Reviews for Rodney's Christmas Tale
Wapeci chapter 1 . 5/6/2009

I was talking to a good friend of mine today about fanfictions (She's a big fan of Twilight, Go figure..) and I told her about this one fic that really got to me.

Couldn't remember the name. I knew I put it in my favorites but it was such a long time ago. So, a couple of hours later, I want to satisfy my curious mind and I found the title 'The Heavens Will Weep'. Truely lovely story; Poetic and heart breaking among many other things that can not discribe enough how much I love this story.

So I deside to read it again since It's been a long time. And yup, My mind didn't play any tricks on me the first time I read it. That story truely gets to me. I was curious also if you had written other fics and I was happy yet sad to see that only one was new. Even if the time of the year is not correct (christmas! Yay!) I still wanted to look it up.

I think my heart stop for a sec. when I saw my name on it. It made me happy to see that I had inspired you to continue to write. But I was also truely heart breaked when I realise I never got the chance to see it sooner and tell you this! :

THIS-IS-SO-AWESOME! (I am NOt kidding!)

I love your writing style! It's so original! "Huh, perhaps we can stick Koyla in this place, next time we come across him...nah, IOA won’t allow it, against the Geneva Convention... Yeah, Right!" XD OMG LOL (And there's a LOT those in this fic! XD love it!)

You have a great sense of humor and a great taste for sweet ideas for stories.

I mean COME ON! Rodney freaking out the day before christams in a mall? Who wouldn't want to see that!

( listening to John sing Johnny Cash with a love-struck expression on your face, when he sounded like someone was strangling a cat)

AW! So cute and funny! XD

In conclusion: Your stories rocks and you better update something soon cuz ya got talent! (I didn't subscribe a Author alert for nothing!)

Oh I also have to say 'thank you' because I'm having for a LONG time an 'artistic depression thingy' where I don't do anything creative.

Rereading 'the heaven's will weep' inspired me to make a little something something. It may take a while (Hopefully not to long) but when I'm finish I'll give you a 'heads up!' So yeah, Thank's!

Like always : I really hope to continue on writing! Ps,though. You really should put your Rated 'M' fic to an Rated 'T' fic. A lot more people will get the chance to see it! (Just saying) Oh! and you should definetly put your Mcshep fic on 'WraithBait' and (Mcshep and more) on 'Livejournal'!

See ya around! -Wapeci Twadand