachi see Sasuke slowly disappear...If Sasuke finds his destined mate will he be cured? I hope so...Naruto had dreams about Sasuke being tortured but he can't see the ravens face so he doesn't know who he is...Awee the KakaIru is so cute! HOLYCRAP NARUTO IS SASUKE'S DESTINED MATE! Okay so Sasuke is straight and not very happy to hear his destined mate is a boy...
emowoods205 chapter 1 . 10/13
Wait so Sasuke is an alcoholic and a drug sad...I mean he has good looks and lots of money, but that can't stop someone from feeling depressed and turn to more harmful outlets...the poor thing, I wonder what he's going through in life, also I have to agree Sakura can do much better then Sasuke, why not go out with Lee? Lee is a sweetheart~ I'm loving Ino so far, she has always been a favorite character of mine 3 she's just trying to look out for Sakura...I wonder why Sasuke is such a dangerous mess now..
KagomeMiyamoto chapter 23 . 10/12
Author-Chan/Kun what have you done to me? I have died 20 times reading this story. It makes me hurt internally from laughing so hard!
Guest chapter 24 . 9/13
Love your stories. From your fans :-)
Tenshimeowmanga chapter 3 . 9/1
Welcome to homosexuality just fucking got me. Poor Neji. Poor NAru and Saru's being a drunkard/ crackhead.
stephanieestrada9752 chapter 24 . 8/6
update this pls
Cafrye chapter 23 . 7/6
Sooo, I am sor of confused. In another chapter it talks about Naruto being a little smart, he does good in his classes, and now he is a smart as a box of rocks? Or is it just pregnancy brain?
Cafrye chapter 11 . 7/5
The questions and answers at the end. I am dying from wheezing I am laughing so hard.
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